Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding Craziness!

Talk about a crazy week!!!
I've spent the last 2 weeks getting over a cold...going to bed way too late trying to organise wedding invitations...addressing envelopes, cutting and collating etc, tying ribbons, sticking stamps on envelopes...

My mum has been wonderful!

On top of that I've been I've been pretty exhausted all week...

and then....just as we think nothing can go wrong... I came home from work on Thursday to an answering machine message saying that our wedding cake order has been cancelled....because the shop was CLOSING TODAY! They only called abt 3pm and had to empty the shop by that night...a bit strange... sounded sudden. They were only advertising for staff abt a week ago. ..

Oh well. Our specially designed cake is now not happening. We went through a lot trying to organise flowers and colour etc. Then we FINALLY decided on sugared flowers and ordered them....and saw them recently, but they were left at the shop to be put on the cake.

So now we have to start again....but that's ok because we had back up plans before we found this place :) It's just so unexpected when these things happen!

Life is definitely not boring at the moment!!!!!