Sunday, December 23, 2007

Epping Plaza

P.S. It didn't take long for me to start disliking the new Epping Plaza... it's sad that the 'tarnished-ness' has spread from the old side to the new side... I'm going back to Greensy!! REAL people!

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi everyone!

It seems ages since I last posted... blame facebook :p I'm deliberately cutting down my viewing of that site!

Hope you're all enjoying the final countdown to Christmas! It feels like Jesus is giving Melbourne/Victoria a birthday present of RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! WOOHOOO!!!!! We're supposedly in a draught. Sooo... that means we are most likely not going to get our traditional Aussie summer Christmas. I don't mind... except for one thing...

I'm sitting here in my American-style woollen bomber jacket and have just gotten over a fever:( I pushed myself to work up to Thursday (aimed for Friday but just couldn't get out of bed...

The crazy thing is I got the jacket when I was in an Eltham High school band in 1997... they toured to wintery Chicago, but I was a new student, so wasn't allowed to go. I can STILL fit TWO of me in it! So I'm feeling a bit like Santa! Except I've traded the red for navy. I'd never wear it out in public, but it sure works wonders when you're freezing!!! Especially on a cold night on ourt bush block in the run down caravan.

Hmmm...I could probably even steal a few babies and get away with putting them under this coat! hahaha! :p

I better go to bed...

So hope your Christmas countdown is a lot better than mine :)
Luv Rob

Friday, December 7, 2007

Where is Baby Jesus???

There’s a shopping centre near me, Epping Plaza, which has just undergone redevelopment… hence I actually go there now, because there are better shops.

In the middle of their walkway is a glass cabinet. It’s about a one metre circle in width, and about 2m high. Inside are: 3 Wise Men, Mary and Joseph. They are all looking amazed and towards something…but there is NOTHING there!

Baby Jesus didn’t fit in the cabinet, so he has been removed from the nativity scene!

If you walk a bit further there is a gigantic sand sculpture of Santa’s sleigh… about 5-10metres long.

Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas, but he was excluded from his own party…

Friday, November 30, 2007

High School Reunions

It’s interesting how changing schools can affect the way you value people.

Recently I was invited to my Year 12 1o Year Reunion... but after being told partners were NOT welcome, and I was expected to travel a fair distance alone, I decided not go. I changed schools at the beginning of year 12 to study music.
After a year at that school, I never really felt I lost the “new girl” tag, and I only met about a third of the year 12 students. The only ones I’m really interested in I already maintain contact with (even if only once a year).

So after skipping that reunion, I hear my previous school is having their reunion… and I’m looking forward to going! I spent Years 9-11 with this group and I felt part of that group, even though I didn’t finish school with them. And they are more welcoming of partners…and even kids!

It’s interesting how I seem to value these people a lot more…even though I haven’t kept in touch with many. It’s like they are more ‘real’, and I lost the “new girl” tag well before leaving that school.

For those who don’t know…I attended 6 different schools, where the average person only attends 2 – Primary and Secondary (High). I went to 3 of each, both in the country and city. I had an interesting childhood :)

But with this group, even though I wasn’t invited to parties because I didn’t fit the mould – people knew I wouldn’t want to go and get drunk etc, so told me about it on Monday instead of inviting me… I am interested in these people. It’s funny how years after school, you can see old classmates who you weren’t really friends with, and have a good chat in shopping centre carparks etc… these people are more real :)

The previous reunion was organised by the “Clicky Group” I never got along with…and they created RULES – even 10yrs later… nothing has changed…I find that sad… It’s a bit like the movie “Clueless”, with all the ‘groups’. I would be the girl in the library who the popular girls would have avoided! Haha! I had no time or interest to try and fit in with the wrong groups. I found my own group, and we had good fun.

Actually, the ones who organised the reunion were the first people I met… you know how when a new kid comes to class, the teacher always selects a “buddy” to show them around and include in their group…I always ended up leaving the buddies.
It was like a pattern for every teacher to choose somebody who I didn’t really connect with. They did their job, and I was included to some extent, but we mutually separated and I found where I belonged.

Now years later, I realise that in this particular instance, it was a spiritual clash. Our spirits just couldn’t connect…now it is so clear to me.

So I’m looking forward to my 2nd opportunity :) I always felt I belonged with this group, and was actually hoping to be included in their reunion :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I wonder what is behind the door about to be opened by the new Chamelion Prime Minister...
I'm sad I will have to see his face for the next 4yrs, but that's life. Maybe he will be better than I expect...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Asics Testimony

I often hear other people talking about how God told them to walk into a particular shop or do something different…and when they followed the prompt, they were rewarded with a surprise.

Well, I recently had my turn. About a month ago mum and I took a train into the city for a day of shopping. We checked out DFO Spencer (Factory Outlets), which wasn’t that good…in fact we had some bad lunch service which caused a bit of trouble, but that’s not the point of this story!

I found a sports shop that boasts “cheap Asics” runners. Since snapping my achilles tendon (it hung on by a middle thread!) about 3yrs ago I’ve been very fussy about my footwear, and was encouraged to try Asics…meaning now I refuse to wear any other sports shoe (unless Brooks tempts me. They are the Top 2 Best sports shoes).

So this shop had the latest style, and I tried them on. They were $20 off (which is a lot for this brand). It was an offer too good to be true… but something prompted me not to purchase them. In the end, I was umming and ahhing over the colour. They were green. I like green, but prefer more ‘feminine’ colours in my runners. I’d looked at enough shop windows to know that green was the ONLY available colour in the style I like.

So I carried the box around with me for about 20mins… eventually deciding to buy them…I could live with the colour because they felt soooooooooo good!
But again I felt prompted NOT to buy them! So I put them back on the shelf and walked out.

Later on I decided I still wanted them, so mum decided to meet me somewhere after I went back to buy them… I’d only walked about 2metres when I felt the prompt again.
So I walked back to mum.
I couldn’t understand why I felt I was not allowed to buy them. I REALLY wanted them…and couldn’t stop thinking about them since that time, wondering if I’d find them that cheap again…and not understanding why I couldn’t buy them then.

Well… just last Friday, out of the blue, mum called me and told me Rebel Sport was having a 20% off sale for RACV Card holders, and she saw the shoes I wanted. So I went in…and there was ONE pair left in my size…and this time I felt it was ok to buy them…because….they were $40 off!!!!! YAY! I was so glad I waited :) I got double the discount and I felt free to buy them this time :)

NOW I UNDERSTAND why God told me not to buy them. It just shows how much God loves us – that he will go to the lengths to look after the “small” things in our lives to prove he cares…

I still prefer my previous pink Asics, but they’ve earned their retirement ;)
In the end, you have to go by comfort and fit, not colour ;)

(P.S. The pink ones still look 'new' but they're over a year old! I'm good at keeping my shoes clean)

Van Morrison

It’s funny how you can go years loving certain songs, but one day you suddenly realise
they are by the same artist…a name you always KNEW, but never associated with
the songs you like.

That’s how fell in love with Van Morrison! :p haha!
For years I’ve loved the songs, “Moondance” and “Brown Eyed Girl”… and just this
week I realised they are Morrison songs… and David spoiled me and bought me a
2disk CD pack…and after listening to one disk, I realised I knew a lot more of his

So I’m now a Van Morrison fan…although I always was, I just never knew it! Hehe!
AND…He’s IRISH!!!! Even better!!!!! :p

Monday, November 5, 2007


Is it the beginning of the busy, tiring part of the year....
am I just tired...

That's all today :p

Monday, October 29, 2007


With less than 12months to seems like we have ages to plan... but then you think about the details...

I'm coming to the conclusion that it is easier to choose a 2nd hand car than find the right wedding gown! Not that I've tried any on yet...but I've seen sooooo many, and I don't like most of them!

It's also interesting that now when we go to weddings, we can't help rating them and thinking about what they did that we did or didn't like... and it has actually given us great insight! :)

Ok, just thought I should write something, and now I have to go and meet an old work colleague I haven't seen since I quit my last job...woah...that was nearly 3yrs ago!
Ok, have an awesome day gorgeous people! :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Political Plastic Smile

Does anybody else see a particular politician as a chamelion???
I can't even look at him without feeling disgust... he has mastered the "smile". It's plastic.
He goes into each environment prepared. He knows who he is speaking to. He changes himself to suit them... he sucks them in with his plastic smile...and it's believable... to most... but not me.

He's a good business man...he knows how to "work the people". But does he actually CARE about them or just want their votes... I honestly don't know...I just don't trust him...but who really trusts politicians anyway! I have to give him credit for mastering the chamelion act...

As Forrest Gump would say..."that's all I have to say about that"...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wedding Date!

I just thought I would let you know that we have a confirmed wedding date, AND reception!

It will be Saturday October 18th 2008.
We offered our pastor a list of available dates provided by the reception, and he chose 18th as the best.

So the concrete is set! Now we can work out the details :)

We're going to our first Briday Expo tomorrow! At Docklands. I managed to purchase the tickets on the way home from work today :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can you recommend a Gym??

As the title says, can you recommend a good gym that isn't too expensive?
I hear Curves is good, and Beachouse... anybody have good/bad stories?

If anybody recomends Fitness First I'll whack ya! :p
I've been a loyal FF member for abt 3-4 years and I've had enough of their continual decline in service and continual raised fees. It used to be a great they don't deserve my money...

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm engaged!

Haha...for those of you who don't know...the following posts are self explanatory...but...I forgot to STATE that we're engaged! hahaha!

More Proposal pics

After the night's events, I looked at my desk calendar (on the kitchen table) and laughed! (See rhino above to see why!!) How appropriate! :p

David's Proposal

Ok, I finally have time to tell you the story! :p

Where do I start… how about the date!
Friday 14th September. A day where I worked at a disability day centre and felt run down with a head cold…but knew I was going out to dinner with David, so managed to stay on top of things.
I arrived home, had a shower, and dressed up like I normally do after work when I’m going out…

David arrived with some beautiful roses… because I wasn’t feeling well :) and after we chatted a while with my parents, we were in the car and off to dinner…although we had no idea of where to go… so he suggested driving in a certain direction.

We were on Plenty Rd, and nearing Bundoora Park… where the Mount Cooper Housing Estate is…and he said, “I wonder how far back the housing blocks go?” and I said, “About as far as Mount Cooper, behind the park…” so we decided to have a look, but realised it was close to 6pm, so checked the park closing time… 6pm. We had 10mins to take a quick drive to the lookout to “see the houses”…

So we arrived at the top – the Highest Point in Metropolitan Melbourne (sorry I can’t remember the elevation statistics!). He turned off the engine and we looked out over the view…and I was silently thinking it was silly to turn off the engine if we weren’t staying long…haha.
Out of the blue, he said he had a present for me… and I was thinking, I don’t need any presents… So he took a package out of the glove box and I opened it.

Inside were a magnetic toy tiger, a magnet with the saying, “A wonderful future is just ahead”, and one of those LED light up fans. I said, “Why did you buy me another one? I already have one…but this looks heaps better” and he said, “Turn it on”. So I did. I was also a little curious by the words on the magnet, but wasn’t expecting what happened next!

I sat there looking at it… thinking… “Does that say what I think it says” and realised he was watching me…and he repeated the words on the fan…and I said…..
“I have to blow my nose!”

How silly… I was in shock :p and seriously did need to blow my nose…

But of course I said yes!

Then we drove off…and decided to go to Dom’s for dinner…and because I wasn’t feeling well, I hardly ate, and asked for a “take away box” and brought my dinner home.

We went back to his place and called his parents…and the rest is history :p

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do you hold a treasure in your hand?

A few months ago I was in a girls group discussing the book, “For Women Only” by Shaunti Feldahn. One of the facilitators (a beautiful intercessor friend) asked us to close our eyes and hold out our hands.
She came around and placed something into our hands. We were asked to guess what it was, and a few guessed it was chocolate…which was correct. She placed a chocolate heart into each of our hands.

The lesson behind this was that God has entrusted somebody’s heart to us. In our hands, is somebody’s heart – and God has trusted us with this heart…and ours has been trusted to somebody else’s hands. It is a special responsibility to care for this heart. It is also a reward.

A gift. A treasure. And God trusts us enough to give us the responsibility to care for it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"May contain traces of nuts"

How crazy is this world becoming!
I opened a can of crunchy coated peanuts today, and noticed, at the bottom of the ingredients, the statement, "May contain traces of nuts".

Hmmm... well if I wanted to eat nuts, I'd expect nuts. Crazy how the companies have to be so "stupid" in terms of legally covering themselves...

Monday, September 10, 2007

One year already...

Can you believe this time last year I was fleeing men in Rome!

Time flies... it's funny how a small 'piece' of time is so memorable, but life goes on... like a cycle. We can take a few stops here and there, but in the end they are like minor detours in our path... great for the soul, but our life is set on one path. The detours are included in the package, but they are not what we base our life on... I would love to travel again...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Binding, binding, binding...

Binding... theme of my life... binding up everything... because I have the power... but often I forget, and am reminded of why I need to ;)

With knowledge comes responsibility... but I looooooove gaining new knowledge.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I want to be paid what I'm worth...

I want a job where "infection control" is a topic where people say, "Does that mean I can't bring my cat to work?" or "What IS that?"

Where the only way you can hurt your back is by falling off your office chair...or doing something else silly....

Where "Administering Medication" means self administering panadol for your own headache...

Where being on-call simply means being open to the supervisor asking you to help with something... and then going back to your own desk...

Where "Meal assisting" means heating up a colleague's lunch after you take yours out of the microwave...

Where getting sore feet is because you were stupid enough to wear ridiculous heels to work...not because you were run off your feet in comfy shoes...

Where coming home feeling dirty simply means you accidentally spilled something on your clothes, or got squirted with the printer ink... not that you have been dealing with all kinds of bodily fluids and regurgitated food.... and everything else...

Where "Changing nappies[diapers]" means going home to your own kids...

Ok, despite all these points...I have no idea where I want to be! I want to write... edit... use my brain more than my arms and feet... I enjoy my job while I'm in it, but there is something MORE out there for me... I just haven't yet found it!

Zia Carla

Buongiorno la mia bella zia Carla!!!!!

Oggi felice? Ummm..... Italiano mi parla non bene... non lo so per I making a fool of myself? hehe! I think I understand more when I'm hearing it!

Oh well! Ti amo bella zia! :)

(P.S. See ya Sundy! :p)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Funeral

Wow! I had a great day! All because somebody died... that may sound bad, but it shouldn't.
This woman was an amazing woman! Her funeral was a celebration of her life. There was sadness, but it was a beautiful service. No superficiality. Just a beautiful reflection on a special woman's life...

...and afterwards during the afternoon tea...everybody was happy! We were all happily chatting away. People continually commented on how happy everybody was, and how it felt like a party...except the guest of honour wasn't there in person. But she was definitely there in spirit!

I've never been to such a joyful funeral before!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pre-Spring Cleaning

Haha... they say we're having an "early spring"... and somehow I managed to throw out 5+ bags of rubbish from my room! Woohoo!!!!! Early Spring Cleaning! I still have a long way to go, but I can see the FLOOR again! hehe! :p

Been a very busy day...washing clothes, cleaning out parts of my room, dishes.... a good, productive day!

I am looking forward to seeing MORE free carpet in my room! :p I'm getting there slowly! :) :)

This seems to be a "season of spring cleaning". Tumbleweeds, excess 'stuff', rubbish...servicing car... ;)


I'm going to a funeral tomorrow... somebody I've never met, but the mother-in-law of one of my spiritual mums... so it will be an interesting day. I'm going with another of my mums.
They knew she was nearing her last breaths...they were told "any time, even up to a few days", so it wasn't a shock. But it's still sad. At least we know where she was heading ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Being

I haven't written for a while...but I have definitely been writing! Remembering the old friend, Writer's Cramp... but I love it.

The last 2 days I have "just been". Yesterday I had my car in for a major service, and walked the 45mins home (after looking in the shopping centre!) It was a great walk...but I wouldn't want to do it every day! The difference with walking home and the gym: one you can stop, the other you must continue to the end! haha! And at the end is the reward of happy endorphines! :p

So, I've been enjoying the simpleness of being. No work. No stress. No unwanted noises. And being open to God showing me many visions of the past that have finally come to pass :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moses and Desert Wandering

Some days I feel like I'm in the desert... God has encouraged me that the promised land EXISTS, but I am yet to see it.

In this desert I have learned a lot...I have reaped many promises, but there is still ONE that I am yet to see... and I often wonder if I'm walking around in circles, taking the long journey to something that is so near... but God wants me to take the long journey to teach me patience & trust... and grow me... the desert is all about growing...

At least I know that if there is a desert...there MUST be a promised land :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Free Articles from Enhance Mag

Enhance Magazine has made their "members only" access to back-issues FREE FOR ALL!!!!!!

How cool is that! Here is the link for any chick interested in an Awesome Aussie Chrisitan Womens Mag!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Travel Blog Updated! :)

Finally got around to posting again... still London - day 5, part 1 - The Eye and South Bank.
Part 2 will be on the Tower of London. 2nd last day in London... will be on to Italy soon! :)

More Manchester Lane

Manchester Lane

On Saturday 28th July we celebrated my birthday at Manchester Lane
( in the city. It’s a music club
(Restaurant/Café/Bar) and we had a booking for dinner before the show. I
deliberately chose a Jazz/Swing theme and it was a great night!

It was only family – my parents, brother Steve, sister Amanda, Jasmine my sister-in
law, her mum Mary, and of course David!

Mum, David and I started off with a “Kinky Fruit” mocktail which was really nice. A
blend of fruit, with a lychee overtone.
We had an interesting dinner…a gourmet menu that had us discussing the terms! (eg,
Ragout sauce). I had lamb risotto which was ok. The lamb chunks were sooooo
tender, but the rice had a strange flavour. It was nice though.

Mum was very naughty and cheeky an secretly ordered a Banana Mudcake a week earlier! I requested this for my actual birthday, but didn’t think they were available so didn’t think much of it…then she surprised me with one! So we brought the cake to dinner. Instead of offering us the dessert menu like the other diners, they brought out the cake, with candles and a sparkler (we didn’t provide these!) and waited for me to cut it! Was a nice surprise J

I was naughty too… they said I better not touch the bottom with the knife… oops… :p David was sitting next to me! Hehehe! :p It was fun being naughty!
The cake was taken away, and returned cut up and served with cream and berry jus... a nice touch J

Not long after that the band came on stage. They are called “Swing It” and are a jazz/swing band. They were awesome! As soon as they began playing, an older couple, aged about 60-70 got up and started dancing…. Wow! They had the whole place cheering. They were so full of energy and so flexible! It was a great start to the music part of the enening! They danced about one song then had a break, then came back for another song, then break….most of the night. They were awesome! It sounded like they are regulars with the band. The band introduced them as the “Swingchesters”. It was an old-fashioned swing-style dance. Very entertaining!

The music was great. We stayed for 2 sets, then left around 11pm-ish.
Our table was at the front, in the middle. There were 3 rows of tables, facing long-ways so everybody could see the stage. We had the best seats in the house! And were surrounded by other “birthday tables”! At least 4 tables!

It was a great night! A few years ago we paid the entrance fee and sat around the bar area because all the tables were booked out. The music was great, but it was disappointing being surrounded by heaps of people, unable to see the band. Having a table (pre-booked as early as possible!) was so much better. We could look upstairs and see all the people who didn’t have a table…and glad we booked early.

The service was great. The staff were fantstic. And the music was awesome!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Food for Thought

1 Corinthians 13:11

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another death...

I discovered yesterday that one of the night staff I used to work with died during her shift on Friday. She was doing an Active Night Shift alone and a young casual staff (who is regular to the house) found her lying dead at the beginning of her morning shift... she wasn't old... it's a tragic story... that's just the headline...

Best Birthday Ever!

I would like to say thanks to those of you who sent texts during the day :) It was nice to receive a few during my lunch break and at the end of my shift :)

Well, this has definitely been an awesome year for birthdays! I'm still getting through the biscuits...but they're disappearing...

The week has gone so fast, but it's still not over! Nearly a week has past already...and on Saturday I'm going to celebrate at Manchester Lane with a dinner and jazz nite with my family.

Last Thursday (my bday) was a great day and night.
Saturday I went to my cousin's 18th party (same birthday!)
and on Monday, my intercession mums took me out for coffee and cake at Dom's! It was an awesome night of just being girls, drinking coffee, eating ice cream or cake and just chatting away! I loved it! :) I had a Forbidden Apple ice cream. Hadn't had one in nearly 10yrs! haha!

I've been so spoilt this birthday! Not in the sense of presents, but the people around me who are real blessings in my life. I've really felt spoilt by their company. I've felt really loved ;)

As a child, people think birthdays are all about presents...but as you get older the presents take a different light... you don't necessarily receive as many, but the few you do receive are the ones with the most 'heart'. And really, I would prefer the presence of the wonderful people in my life, than gifts.

God has really been showing me a lot this year about people... and the ones I seem to see the least, are often the ones God uses as messengers. It's wonderful :)

So yeah, I have really loved the lead-up, duration and lead up to the 'final celebration' of this year's birthday!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ever tried to water a tumbleweed?

I have 2 "tumbleweeds" in my life... and it took me a while to realise...but there's no point in trying to water a tumbleweed! They just blow around...and the more you try to water them, the more they want, but they won't grow.

My watering can is empty. God emptied it. Until these tumbleweeds decide to grow roots and plant themselves in the right soil, I have nothing to offer them.

Living water can't survive or replenish when poured into a vessel with holes...
I pray these tumbleweeds grow roots and truly draw into the source of the living water they need...

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Birthday

Well...I worked! A few months ago I was offered 5weeks guaranteed Thursdays while a staff went overseas...the catch was it began on my birthday! The offer was too good to reject so I worked! It was only 1.7kms from my house! :) (I could leave 5mins before starting time and not be late!)

After work we had a family dinner. Mum made lasagne with GREEN lasagne sheets... it was nice... we had a fun time around the table, and then...she brought out the cake! It was a Freddo ice-cream cake! haha! But there's more! :p She didn't want to put the candles on the cake, so she stuck straws into the cake, and put the candles on top of the straws! Creative Woman! :p She's so funny :)

It was a good night.

Because I worked yesterday, took today off! Mum and I had a Girly Day Out. We went to see the movie Bridge to Terabithia... it was great. I read the book about 9 years ago for uni... and loved it. We loved the movie...but needed tissues ;)

We had Noodle Box for lunch...after trying on clothes in Greensy... we went to Katies... I said to mum, these ladies are acting like the ladies from the movie, Pretty Woman, cept they're in the wrong kind of shop to pull it off! :p well, after they began talking, they seemed nice...but before that they looked a bit sour... I actually don't like Katies...their clothes never sit right on me...but I found 2 jumpers on sale that looked good. Usually I walk straight past, but mum wanted to go in.

THEN....we went on our adventure to ENA Boutique in Ivanhoe...the ladies always remember us and treat us well. They support the Watoto Children's Choir :) You walk in and are surrounded by Christian people. We spent a bit of time in there... if you go during the not so busy times they pamper you and treat you like a star! It's fun. Today was more of a social time, chatting while trying on clothes. Last time I went there was just before I went overseas...I bought black pants to take with me. So today I brought my photos, just in case they remembered...and yes they did! So one lady looked at my photos... she was really nice. As always ;) haha! Mum and I only seem to get there about once or twice a year... and somehow always manage to go on a sale week! Simply coincidence :)

After that we went into a cafe for a chocolate fix... and the men behind the counter were giving me smiles and looks...and I picked them out as ROMANS! Haha! They acted the same as the men did when I was in Rome! After we walked out (took take away) I read the sign, and sure enough, it was Roman based! Haha. Like the Three Fountains...

THEN We came home!

Well, I'm going to bed! My cousin was 18 on the same day, and we have his party tomorrow night!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Most Exciting Day in July! :p

Children all over the state are looking forward to…my birthday! It must be such a great day that Target is beginning it’s “Massive Toy Sale” on my birthday… and for weeks I have been hearing parents talking about how annoyed their kids are that they have to wait until that day! Hahaha!

Ok, enough of that ;) I just think it’s funny that so many people are looking forward to the day I was born (19th).

I’m working, but am having a “Girls Day Out” with mum on Friday :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Death of a child

I worked at a special school today....first day back after the holidays...and found out one of the kids died over the holidays... sad... I've worked witht her both at the school, but mostly at respite. You never know when one of these kids will leave us...

Spoilt in July!

This past week been unusual... for starters, David's parents sent me an express post package... a week before my birthday...they sent me a container of home made choc-chip cookies...AND a voucher! I've never had anybody do that for me before! It was so nice to receive something so simple, and heartfelt! :)

I also did something for the first time...I called his parents and spoke to them on the phone!
They were happy to hear from me...and were excited to do something for my birthday because they see me as their new daughter (already!) New experience! Didn't expect that kind of response!

Also, another friend I consider a mum (I have 3) gave me a nice card and small gift... I've been so spoiled and it's not even my birthday yet!

Oh, and yes the cookies are AWESOME!!!!!!!! ;) hehe!

Friday, July 6, 2007

One Night with the King

~ by Tommy Tenney
This book is the story of Hadassah, or Esther. My favourite bible character... I bought it thinking it was "another typical Esther story"...and it was less than $5 on sale! But once I began reading... wow! It was like nothing I've ever read before about Esther. I'm only about a quarter of the way through, but it is an amazing book. I would really love to see the movie, but we only seem to have the book in Aus... so will have to wait and see... Tenney has written a story, backed up fully by the bible - I read a chapter and wondered if certain things actually happened in the bible, and after cross-referencing, discovered that yes, they did. But obviously he has used his imagination in the details ;)

If you're another Esther freak, read it! Read it! Read it! ;) (It's on sale too!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

True Beauty ~ the words of Audrey Hepburn.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone.
People, even more than things, need to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; Never throw out anybody.
Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands:
One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.
The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows,
And the beauty of a woman, with passing years, only grows!

Words taken from “50 Image Essentials Every Woman Should Know”.
e-book. TAIC 2005 (

Monday, July 2, 2007

UK/Europe Terrorism

It’s amazing how quickly you can forget about terrorist attacks… this last week of hearing about foiled bomb attacks on English and Scottish airports just reminded me of when I went overseas… My ticket was booked 3 weeks after the foiled Heathrow bomb attack in 2006.

It was an interesting time…so many questions, so much caution…but overall it wasn’t too bad. I experienced more security measures than I would have 4 weeks earlier… the worse was being body-searched before checking in to my flight from Heathrow to Rome. Because of the heightened security, it was interesting to note that nobody complained. We just took what came our way, knowing it was for our own safety. (More detail is/will be in my travel blog).

We didn’t allow ourselves to think about the previous London bus bombings and tube bombing… otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy our holiday. Plus if you let terrorism dictate how you live and where you go…you would stay at home and miss all the adventure. So…many people continued with their planned holidays… and in many ways, it seemed the safer time to be travelling because everybody was on high alert for terrorism. So although it was a bit disheartening, it was also encouraging knowing we missed the terrorist activity and were travelling far enough from the date we should be safe.

Life goes on… hundreds of people still use the tube every hour or so… the city is still hustling and bustling with people and activity… tourists still visit the attractions… terrorism is real, but can’t dictate our lives.

I’m so glad the authorities are able to ‘foil’ these attacks before they are carried out, and prevent more lives from being stolen from this world. I hope their wives/husbands praise them and appreciate them after a hard day’s work. These people are part of a chain reaction.

Chain Reactions are possible from the following Cases:
1. Terrorist attacks occur.
2. Professionals Foil/stop the terrorist attacks before they can occur.

In both of these situations, people are affected. In one way or another, people who are affected affect others... a chain reaction...

In the first case, many lives are lost, and many families and friends are torn apart wondering how humans can be so inhumane… and society is left with unanswered questions, and to pick up the pieces… to rebuild… Nothing good comes out of Case 1.

In the second case, many lives are saved, many families will never experience the deep loss that was planned, and many people are praised (or should be!) for their efforts at stopping any chance of Case 1 from occurring. Many people, worldwide even, are affected!

The chain reactions are either negative or positive, but they all play a part in society.

So…even though it often feels like the world is going from bad to worse…there are still good people living in it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Are you a Lion or a Mouse?

I know this story is a cute fable, but sometimes I wonder how many people actually see themselves in this fable...

Some days we feel like the lion, some days the mouse... but in the end... both have a purpose! The Lion, in his weakness, needed the 'weak' mouse to rescue him. The lion is supposed to be the King of the control... no fear... and the mouse is seen as a rodent... useless, small, ugly... they are both creatures God created.

Actually, I come across many people in my line of work, who seem like the annoying mouse...but when I see them as God sees them, I feel I'm not allowed to see them that way. That I need to respect them more, even if I don't think they deserve it.

Basically, if you feel like the lion, you may find yourself needing the help of the mouse one day... (or many), and if you feel like the mouse...don't believe you are a useless creature... this mouse was the hero of the story! I miss you?

I don't know why...but I have the urge to be in London right now...

Maybe it's because I have soul ties there and I'm remembering how I felt when I was at the Highbury Centre... remembering the people I met and how their lives have changed since returning home... missing the adventure maybe... There is definitely something special about the Highbury Centre. It's not modern, but it's special. I would really love to return to those cute, homely rooms... and the stories the building holds of the travellers and ministers....the hustle and bustle of many thousands of people who have entered the building since it opened...

I wonder if anything special is going on there right now that my spirit is connecting with... definitely not Princess Diana... still, even though I didn't feel a connection there like I did the other countries, something is drawing my attention back...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Job Interview Update

Well, I was unsuccessful with this job. they say, you have to be in it to win it.
Now I can say I HAVE tried :)

I'm fed up with working below my qualifications... no idea what God has in mind, but obviously this wasn't it. This may sound silly, but my aim is to get a job that forces me to repay my HECS debt (government funded university place). Right now I'm just working, and the tax office can't make me pay because I don't earn enough...yet!

The way I'm going, I could happily be an over-educated stay-at-home mum! :p
(but not really... I do want a better job)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Wheat Bag Blues

Hello again!

I have unfortunately discovered the JOYS of a wheat bag! It was a freeeeeeeeezing night the night before last... Sat nite... then Sunday morning David & I both rocked up to church with sore necks from sleeping wrong... (too cold)

This morning I woke up feeling heaps better...and as I was telling mum my plans for the day...first to go to the gym... I stretched my arms (as you generally do in the mornings!) and CRRRUUNCH.... OWWWW!!!! Well, I didn't make it to the gym! My neck decided to rebel, and I couldn't drive if I wanted to... so now I'm loving the wheat bag :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Koorong 15% off sale!

Just for those who love Koorong and don't know (which is difficult to comprehend, but nevertheless :p...)

Koorong Sale: 15% off "Everything in stock"
Thursday 21st- Saturday 30th June

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Small World!

Today I worked with a lady who had the surname of my grade prep-grade2 best friend... so I asked if she knew the friend... and discovered she was the friend's aunty!!!

Amazing who you meet! I haven't seen this girl in 20yrs (after I moved to the country in '87) and apparently she lives in Epping again!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Politicians's my quick "thought for the day"...

To look better and gain more votes, one politician will be determined to accuse and attack the other party of abusing the tax payer ...while secretly thinking, "I'd do the same thing in their position"...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baby Rachael

The theme of “baby/child killers” is back in the news… this time the father who bashed his daughter to the point of death (‘accidentally’) has been sentenced to a further few years of jail. I think he was originally sentenced to 8yrs, now he has 11yrs.

People are so adamant to point the finger and accuse this man for being such a horrible human being… they are determined to not only see him behind bars… but put away for a long time. And see “justice”. The main theme of the media and people's reactions is that he is a bad person who has no heart. They seem to deliberately forget he is a Person. He was sentenced to jail...months ago, and has been in custody for already more than a year... but no, that was not enough. Now he has been re-sentenced to "set a new standard" that child killers must be severely punished.

Please don't think I support his actions... it's just harder when you know the person...

But what about the child’s mother????

Does anybody care about her?
It seems the media are too busy pointing the finger to consider the whole picture...

This particular man who has been in the papers was somebody I knew. His wife was the best friend of my brother’s ex girlfriend. She is beautiful and so young…

Does anybody care that she has been hurt too?

Does anybody care that she has just been robbed of the best years of her 20’s?
Do they care that she has to live through the emotions of what her husband has done too?
They don't seem to care that this girl has been robbed of seeing her baby grow up... and now her husband is gone. Not gone for good, but behind bars. She has to deal with all this...

Do they care or do they just want to judge. Nobody knows the full story. Nobody knows both sides of the story like they do. I am not condoning what he did. He is paying for his actions, but he is only one part of the puzzle.

This young, beautiful girl has been wronged, and she has a future ahead of her. I just pray she is able to enjoy the rest of her 20’s despite what has happened, and despite the that she won’t be sharing it freely with her husband. He was a nice guy…I guess nice guys can make deadly mistakes too…

I never saw baby Rachael at close distance, but people told me she was a really beautiful baby. My mum particularly said she was soooo beautiful.

We don’t know why God allowed such a tragedy, but he did. I pray they both come out of this better people…

Monday, June 11, 2007


By the way... I LOVE MY SUIT!!!!! Hahahaha!

It's amazing how you are treated depending on the clothes you wear. I have walked into a shop in my "work" clothes (no fuss, prepared to be dirtied or wrecked and washed repeatedly) and been treated like "just another person", and the next day I've walked into the same shop in my "me" clothes (a lot nicer) and suddenly I'm somebody of value. It's sad really.

One day I can walk into a shop and be ignored because I don't look 'rich' enough, or look like I present myself well enough. The next day I am given star treatment because I can wear anything I like. When I'm working I don't feel 100% me, but if I DID, I would be wearing clothes I would be stressing about ruining! So I just have to present myself the best I can under the circumstances, and expect to be treated differently!

And whenever I wear a suit...well, I understand the term, "Power Suit"! haha!

Busy Friday!

Ok, now I can blurt it out! :p

I had a job interview on Friday! It was a 4hour Group Assessment, and I am now waiting to see if I have made it to the next and final phase!

It was definitely an experience. I was in a group of 3, all the other groups had 4 people, and we rotated between different activities/assessments.

We did Behavioural Interviews (1:1 in separate cubicles), Role Play and Written Case Study exercise, and a computer Aptitude Test. 45minutes staring at a computer screen, thinking under pressure!

Well, now it's over, and all I can do is leave it in God's hands :) If all goes well, I'll be having a Panel Interview then a job offer :) (place in a graduate program)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Beyond the hill?

I have a busy week ahead of me!
I'll tell you about it all after it is over :)

Hopefully this is the beginning of wonderful new things in my life! :)

I can see the top of the hill, but am yet to discover what lies beyond :)

Receptionist's Funeral

Because somebody asked, I'll write about today ;)

I was one of about 6 casuals running the joint, while the permanent staff all went to the funeral. They said it was very nice and well done. One person said it was "Very Tradional Catholic".

I forgot to ask to see somebody's 'program' before I left! Hopefully somebody will leave one on the lunch table so I can see it tomorrow ;)

Nobody expected this man to die, and it was really nice to see basically ALL the staff from the building went to his funeral. My observations were that they didn't talk as much when he came into the lunch room, but they always acknowledged him. He was like part of the furniture. Part of the essence of the building in a sense... so I guess even though it wasn't obvious they respected and valued him, today showed they did. It's sad that we often forget to SHOW people we value them and their work, and then it's too late.

I don't feel 'bad' about his he is in a better place... but it is very sad...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Receptionist gone...

Today at work I discovered the reason why I hadn't seen the friendly receptionist upon arrival. The office was empty (so nobody could see I was EARLY! Haha!).

After about half an hour the staff started talking about the sudden death of the receptionist on Friday night. Apprently he died of a heart attack. Nobody expected him to leave. But I will never see his friendly face again. He was physically disabled, scoliosis, but he could walk and talk- there was nothing wrong with his mind!

Just shows how suddenly life can end...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Thought for the Day

If you look for the bad in a person, you will always find it.

If you look for the good in a person, you will always find it.

It all depends on what you want to see.

It’s your choice whether the glass if half full or half empty.

Next time you find yourself focusing on somebody’s bad qualities, start thinking about their good qualities! You will not be disappointed! ;)

Travel Blog Update #4

Getting there!! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Small Things

Isn’t it amazing these days, how one small smile or “Thank you” can really make your day. We seem to be living in a selfish world, where people generally don’t care too much about the small courtesies. We are too busy trying to get through the day sometimes to even say thank you.

People do their jobs to earn their pay, despite the environment or customers. People eat at restaurants and treat the waiters as if they are paid to be there, so there is no reason to appreciate them.

Supermarket checkout chicks…how many of them smile when they say, “Hi, how are you?” In fact, in many cases, how many of them actually LOOK at you when they say this?

My pet hate is when people don't bother to say a simple "Hi" at the beginning of a text message. How hard is that? It's like they show they don't really care, even before they begin... they just go straight to the point as if you are a machine... I am NOT a machine ;) I have feelings.

People seem to be forgetting the small things…

...and now the positive side ;)

Recently, I was at Brunettis (Italian café and patisserie) with a group of girls, and one of them said to me, “That waiter really likes you!” and I thought, despite the fact he was Italian, and they often pay attention to young girls, I thanked him every time he cleared our table. I didn’t think much of that. But my friend said he obviously appreciated being recognised.

On Saturday I was having lunch at a Noodle Box with David… there was a mum with her 2 teen girls sitting at the next table. They seemed pleasant people, and when they left, I noticed they cleared their table in an appreciative manner. They had a paper bag for prawn crackers, and placed all their rubbish in the bag, and stacked up their bowls.
Many people don’t bother doing that.

Then they thanked the staff as they walked out.

How often do men walk in front of a lady to get through a doorway first? I can’t count the number of times a man has expected me to wait for him to go first, or to even hold the door open! It’s sad.

I was at the Hairhouse Warehouse recently when the lady who served me hardly looked at me. She was too busy talking to other staff, or looking at what they were doing. She told me the price, and because she wasn’t looking at or even listening to me, it wasn’t until then that she was aware I had a discount card… the small things…

On Saturday night I went out to dinner at an Asian restaurant with my Filippino and Malaysian friends… I was the ‘white girl’ ;) and the service was wonderful! The waitress served us with a smile every time, she refilled our tea cups…she was just NICE. Smile, courtesy… she looked after us well. In the end we gave her a tip ;)

It just makes you more aware of how much impact the small things have on our days. A simple “thank you” or even just a smile at a stranger… you never know how much people appreciate being acknowledged and appreciated. The hardest area to acknowledge and act on this is of our own homes... it's an effort but it's worth it.

Being nice doesn’t seem to be ‘normal’ any more…but it sure does make a difference in our world!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Funny

This is supposed to be a nice, sweet water fountain in the middle of a walkway outside a shopping strip in Eltham...
One Saturday morning we saw this and took a photo... somebody obviously did the wrong thing, but we could only laugh and enjoy the site! haha! Looks like they emptied a bottle of bubble bath in there during the night! This was the 2nd time we have witnessed this occurance! Nobody was angry...the kids had fun playing with the foam!
Our car was parked behind the top of the fountain, and there are steps beside it, so we could see the bubbles at the top before we reached the stairs!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Climbing the mountain of life

Don't you hate when you look back and see how you were so caught up in "Survival Mode" your last month was like a blur!

Just this week I have finally felt human again.
The last few weeks I remember collapsing into bed every night, only to drag myself out of bed the next morning, to force myself to go to work, and then force myself to stay alert all day... finally getting home and being able to crash (after denying myself all day!)...only to go through the same cycle the next day...and the next...and I spent most of one week loooooonging for the One day I wasn't booked to work...and by the time I finally got to the day before, I decided I couldn't cope with another day like I took the free day off and forced myself to slow down and take things easy... including allowing myself to skip the gym so I could sleep past 7.30am (which I couldn't, so read in bed)!

Sleep without setting an alarm felt sooooooooo goooooood!
Apart from the fact shift work was knocking me around, somebody suggested I was low on iron... I was so tired my mum was worried... so I tested out that theory, and changed my diet slightly...and lo and behold! I felt better! Not 100% but a significant amount! :)

I've hardly had any time to "just be", so when I have managed to fit some time in, I have been treasuring the moments. Even my weekends have been full-on. I am still waiting for a free weekend to do "whatever". That would be fun :) Although I have to say, my weekend commitments have been worthwhile! Family functions all over Melbourne... my baby cousin is already 1! The 2nd youngest cousin is not even 2 and she's speaking so clearly! They're both so cute! I've seen more of my extended family in a month that in the last 6 months I reckon! It has also meant I've been travelling long distances a lot. Family makes you aware of your road knowledge! :p

So this week has been awesome! I've been feeling so much better, and have been working more solid shifts. I've still been busy, but not as much.

I finally feel like I've reached the top of the mountain and am sliding down at a slower pace :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How your mind changes!

Last week and this week I have been working with my old clients (from my previous job I gladly moved on from), and I was thinking to myself, "Why would anybody want to work with these people 5 days a week?" and suddenly I had to eat my words... *I* used to work with them 5 days a week!

People keep asking me why I decline job offers to work with them again, and all I can say is it took me so long to leave my old job, I would be moving backwards instead of forwards...and I would get stuck in a rut I pushed myself out of!

A lot can happen in 2 years... I don't mind working with these clients as a casual now and then, but I couldn't bear seeing them full-time again. I do love to see how some of them are going, and there are some I miss a little, but I have higher dreams for myself. I came out of a pit when I left that job. It made me appreciate other workplaces all the more :) So a few days a week is fine, but 5 days would be detrimental to my sanity! ;)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Travel Blog Update #2

It's a long one! I can't work out how to change the location of the photos...
I have posted days 2 & 3. Getting there slowly ;)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

For My Intercessor Friends

Thought you might be interested in this snippet of an email from Generals International (Cindy and Mike Jacobs). Be encouraged ;)

"Dear Friends,
We are in a season where Satan is contending with us to try and stop us from going to the next level of faith and victory. Do not stop fighting the good fight! Hold on to the promises the Lord has given you, for favor and increase will certainly come to pass.
This is also a season of testing, and God is watching to see who will be His generals in the next season; He is raising up new leadership. Do not falter! God is looking to see who will pass the humility test as well as submission to authority. If you learn to be under authority, He will give you great authority.
Also, know there is a time of escalation coming so you must be full of the Word and full of grace to run the race well and see wealth released to build God's Kingdom purposes in your heart. Be faithful in your stewardship of finances and in time, you will see the blessing of God come back upon you in many waves".
Cindy Jacobs
May 3, 2007

...and the opposite

Today I remembered the opposite to our unsung heroes... the ones who can't cope with their children and so "relinquish" their rights to their child to the government.

It's the same thing, at the end of the day, I go home. But even if they love their child, some parents just can't cope with their child constantly in their lives.

I recall a young girl in a respite house...I remember hearing that her mum was at her wit's end and considering relinquishing... and she did. Now the girl lives between 2 respite houses...she alternates weeks until a more permanent home is found.

There is nothing wrong with this girl's personality. In fact, she has a gorgeous personality and is so cheeky...but she is also FULL ON and you can't leave her alone... when I work with her, there is always an extra staff to work 1:1 with her. Sometimes I am that staff.

It's the end of the day, I go home. I don't mind working with this girl. But if I think about living with her in my home, and I can then understand the mother's frustration.

It's sad that people come to these conclusions... but in the end you have to remember that everybody is different, and some people have better coping skills than others.

I commend this parent for keeping her child at home as long as she's just sad to hear these stories.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Unsung Heroes

Today I worked with some clients who have AMAZING mothers!

I worked in a Day Centre, where the clients go and participate in activities such as bowling, relaxation, art, massage, cooking, etc... They attend day centres instead of normal work.

These clients are intellectually and physically disabled... they are literally babies and toddlers in adult bodies... and their parents are aged in their 60s and 70s with no intention of stopping!

Just for a day, these people's physical needs can be tough... transferring them in and out of their wheelchairs, toileting them, feeding them, entertaining them...etc... etc... and their mothers do this every day without a complaint!

For some of these clients, their fathers have passed away, leaving them with a single mother...with soooooo much love for their child it's beautiful!

I think these mothers should be recognised more in society.
For me, I go to work, and whether it's a good day or a bad day, whether I've made a client smile or cry, whatever I have done with them that day, at the end of the day, I go home.

At the end of the day, after every shift, I go home and that is the end. I can forget about these needy people. I can relax and do what I like with my time. I have done my job for the day.

For these parents, their job never stops! They go home and they have the child to think about. They can't just say "bye" and have some time out without planning ahead.

They do so much, and they give so much of themselves... and we don't acknowledge or recognise their efforts. These parents are in their retirement years... but they have no intention of stopping. When other people their age are relaxing and accepting that their bodies are wearing out, these parents just keep going!

They're amazing. I don't get the chance to meet many of them, but what I read in their children's daily diaries and just the lunches they have prepared for their children, and the clothes they are dressed in... these mothers are AMAZING!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Train Tales...

I took a train into the city on Friday... had a really tiring week where I was forcing myself out of bed, and then forcing myself to get through each work shift... and my body clock was CONFUSED by all the crazy shifts I was I took Friday off and slept til about 7am, read in bed til 8.15 (then felt yuck for staying in bed!) and just cruised through the morning... making myself take the day slow, even though normally I would be frustrated by getting to the the city so late... (I did go out earlier and run some errands beforehand)

I left around 1pm to catch the bus to the train station. Normally 10am would be the LATEST I would leave without feeling like I'd wasted the day...but it was a deliberate slow day! :)

I hated the train ride...the people in the carriage... apart from chewing gum being on all the seats (not used to that!) and the 'vibes' from the other passengers didn't make me feel safe...

A little girl was on the train... I didn't look at her because her mum was horrid...obviously a lady with a sad history and no real hope in life... she was rude to other passengers...abused one quietly spoken man... I saw he was black, like a tall African man. I didn't look because it all happened behind me... but I heard her say, rudely, "If you say 'EXCUSE ME' I'll move them for you!" - it seemed she had blocked the walkway with her bags, and was abusing the man for carrying out his RIGHT to walk... He said quietly and shyly, "Excuse me" and she let him through. She was a sad lady...she spoke loudly so everybody could hear...attention seeking and so RUDE! At one point she yelled something like, "If one more person gives me a dirty look...." forget the rest! I think everybody wanted to thump her, and when they alighted, we all relaxed... poor girl who has no idea her childhood could be so much happier... she was pretty well behaved though :)

Sad... I stopped reading my book, stared out the window and prayed...

On the way home, I wanted to read my book, but I kept feeling a strong "NO", so I didn't. I could only look outside the window because I felt God didn't want me reading this book in the presence of the lady sitting across from me... it was a book called, "Religion is for fools" - and I just felt a strong conviction not to get it out of my bag because this lady would take it badly... I don't know why, I just know I wasn't allowed to read in front of her... Normally I wouldn't care, but with a title like that, maybe she wouldn't have understood... I may never know why I wasn't allowed to read, but I have no regrets for following my convictions...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Butterfly Girl: Travel Blog Update

Humble Blog?

Since installing the "StatCounter" I've been awed by the number of people I don't know who have viewed my blog...and how many people from AROUND THE WORLD have found me... From the USA & UK to Chile and Spain... wow!

I never expected to see so many strangers finding my writings... hope you enjoy what you see :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Travel Blog Update

Day 1 is blogged! :)

Woohoo! :p

My tendon is strengthening! I’ve managed to spend most of a 3hr shift on my feet this morning, and then burn off 330cals at the gym with NO pain!!!! A “good” day would be 260cals! Yay! I’m getting better :)

Now a 5.5hr shift to go…split shift. I did a 6.30-9.30am shift, and have a 3.30-9pm shift to go. I love going to the gym after a morning shift. In a way I get it over-and-done-with and arrive home feeling more refreshed… THEN I have a shower :p

After snapping my achilles tendon I was forced to minimise my cardio exercise and stay off my feet… it was frustrating because I’d worked my way up to high cardio levels… now I’ve been working BACK up to where I left off… I couldn’t use the xtrainer…I managed to stay on for 4mins…5mins…8mins…10mins… now I can do 20+mins again! Being stuck with the bike for 20+mins is so boring after 6 months! :p

I went from deliberately using stairs to deliberately avoiding them… I learned how disgusting lifts are in shopping centres… dodging the urine and covering my nose… disabled people really have it tough… but I can use the stairs again now :)

It has been a loooooong healing process… my overseas trip helped strengthen…but it’s still not 100%. Its getting close!!!!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

You can't forget Kew!

Haha! Today I worked with my old clients again...the ones I gladly left behind... the ones who make you feel ICKY and when you get home you MUST have a shower...

But despite their yuckiness... it IS nice to see them again from time to time... just not ALL the time like in the past! I remember a lot of their 'perks'... like one today who is new to the centre... I got her singing because I remember she loves 'singing' particular songs...

Which reminded me of a few weeks ago when I parked my car at IMAX in the city to meet the girls at Brunettis (fancy Italian coffee bar and cake shop)... as I was walking away from IMAX I heard SCREAMING... and I RECOGNISED the screaming! I could tell you the name of the person and describe her... but I didn't SEE her. I DID see the van she was sitting in, and I saw the staff - an old colleague with the bus... so I knew it was her... and today I saw that staff picking up other clients with HER in the van. She confirmed it was them at IMAX!

My job is like being a parent... you work with clients for so long, you know their sounds instantly... you could be in a crowded place, but you will always recognise the voices/sounds...

HAHA! I don't miss working with these clients, but I do like to see how they're going from time to time ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


That is how I am feeling... like a racing car that WANTS to stop, but CAN'T, and even when I'm ALLOWED to stop, I CAN'T!


One shift down, one to go... I was supposed to have a one hour break between shifts (by the time I travelled home), but I have half an hour to have breakfast and lunch and relax...and then drive to the next shift...with my old clients who I happily left behind when I quit my previous job...

My explanation.... intercession is on tonite! Thursdays are usually crazy for me when I have intercession... I just didn't like having to stay back overtime at work and be treated like I have all the time in the world...

Just finished my craved toast...with cheddar cheese spread and a nice black coffee... now I have to force myself to eat an early lunch or I won't get a break until 3.30pm! I can't go that long without food! The perks of the job :p

Ok, the GOOD things that happened during my first shift (I'll skip the things that made me fuming angry ;))

I gave a client a drink...the staff came and said "don't worry if she refuses, she usually does" and I was "huh?" She was drinking normally for me! :)

I started feeding/ "meal assisting" another client breakfast, and usually she refuses to eat from me... today she ate like she was really hungry!

I went to help get a guy up and ready for his shower...the staff said he was "very relaxed" with me :)

Later she said, "All the staff have problems meal assisting/drinks with these clients, and they wer all good for you!"

Ok, now I have to force myself to eat...then rush off again... can't wait til 4pm! I should be home by then!!!! :):):) And intercession at 7.30.

Monday, April 23, 2007

New Bible

Well, while I'm here I may as well show off my new bible! :p It's abt a month old but I love it!

I lost my old travel one... I packed it in my suitcase to go overseas but then left it home...and can't remember where I put it! But it was NKJV and I prefer my new NIV! (With butterfly of course!)

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Travel Blog

You may have noticed I have "Robyn's Travels" listed under "Interesting Reading".

As many of you know, the reason I started this blog was to post about my great adventure last year... but I just haven't gotten on top of it.

So... I've started a new blog! Solely for my holiday adventures. I'll add to it as I manage to motivate myself to write more.

This is my main blog ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Armour of God...

I've been thinking about "putting on the armour of God" this week... I think I've been failing... things have been attacking me, and I haven't been reacting very well... I haven't been "on guard" and have fallen a few times...but I have always pulled myself back up.

I always seem to be attacked when I've worked crazy shifts...when my body clock is confused by the changing wake up times... and I'm just tired... then I don't react, or I react wrongly to things.

If I'm "on guard" I will be aware of my attitudes... and will be able to stop them.
Usually at these times, I find myself ok while I'm at work...but once work is over, I can remove the 'mask' and go home and let out my tiredness... but it's also these times where my fuse is short with people at home...because I've spent the day working against my tiredness...

...and having said all of this... I just failed again... sigh... certain people love to burst my bubble... I tried hard not to blow... I really did ;) Think I should have an early nite :)

But it's a learning thing when you look at your life honestly in relation to a bible verse or theme... you just have to keep looking forward! and aiming for the top ;)

Work and Love

Hahaha.... I worked at my favourite workplace today, only 1.5km from my house! (that's not the only reason I love it!)

Every time I arrive for a shift there, the manager asks how my relationship is going! It's funny because I was telling them about my upcoming overseas trip, and then I returned from my trip and they wanted to know all about it... and then I told them about David... because it took my going to the other side of the world to realise I loved him ;) so now when they see me, they always ask how we're going!

Actually... the other place I've been working this week are the same! If I do a morning shift I've been working with only casuals, so in effect I have been the leader because I know the routine... but when I do a night shift (no later than 10pm!) there are usually one or 2 permanent staff who ask me about David too! Except these ladies keep asking if I have a ring yet! hahaha!

Actually... I do... We were in the fish and chip shop the other night and he bought me a ring from the machine! hehe! It was a cute one :p But he said he will have to improve on that A LOT! ;)

So yeah... I can't escape story telling... even today at the day centre, I was with a staff who started telling another staff my story... and then she wanted me to continue! It was funny. She really loves my story ;)

Well....all I can say is God is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's nice when you're an on-call casual to be able to take shifts at places where you have a 'place' in the 'family', even if you don't return for a month or 2... you always fit in and they always want to know about your life. Most places are just "work". You fit in as long as you're booked, then you go home and forget about the people... but not these 2 places :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Something not negative!

Just remembering a poster on the toilet wall at one of my work places...

It says something like, why would you want to end your life in a nice, well kept body... when you can slide into heaven, body worn out, champagne in one hand and strawberries in the other... knowing you USED your body and lived life to the full!

My words haven't really done it justice, but I liked the concept of using your body instead of treating it like an antique... hope this makes sense! The more I type the bigger the hole I feel I've been digging... but you should get the point! (I'm NOT going to go in there with pen and paper next time I work there! hehe!)

Tired grump :p

By the way, I'm tired and just want a decent sleep ;) Started work at 7am last 2 days, and today I finished at 10am, then was offered a 2nd shift ASAP, so was told I could get there at 11am, and finish at 3pm. I was half asleep...but so were most of the staff and clients! :)
So I stopped on the way and bought some food to keep me going til 3 if I didn't get a break... I hadn't eaten since abt 6am and was reaaalllly hungry!

Christian attitudes...

This is a vent... I'm angry... at a Christian organisation... who freely advertise "free subscription"... and then in the mail, after having been receivng their devotional for I can't remember how many years... they send ONE devo. Mum and I usually receive one each. It's too hard to share...

I emailed asking for a 2nd copy... they replied saying, "sorry, our records show you haven't given us a donation since 2004, and we've cut back this quarter..."
Bleh... they tell us it's FREE; I DID donate at one point, then forgot to keep up, but they said it was a DONATION so I wasn't so fussed... they are always advertising for a free copy...subscription...

I am discriminated against because I live at the same house as my mum. They would send me a copy if I lived next door!

Bleh... had enough of Christians and wanting money... at least they were honest in their reply... would've been nice to know BEFORE they cut back!

Days like today I really understand how non-Christians feel about churches wanting money all the time...

Monday, April 16, 2007

New Clothes!

Yay! I bought some new clothes today! I didn't just walk into 10 shops and walk out empty-handed... and I didn't come home having only bought a drink! :) Actually, I WOULD HAVE bought a drink, but I had a free voucher! Used up my "20th purchase" which gave me a free drink AND a discount card :) hehe.

So yeah... I bought some fancy black jeans/pants, a red jumper, some butterfly pjs (to go with my new butterfly slippers :p) and a nice girly black skirt and 2 girly purple shirts! All on sale... no... half the stuff was on sale! I've spent enough money this week :) Now have to pay my car insurance by the end of the week and I'll be saving again! :)

Mum said I need new clothes when I told her my plans for today... I'm your typical girl with a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, but I don't really like them anymore... plus I've avoided buying girly things like this because of my job... now I don't want to care so much... just demote my current "normal" clothes to "work" clothes, and prance around like a girl when I'm not working! hehe! That's the rule of my wardrobe ;) Wear. Work. Throw.

Now I need new shoes... with heels :p That will have to wait ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Robyn is Tired... that's all I have to say today... :p

Just submitted a job application and have more things to do...but now I will STOP! Something I have been having trouble doing this week... been stressed and tired... now to relax!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

6 months 11/4

Can you believe it's already been 6months????
Happy Anniversary!! ;)

Kangaroo & RSPCA

Driving home from work last Thursday (before Good Friday) I merged onto the Hume Freeway, and suddenly the cars in front of me slowed down to a near stop... thanks to a kangaroo there could've been a 5 car pile up! I was far enough away not to be too bothered ;) The stupid thing was it was NOT ON the road!

... the kangaroo was lying on the side of the road, obviously in pain, jerking its arm repeatedly... so I thought since I was within 10mins of home, if I remembered the kangaroo when I arrived, I would call somebody...

Of course I remembered... so I took out the phone book, saw that the RSPCA was the appropriate number to call, and called.

I was put on hold.... the music was dreadful... I figured it was a tactic to make you hang up so they didn't have to deal with you... so I refused to let that get to me... in the end, after nearly 7minutes on hold I hung up. If it was going to be such a torturous experience to talk to somebody, I hoped somebody else dealt with the kangaroo and hung up!

Next time I don't think I'll bother wasting my time!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

David's House SOLD!!!

David just rocked up and told me HIS HOUSE SOLD TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is EXCITING!!! He was going to have it auctioned in abt 4 weeks, but wanted to sell before auction... and tonight he was told 4 people were interested...but he thought their offers were a bit low... and later the agent called again and said one person matched his reserve price :) :) :) (after 2 people had a price bid)

God has looked after him so much in this! It has all just fallen into place...amazing! :)

Last week I spent an afternoon cleaning the house while he was at work (he'd done HEAPS before that)... then we readied it for inspection on Saturday... and watched a few people walk in...then BAM! It's SOLD!!!!!

He already moved out a few weeks ago :) Another God-thing ;)

Ok, I'm going to bed now! It's just so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Easter and Butterflies

I've been mucking around with chocolate moulds... and my favourites are the butterflies... and here I am with 2 Easter egg moulds, and an awesome butterfly ice/chocolate mould that my boyfriend David decided I "needed" when he saw it... and I prefer the butterflies! (It's one of those silicone ones that are like rubber)

Which made me think...what do butterflies have to do with Easter??? And then it hit me! They have more to do with Easter than rabbits! :p New life... as a hen lays an egg, so a caterpillar builds it's coccoon... new life :)

So now I have no problems making Easter butterflies! :)