Monday, May 30, 2011

Just Ramblin:)

I purchased a pair of bowling shoes today....haven't paid yet, but they have been put aside for me:)
I figured since I have been going almost weekly with my 1:1 client, and how often their hire shoes cause me pain, it would be an investment to purchase my own. At least, even if they're as flat as the hire ones, I can put orthotics and thick socks in them! It's so frustrating when you can't wear flat shoes, and every time you try, you end up in pain! It's either my damaged tendon playing up, or my knees because they don't have the arch support. I always feel like a clown trying to walk in the hire shoes! lol!

So next week, I'll have my own!:) They were more than half price, so the selection wasn't great, but they are nice enough. I liked a white pair with pearly light blue stripes, but they didn't fit, so I got white with black stripes.

Ok, that's my ramble for today:) I think I better go and figure out dinner before I have to leave for my prayer meeting tonight:)

Maybe my new shoes will give me a better score! hehehehe! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Personal thoughts on Bin Laden.....

This week has really brought home how sad our world has become... when one government decides to kill a man for "justice".... when all people want is the bad guy's kill him....wipe him off the planet. They just want to create "Game Over". It all just makes me feel sick...

No, that man was not, the game will not be over...and no, I'm not happy he was killed in cold blood....but I am also feeling for all the families affected by his purely evil actions. I remember waking up to the news on 9/11 and my thoughts immediately went to my family who were in the US... who were originally supposed to be in one of the affected areas, but thank God, things didn't work out as planned, and they were nowhere near the tragedy. Unfortunately many more people were not able to share in my and my family's relief.

It's just shocking how one person can cause so much heartache and tragedy... It took just One person. Many people followed this one person, making him able to carry out his evil plan. Nobody wins.

What I find sickening is not that he is's the fact that "evil was repaid with evil". Seriously, what good is it to try to fight darkness with darkness? I think these words were first spoken by Martin Luther King or MLKing Jr (based on the bible). If this world continues to fight evil with watered-down versions of evil....what will we have left? Now he is that supposed to be the end of terrorism? I don't think so!! It seems like Obama has stirred up a beehive...and we are all affected by his actions. Again, he is just One person.

Personally, I don't believe anybody has the right to take another's life. Admittedly, some people may seem to deserve to have their life terminated...but they still have a soul....and while they are still alive, there is still time for them to find the real peace of a transformed life....but if their life is prematurely terminated, then they have been stripped of  their freedom to find Jesus. Whether or not they do find him is not the important's more that they have been stripped of that time...

I know many people will disagree with me....but when you understand the value of eternal life and a simple soul....then what right does anybody have to terminate another's life! Even if they've already terminated many other's lives...where does the person stand who demanded his life be terminated?

As the bible says re the adulterous woman....Whoever is free of sin should cast the first stone... not one person felt they had the right to stone her to death....even though it was within the law to do so...