Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Christmas

This year was such a great, yet different year for our family.
We maintained our traditional Christmas Eve get together. Having our usual meal and watching Carols by Candlelight on tv. Opening gifts. Having fun just being a family.

This year there was one HUGE difference (and a few others).
All 3 kids came to visit, and all 3 left to go off to their own homes afterwards...leaving the parents in their newly acquired empty nest!

I loved visiting my parents with my new husband...having fun with my brother and sister, sister-in-law and sister's friend. It was just so nice knowing we were all adults, and we have all moved out of the nest (my sister only moved abt 3 weeks before me!), and we can all still return to the nest for "good times" without staying.

Our family has made a good, healthy transition.
I love visiting my old home, knowing it is part of me, but it's not who I am NOW. I still have an agenda to spend some productive days cleaning out my old room... it's still part of me, but I want to eventually have "Robyn" gone from the room. It's no longer "Robyn's room" - but it is still full of my 'stuff' - there are many hours to be spent, and bags to be filled, and rubbish bins to be filled...but I am getting there slowly.

I love chatting with my mum... we bumped into each other in the supermarket not long ago....and we couldn't stop talking! When I lived in the nest, we talked a whenever we get a chance, we can't stop!

Somebody asked if I miss my mum...I say it's a healthy transition. I do miss her, but I am happy where I am at. We have a good relationship. Now the relationship has simply taken a new path.
A good path:)

Ok, I'm all excited because we got broadband today!! David is on his computer using dial-up, and I'm on the floor next to him with my laptop on broadband...funny and fun! I love wireless! We can plug it in to either computer:)

Christmas update

Wow...time just flies!

I haven't been here for ages because I've been too busy, and dial up internet makes you realise just how much you take broadband for granted!! Needless to say (?), I'm at my parent's place again! The place of "business" ;)

For those of you wondering why I didn't send a Christmas letter this year, I just didn't have the time to sit down and write one! It has been a busy year though.

Last Christmas I was diagnosed with glandular fever...but despite all the setbacks, I managed to help fund a wedding - even being unable to work as many days due to the fatigue and lowered immunity the sickness left me with.

This Christmas I'm happy to say I no longer feel the fatigue and I'm not catching as many colds :) I returned to work in November...and caught a cold! But I managed to get better in almost half the time of the previous colds! THAT was exciting! :) Before the wedding, I felt like I was catching everything that was going around! I didn't know when one cold was ending and another was was awful...which made David suggest I finish work a few weeks earlier than planned before the wedding. He's a wise man :) I felt the best I'd felt all year soon after I finished work:) That also probably helped with the stress of the wedding. My body wasn't working over-time:)

I love my new home. I've finally stopped having to remind myself to turn onto a different road to come home...I've been travelling the same roads for 8 years (although I'm closer to my previous home prior to that), so I needed to break the habits! I only really live in the next suburb, so I know most of the roads. I just need to remember which direction I live! haha!

This morning I woke up to chickens making soooo much noise! Yesterday morning we woke up hearing them in our front lawn...and the sound of them being caught by their owner! It sounds bad, but it's not really. Their owners keep them well under control, but they're chickens! We'd be stupid to think they'd never try to escape to the green grass on the neighbour's lawn! haha!
At first it annoyed me to hear the chickens in the morning, but now I don't mind it at all. It reminds me of my old country life. I'm at the point now where I think I'd miss them if they disappeared...

I have so much to say, but I can't remember what! Plus I don't want to type a really long post people won't want to read.

Ok, I better go.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and the new year is full of great things!
It's time for the princesses to step into their royal shoes and take their place...2009 is no playground. We are called for a purpose :) Let's get ready to step into 2009 with courage and godly pride :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back again!

Wow... all this lead up to the wedding, then it's all over...and life gets back to 'normal'...
My dress fit perfectly on the day :)
It was a great day, and we had a great honeymoon in Tasmania. Now we're back settling into a new home together, which is nice.
I don't yet internet access on my personal computer, so haven't bothered coming to my blog when online. I came to my parents' place to connect - my comp accesses the net from here, so I've updated my virus protection, filled my outlook inbox - another thing I really miss...but only temporarily :) and paid some bills...

Life is great:)
Better go. Sorry, no photos yet of wedding.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 Days??

Yikes! It's a bit scary when the Daisy Counter is onto DAYS! hahaha!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wedding - Things That Have Gone Wrong!!!

What a crazy time...
I had my dress altered and was able to pick it up today.
We discovered the dress maker pulled it in abt ONE INCH too much!! So now they have to fix it AGAIN and I have to to go back into the city on Monday to pick it up AGAIN!

The back did up, but there's no way I could wear it for more than half an hour! It was like in The Pirates of the Caribbean... where Elizabeth has the corset that sucks the life out of her... pretty sad. Espcially since I've had the dress all year and it only required a little alteration. It didn't even need a corset or any special underwear. Oh well. Will be praying it is perfect on Monday!

Also...I went to have my ring cleaned. Again I had to go into the city (I killed 2 birds with one stone). They cleaned it...gave it back. It looked ok, but not brilliant. I walked out...and after taking it off and having a closer look, saw LOTS of scum still under the diamonds! I was NOT impressed. I walked back in and asked them to do it again! It still doesn't look fantastic...but it's better than I could do... but the first time I was sure I could do better! Stupid people. If they offer a service they should provide it properly! I could give them a bad name if I wanted to ;) There was only 1 couple in the store so it wasn't like they were too busy. I've always been there when there have been at least 5 couples!

So... that was the joy of my Friday... haha! Not happy abt the dress, but what can I do.
Not happy about the ring, but I'm not going back just for a clean.
Just silly things to tell the kids later!
Times of testing... I'm sure it will all work out, even if things are disappointing me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

October Update

Oh has been a while since my last post, hasn't it!!!

It's funny when your last post says you need to look for a new wedding cake...and you've already well and truly covered that...and more! haha!

Yes, I've been very busy. Too busy to blog.
The wedding 'crisis' was a blessing in disguise!

We revisited Eiffel Tower for our cake, and got a great deal! Over $100 off the original quote of January! We were even able to choose 3 tiers at a reasonable price, instead of just accepting the 2 tiers to save money :) AND it is cheaper than the cake that fell through, AND includes delivery! :)

Across the road was a hire factory, so we found some hire items for the ceremony :)
The only problem is we will have to pick them up and return them. At least it's not too far away. Abt car...

I had my dress alterations organised today! I can pick up my dress on Friday :) (even though it's been hanging in my house since the end of January!)

We've done so much! I am actually beginning to feel like I have a huge essay due in less than 2 weeks, and even though I've done a lot of work, I still need to do MORE! But as with an essay, the due date will come, and that will be that. You reach the point where there is no more you can do, except enjoy that fact you have submitted the essay. So we can do all we can in the next week, then just enjoy the fruits of our planning, knowing we did our best within the timeframe:)

David suggested I finish work a week earlier than planned because I was getting sick too often at work. It was like clients and staff were playing 'catch' with colds and gastro etc. After taking nearly 2 months to get over a cold (or what felt like one cold that would try to end, and another would begin and not let it end! THEN ANOTHER would enter...etc. Not fun!) it just didn't feel worth continuing work just for the money when my health needed attention. Glandular fever seems to make colds linger in your system longer than you're used to...but colds do eventually leave. Just not in the time you would like!

So for my health's sake, I finished work, and I have to admit, I've felt the best I have in a while :)
I thought I was finally over the glandular fever, but I think I got over-excited and it hit me again! Not the fever, but my immune system wasn't nice to me, and I was feeling fatigued again.

Oh well. Not long now... I am trying hard not to over-do it while running around with last minute wedding things!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding Craziness!

Talk about a crazy week!!!
I've spent the last 2 weeks getting over a cold...going to bed way too late trying to organise wedding invitations...addressing envelopes, cutting and collating etc, tying ribbons, sticking stamps on envelopes...

My mum has been wonderful!

On top of that I've been I've been pretty exhausted all week...

and then....just as we think nothing can go wrong... I came home from work on Thursday to an answering machine message saying that our wedding cake order has been cancelled....because the shop was CLOSING TODAY! They only called abt 3pm and had to empty the shop by that night...a bit strange... sounded sudden. They were only advertising for staff abt a week ago. ..

Oh well. Our specially designed cake is now not happening. We went through a lot trying to organise flowers and colour etc. Then we FINALLY decided on sugared flowers and ordered them....and saw them recently, but they were left at the shop to be put on the cake.

So now we have to start again....but that's ok because we had back up plans before we found this place :) It's just so unexpected when these things happen!

Life is definitely not boring at the moment!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thoughts...Aussie vocabulary

When did the term "telly" disappear from our Aussie vocabulary...?
When I was a teen everybody watched the telly! Now we're all 'Americanised' and just watch the the good old days we watched less telly, now we watch more tv...

Why are people afraid to say "bum" when there are far worse accepted alternatives...?

Just some silly thoughts that have crossed my mind today...
You begin to realise you're not so young when these topics cross your mind!:p

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Thoughts...

My mind is so full of information that I can't always make sense anything... but I'm just having to learn to prioritise for ME and nobody else at the moment! I have so many expectations, but in the end, I need to remember my ministry (yes, that involves others but more in a VIP way) and my wedding. Everything else will need to take a back seat...and I need to be courageous enough to not give in to others nudging me in other directions...

Anyhow... I have had some silly experiences lately...

Yesterday I went to Cinderella Bella to buy some bridal thongs... glorified shoes to wear when I can't wear my heels any more (which I must admit I CAN walk in...and even run in! haha! A year ago I may have broken my ankles! hehe!)

They gave me a pink bag with the cute "Cinderella Bella" ad on the side (one of those new, non-plastic bags all the fashion shops have taken on). I was walking down Sydney Road with mum, CB bag on my shoulder...and started thinking how people must see the bag and think I've just spent a few hundred dollars on some fancy shoes... but I actually had the CHEAPEST pair of shoes in the whole shop in my bag! haha!

I also had a very angry day yesterday...mum laughed at me when I got road rage... I am soooooo fed up with people treating me like I'm a girl driving a girl's car! I hate those green P plates! Lately they've been trying to run me off the road... as have buses... I've reached the point where I drive like a truck driver more than a girl! :p I don't take their rubbish and I won't be pushed around!

My "Girly car" is a 1.8L MANUAL and I can even accessorise it with a truck licence...but they don't know that! :p hehe! I know my truck laws and I know when they're breaking them... and I've had enough!

Ok, enough silly, let-it-out talk. I do have a truck licence by the way ;)

Well, when I think about the wedding coming closer...I can say that every small thing I do makes it all feel a lot better...until I keep adding things to my To-Do List...but that's just me!:p
Today I have to pick up our cake bags which were ordered a few weeks ago :)

I have spoken to a hire company for the ceremony...called a beautician I met at a bridal expo...lots of things... we are also required to fill out a few forms now... still feels like so much to do, but at the same time, it's only the smaller stuff now.

Everything is coming along :)

I just feel like an air-head half the time...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Wedding Resources

I just thought I'd list some great wedding services in Melbourne/Australia ;)

Chevy Red Hire

Flash Photography

Groovy Glass (gifts/novelties)

Bliss Deign (jewellery)

Chantilly Bridal
Suite 916, 37 Swanston st, Melbourne

August Update

Wow...this has been one busy month!!!
Apart from finally being able to work 4 days a week again, I've been so busy!

We had our Tasting Night on Tuesday. That was great. Our reception venue held this for all the people getting married in the next few months. We were able to see examples of table centrepieces and decorations, and taste a sample of the menu....canapes, entree, main and dessert. That was quite good. We had a table of 6: David and I, my parents and David's "proxy parentes", Graham and Kaye. It was great having them there :) We also saw how the room could be set up and what would work. The funny part was when the coordinator asked us which centrepiece we liked...and said, "Trust you to pick the most expensive one in the room!" It was AU$55 per table!!! So we ended up deciding on one included in the price. They had examples of 3 standard and optional extra centrepieces. It was good to see how some make it difficult for guests to see each other across from the table. We swapped centrepieces about 4 times during the night!

What else... we had our make up trial on Sunday. That was interesting. I will need to remember to make sure my maids have right make up remover on the day! I take my Mary Kay one for granted! It is oil-free and removes EVERYTHING! ;)

I found shoes!!! In the ONE place I have been avoiding...because I avoid 'cheap shoe shops.... but I found some and David talked me into buying them. They are $230 cheaper than the other ones I like, but didn't feel good in. I won't tell you the price because I've already told enough people :p hehe!

Basically, we're well on the way... we just need to finalise the details...

Right now I'm looking forward to an early night and to catch up on sleep :)

I keep getting excited that I have most of my energy back, that I forget I still need to be careful!! Even the gym is beginning to seem too easy... I complete 2 circuits, and feel I could easily do another circuit! Previously 2 was a challenge :) 6 months is a long time to regain energy... but I'm doing well :) :) :)
(P.S. I googled the above image. It's not a real example of our nite;))

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Car Tales

I am exhausted... last night I went to leave David's house, and my car wouldn't start. After trying unsuccessfully to get it started, but successfully disconnecting the alarm which was constantly chirping (would've driven the neighbours MAD if we didn't!) we pushed it from the drive onto the grass...and left it.

Mum drove me to work this morning, then I discovered it only takes about 12-15mins to walk home from work... then Steve my brother drove me back to David's (after work) and I called RACV... and David arrived home shortly after I made the call..

Eventually the guy came and said I had a "Dinosaur" battery and I needed a new one. The battery dude was hollered, then nearly an hour later he arrived and changed the battery... talk about a looooooong day... I didn't even know if my alarm was connected because the remote refused to work... but thankfully, it was simply a flat battery (which happened to die alongside the car battery...Murphy's Law...??) So I still have my alarm and immobiliser! YAY! I feel vulnerable if my immobiliser is disconnected...

So tonight my car is back home where it belongs :)
I'm so glad it was only the battery... it's just annoying we had such a late night because David had to drive me home last night. He didn't get as much sleep as he had planned... neither did I.

Well, considering we're taking my car on our honeymoon...this is not bad timing :) Annoying, but at least it wasn't too costly, and it happened before we got too stressed ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedding update

We ordered our wedding cake today!!!!

The bridesmaids have their dresses! AND have organised their own alterations... I LOVE the colour of their dresses!!! If I wasn't the bride, I'd want one of their dresses too!:p Hehe!

We've booked our make up trial...

We have started looking into the Hens night...

I'm getting my money's worth at the gym for a change (slowly working up to it! Actually, the staff were surprised I could lift particular weights...I could easily change the level up. It's nothing compared to what I was lifting before I got sick! But I'm not pushing myself too much)

We've booked our honeymoon transport (to and from our destination. Now to fill in the gaps)

That's about all for now... my brain is overloaded lately, so I'm glad to be able to tick things off the "To Do List"! :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, I offically go back on-call next week... and I might be going full time in the not too distant future :) I'm trying to add an extra day to my work week every fortnight, and hopefully every week soon. I just have to make sure I get enough sleep! Otherwise I feel like a zombie :p

Yes, I am getting better :) :) :) This has been a challenging year, but I'm marching through it! :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Slowly Overcoming Fatigue!

I just wanted to share that I worked my FIRST 4 day week since I was sick! :) AND I SURVIVED!!! Without Berocca...I either lost the last pack I had, or used it up and forgot... haha!

I've been working only 3 day weeks since glandular fever (6-7 months)...until this week! YAY!!!!
I only have one week left of my contract...then back to on-call...yuck... oh well. At least I still have a job :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hi all. Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who sent birthday messages! I have had such a busy weekend I haven't managed to reply to them all... so know I really appreciate all the nice thoughts :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Veil Prices are so over-rated!

I'm going to bed, but before my brain switches off completely....
I'm NOT PAYING AU$300 FOR A VEIL!!!!!!!!!!! ;p
I went to check out the Mariana Hardwick warehouse sale today... and asked if they have veils...
yes....but I'm not paying $300 for something I can pay $60-$65 FULL PRICE elsewhere!
Even their "cheap" dresses were over $2000 each!!!

Just makes me excited about how much I DIDN'T pay for my off-the-rack dress! It doesn't have as much sparkle, but it has enough :) I can't justify paying thousands of dollars for sparkles ;)

It also gave me an excuse to return my bracelet I picked up last week...after I came home I noticed a scratch in one diamonte...I was prepared to live with it because most people wouldn't notice...but I was in the area today and brought it in...and they replaced the diamonte on the spot! Free of charge! They do have a warranty...and it was scratched when I bought it, so I know I didn't scratch it. We had to order our jewellery because each piece is made to order, and apart from this small scratch, I'm extremely happy with it!

Oh, I have been offered many veils to borrow...but each one is either ivory or off-white. I need WHITE. But that's ok. It's nice to receive the offers :)


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Some days, when I look back on life, Anne of Green Gables gets into my head, and I hear her solemnly say, "Why do people have to grow up?"

But that's life... people change... people make choices... people disappear... people return... but in the end, we all have to grow up and get out of the box of the "good old days" - because none of us would fit anymore! But it can be sad when you think about some of the choices people have made... but that's their life. We all make choices. We all "have to grow up" :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's ALREADY July!?!?!?!

Hahaha! I can't believe's already July! Thanks Mike (Finishing Well) for imprinting the thought in my mind when I mentioned our wedding will be in October... "It will be here before you know it!" hahaha! You're right! It's not here yet, but it's COMING!!!!

But that's ok ;) We have most things worked out.
My dress is too big! Yay! I put on weight after being too sick to exercise but not too sick to eat, so when I bought my dress is was a snug-perfect fit, and I told them I would lose weight...and I have! Yay!

We're picking up our jewellery tomorrow. My maids and I had a nice afternoon together choosing sets about 2-3 weeks ago. They chose the same sets, and I have a different set. It's all butterfly themed! :p

We're having a little trouble with the cake...that's something else we need to do tomorrow... get back to the people who were supposed to call when they had the brochure to choose the decorations from... if it continues to be an issue, we might just order the cake and organise our own decorations!

The only thing that's really bothering me right shoes! I've tried $260 pairs and $35 pairs, and am extremely disappointed that the cheap, nasty, synthetic shoes feel much better than the expenesive leather ones... so that will save me money. I just need to keep looking for the right pair! I normally avoid synthetic shoes...but in this case I might just give in... there's still time! David's mum suggested waiting until after the mid-year sales, and I think that is wise advice...

Ok, I must be going.
The wedding is going well, but I'm fed up with being sick! Glandular fever is really not a friend to love... it seems at work, I caught a cold from a client, started to get better, then another client came in sick... so my immune system was struggling to keep up! When was the end of one cold and the beginning of the other, or did it even end, or they just merged.... so I have a week off now!:) Time to give my body a rest! Literally everybody at work was getting sick, so it's not the environment to be in right now...but everybody has a week off, so I decided to take it too. The other option was to go back on-call...but I've been pushing myself just to keep going these last 2 I deserve a break :) I couldn't get out of bed for church last Sunday, and was later miserable company for David, who treats me so well.... some days I don't know how he can stay so nice when I have nothing to give but misery... he's the BEST!

In a sense this year has been a challenge...getting so sick, and planning a I need to ensure I make it to the altar in good health!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Talk about Feeling the Spirit!!!

Somebody sent me this on facebook....wooooaah!!! :) :) :)
Oprah's Gospel Brunch with the Legends

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still Alive...

Hello.... this is just a quick note for those people wondering where I have been... I have received some verbal complaints that I haven't updated lately... I've just been too busy and and tired...

My 3 month contract will eventually expire after 5 months!:) That has been awesome!
The only complaint I have right now...I'm feeling like I did before I got glandular fever... run down and too busy.... pushing myself to get through each day... trying to get over a stupid cold... and forcing myself out of bed and then forcing myself to get through a day of work... I am off tomorrow!!! :) :) :)

Ok, now that you know I'm still around...I'm going to bed! Been looking forward to this part of the day since since 7am... :p I hope the sleep makes me feel better tomorrow... and I get my FULL voice back!

Gooooodnight... :D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Why do I always seem to come here and my tummy starts grumbling....!;p Ok, I get the hint! I'm too busy to think about lunch, and usually I come to this blog as a reward for working hard....but I'm too hungry to think any more!:p
!Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Joys of May

Just as I'm realising I forgot to have lunch....I can see I've written a few crazy posts lately... and this week is turning out to be a good one... so I'm going to turn over the page and wriote the Joys of May, instead of the frustrations! (Then have lunch!!)

What's happening... well... now my tummy is grumbling...ok, type in a hurry! :p
I picked up my engagement ring on Saturday!!! I'd been getting bored with my cheap proxy ring...and actually, when I saw my ring again it nearly blinded me! I forgot how clean it could be!Haha! My job requires constant hand washing, so the ring cops a lot of dirt most people wouldn't deal with...

We've paid off our wedding rings!
Just as we decided our cake options, we stumble across a NEW cake option! Where, currently, we could get an even better cake for only $25 more! Bargain!!!! Our previous option wasn't elegant ;) I won't tell you why :p

My 3 month contract expires on Thursday... yesterday they asked me to stay another month! (and possibly longer) Yay! I have a solid income for another month! No being on-call and no fluctuating income:)

I've been really blessed financially! After being forced to take time off work with glandular fever, and not having any sick pay, I've managed to get a good paying contract, earning more money for less days, and my Mary Kay business is beginning to go somewhere :) I really need to get more bookings in my diary... but I've STARTED and that's important:) I had my 2nd class on Saturday. It was fun! And a LOT better than my first class! :)

Ok, I have a long to-do list in my diary, so I'll stop here. Oh, and yes I need LUNCH! Oops... haha!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rhetorical Questions of May....

I am trying to make myself relax.... so I'll write all the things that are on my mind....well, how abt a small find is constantly FULL lately...

WHY do my nails keep snapping in the most annoying places....
WHEN is my engagement ring going to be ready to pick up... (they needed it to match a wedding band)...
WHY can't I shoot some of my clients with sedatives....
WHY can I even consider POSTING that comment!?! (Ok, I had a stressful day)
WHY did I lose 2 cubic zirconias from a new (cheap!) ring....
WHERE did my multivitamins end up....
WHY is my diary always so full....even after crossing things off....

WHY am I even writing this....
Ok, I think you already figure I'm a bit stressed and crazy right now...
I better stop before you think any further...:p

Friday, May 16, 2008

More in May

Hello! I just realised how long it's been since I last posted... life just seems to get busier and busier...and that's not even considering the wedding!

I've been up and down with fatigue. Some weeks I'm fine, others I don't know how I survived the week, but I do! I never realised how long the effects of glandular fever could be... but I'm doing a lot better this week! I managed to get to the gym twice this week. My aim is to go twice a week, not the usual 3, simply because I can't push myself too far ;) If I can make it 3 times I will try, but 2 is sufficient for now. I am even feeling results for a change!:)

Ok, I'm tired, rambling, got a lot on my mind, and tomorrow is SATURDAY!!!! YAY!!!!
But for those interested, the wedding plans are going well. No complaints in that department (apart from costs!!:p)
Gooodnight :)

Friday, May 2, 2008


I want to SMASH EVERY tv in my presence that is ON! ! !
This was supposed to be a quiet day... My head is a mess from too much unecessary noise...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mary Kay

Is anybody interested in hosting a Mary Kay Skincare Class?

I am looking for people to help me with my training, and you will receive a Hostess Reward for simply holding a class with 3-5 friends (+you).

Obviously you must live in Melbourne ;)

For more information visit:

The products are beautiful...if you're after a little pampering, this is for you ;)

You don't need to wear make up, there are also skincare and body treatments available.
I begin with the Miracles Happen skincare class.

It's a great way to get the girls together and have some fun trying skincare and a bit of make up.

April Update

I can't believe how busy my life is at the moment! Even with only 3 days of work I am still so busy! Mary Kay has added to that, but I have to admit I am enjoying this new venture....although I haven't actually run my first class yet... that's next week!

I went to the gym with mum last night. Was fun...who ever would have thought I'd go to the gym with her! We're both loving it!! She's the older one, but she has far more energy than me at the moment...she'll keep me motivated! They call her a star - she just gets on with it and has fun! I'm taking it slowly but surely :) It's just so good to know I CAN exercice again and I WILL fit back into my wedding dress ;) I just missed the "fit feeling". Exercise makes you feel so much better...and when you're used to that feeling then are prevented from maintaining it, it's now I'm slowly regaining that feeling! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!

What else... I have a to-do list to get on with, but I wanted to update you with my life...

Oh! We went to a wedding on Saturday. It was a 9.45am ceremony and the reception was a luncheon and was over by 3pm. It was a nice wedding, but it did feel a little strange having the rest of the afternoon free. David and I were inspired ;) We went back to our wedding folder and started discussing more ideas and things to book/organise. It's good to be able to get some insights from friends' weddings.

Oh and I was involved in fire training at work yesterday... we were outside being instructed on how to use fire hydrants... do you think I was a wonderful fire fighter? Not really...the hydrant I was given didn't seem to have anything left by the time it was my buddy had to back me up! How sad.... but it was good learning. We were the last 2 to have a go, so I'm guessing the hydrant was nearly empty by the time I got it. And just as we were nearing the end of the started pouring with rain! I'd completed fire training with my agency, but have never actually had practical training like this. We just watched DVDs about fires in the homes and answered questions in a book. This was heaps better (and not through the agency).

Ok, I've written enough today! Hope you're great!:)

Friday, April 25, 2008

I can go to the gym!!!

Woohoo!!! I only have 2 minutes to tell you I've been to the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 4 months after glandular fever... I joined a NEW gym and the people there WANTED me to join so they could help me...I know it sounds like a good marketing tool, but they really are great people.

So yeah, even though it's a slow process, I'm NOT at the beginner level (yay!!) but I still need to take it easy ;)

I joined Contours...sooooooo much better than Fitness First, which I officially cease my membership in 4wks...grrr.... at least I know it's happening:)

Ciao belli!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Changes here, Changes there, Changes Everywhere!!!

This has definitely been a week of CHANGE and unexpected opportunities...and it was all because I attended a bridal expo!

On Friday I'm having a 2nd free trial at Contours gym in Epping. Mum already joined, and I've been wanting to quit my current gym for quite a while...the only reason I didn't cancel my membership yesterday was because I'd just come from Contours and LOOKED like I'd been to a gym - which wouldn't help me with cancelling! Legally they must let you quit, but that doesn't mean they make it easy... another reason to quit. All they care abt it money, not members...only numbers and figures...

So yes, I had my first work out for the year! FINALLY!!!! I've been really missing exercise but have been good to myself by avoiding over-doing things. I've succeeded :) I felt awesome within the first 5mins of the not quite perfect workout (they were showing me the ropes and explaining everyting). They know my case and want me to join so they can help me regain my fitness gradually...and after yesterday I realised although I have lost some strength, I haven't really lost that much!

So that's one change.
The second change is I gave in and joined Mary Kay! I'm still a bit freaked out by the idea, but would like to try the challenge. I have a training session on Friday. In the end, even if I decide not to to continue, I've lost nothing, and the cost of starting is still a bargain in the sense I will have a kit worth a lot more than what I paid for it...

So....if anybody is interested in Mary Kay...let me know ;)

I have to go out soon so I'll leave it here.
Life is definitely not what I expected for this season!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yay!!! We have ordered our bridesmaid dresses!!! Finally! :) :) :)
Now we can move up the "To Do List" ;) It's so good knowing both girls are happy, and I'm happy too:) Now we can properly choose our jewellery, based on our dresses! Oh, and shoes of course.

What else... we start marriage counselling on Thursday nite.
I went to a Mary Kay training night last night...Monday... it was quite enjoyable.
I was one of 4 guests who were used as examples of a party... the trainer did a mock session for the consultants to learn from. We did a basic facial, then a makeover. It was good seeing the other 3 ladies transform their looks ;) The only bad part was it was night time, so we couldn't get the most of our make overs because we had to take it off to go to bed! Oh was a good experience.

I wasn't used to being in a room full of "girly-girls". Instead of feeling over-dressed, I felt under-dressed! But it was a good night. The lady who invited me is a director, and wants me to join them as a consultant... I initially said no....but having been to a training night and seeing that a once-a-week consultation could equal nearly a whole week's pay... it's quite tempting...and knowing Mary Kay Ash was a Christian who based her business on Christian foundations...

Which got me thinking... I've been wanting to change career...get a job where I can dress up instead of down... and did once consider being a make up consultant for ColesMyer, but realised I'd hate that environment... and although this job wouldn't use my qualifications, it would pay far better anyway... and I would no longer being cleaning so many dirty butts and having people accidentally spit food on my face... and I wouldn't need a shower after work...

So...IF I decided to go ahead, I will keep my current job, and see how I go... work a few days a week for the agency (and maintain all the above cons), and one or two days with MK...

Not sure what I will do yet. But the extra money is very tempting... (I think that's what the director wants me to go for... extra money for the wedding, and commission for her. A win-win deal).

Ok. that's enough for today!
I have a shoe excursion with mum on Friday, then on Saturday the bridesmaids and I are going on a jewellery and shoes excursion! Busy, busy, busy....but it's all fun! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Haha. Just happy I received my Mary Kay stuff!
Gotta run!
Ciao :p

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wedding Update

Ok, I said I'll write more, so now I am!
It has been an interesting time trying to get my sister to look at dresses, and find a dress both maids like... we found THE DRESS, then my sister was finally able to try it....and ended up liking a different one better.... and I have to admit I liked it better after seeing it on her... so my other maid went and tried it on...and we have a NEW THE DRESS!!! We will have to order soon.

We saw our florist and seem to have gotten a good deal.
We are starting marriage counselling next week with a couple from church...
David's mum is coming down from NSW this week because his grandparents are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary! That will be good, because we have only been able to keep her updated via phone. It will be good to SHOW her what we've done/booked etc.

I had a consultation with a Mary Kay rep this morning. We met at a bridal expo. She was really nice and professional. I previously thought Mary Kay wouldn't do bridal make up as well, but now I think more positively abt that... she also said they don't allow consultants to do bridal work unless they have significant experience, which is encouraging.
So I haven't actually decided if we will use her, but she is definitely on my list of possibilties!

What else... We've done more research for photos... looked into makeup... found the rings!! I forgot about that! We went to the Australian Diamond Company where David got my ring, and found the perfect band to match... but didn't buy anything on the day ;) He also found his style which was great ;)

I've been researching jewellery....and anybody who knows me well won't be surprised I keep going back to the more expensive tastes! But it's one day and we want to look and feel gorgeous, and wear the jewellery why not get something glamorous ;) Plus I'm the one paying, so it doesn't matter ;) hehe!

Ok, I think that's enough for now... Until the next chapter ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wedding Plans...

Somebody asked abt the wedding plans...everything is going well:) Will write more later!

Friday, April 4, 2008

News report on yesterday's stabbing

Two charged after man stabbed by bank
Friday Apr 4 07:21 AEDT
Two men have been charged with attempted murder after a man was stabbed following a fight outside a bank in Melbourne's north-west.
The 30-year-old victim suffered two stab wounds to the upper and lower body after being attacked while sitting in his car outside the National Australia Bank branch on Main Road East, St Albans, around 2.40pm (AEDT) on Thursday.
He was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with the life threatening injuries and remains in a stable condition.
Staff and customers were locked inside the bank while police attended the incident.
Two men aged 50 and 24 have been remanded to appear before Melbourne Magistrates' Court later on Friday.
©AAP 2008

I finished work at 3 only down the road...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Ramble

I wanted to fall asleep at work today... at the end of the day the coordinator asked if I wanted her to sign my time sheet...I'd completely forgotten to fill it out!! I was having a blonde day...

I'm taking my sister out to dinner and bridesmaid dress hunting... if she likes this dress I have in mind, then we have our dress! My other bridesmaid and I have gone all over town looking for the right's been fun! But now it's crunch time ;) Hopefully my sister will love the dress, then we can order them in the colour I want! I have even tried on this dress...David liked it- he encouraged me to try some on one day while we were shopping. I tried on 3 and loved this one. So did my other bridesmaid when she went on her own.

Ok, Previously sleepy blonde signing off!


It's a bit sad when you have to take a detour on the way home from work and have NO IDEA why.... no news on the car radio... nothing on tv when you arrive home...and then your parents walk in the door within an hour of each other and know EXACTLY why...and they were nowhere near it!

Well, about hour after leaving work and being caught in a traffic jam and crazy drivers trying to take unexpected detours (there were no detours in place, so people were turning down any road that wasn't blocked!)... because a police car was sitting in the middle of the road, blocking something, I discovered I was working only blocks away from a stabbing outside a bank!

I guess it's better not to know you're so close to a horrible crime... at least the detour wasn't too long. It's just hard when it is so close to a notably dangerous railway crossing. Cars were only noticing the road block as they were reaching the some people were forced to stop in dangerous positions (ie, on the railway track while the traffic lights were green), while cars tried to figure out where to go! Craaaazy!!!! That intersection is horrible at the best of times!

Normally I avoid it, but because it's still school holidays I went that way because it's shorter and there is supposedly less traffic during the holidays... Normally I take the long way because there is no congestion around the railway crossing. Oh well.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Lunch, flowers....moving house...

I had lunch with my gorgeous sister in law today! It was so nice :)
We talked abt weddings and family.... it was just a nice time to catch up 1:1. She's just gorgeous! The best sister in law a girl could get :)

On Wednesday night we had an appointment with our florist - an old school friend who offered to do our flowers from home, thus at a cheaper price. It was also great! It's amazing what you can learn about something as simple as flowers :) We decided on colours, flowers, styles, ribbons, etc... and it's all going to cost a reasonable price:)

David also moved house on Tuesday. It was a bit sad moving his stuff from the gorgeous townhouse into what felt like an uncared for, older house...that's the fun of renting... and there are more people looking for houses than there are available houses. The only reason he moved was because the landlord wanted to move in. It's ok - it'll feel like home soon:) It was a real intercessor experience walking in the door and feeling the need to pray NOW. Which was great....the next time we walked into the house, it felt much better :) We spent Tuesday loading both our cars (mine is a hatch so we could pack heaps into it!) and driving back and forth, transferring stuff to the new house. It feels heaps better now that he has the lounge set up :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

More on Glandular Fever and the Wedding

I've just noticed people have been googling "glandular fever" and coming across my I had a look at some other relevant sites... and now I'm thinking.... thinking... agreeing... disagreeing...and thinking more and more about my wedding that's fast approaching!!!

Well, as I read the horror stories of glandular fever, I realise just how blessed I have been! I was never so exhausted I couldn't get out of bed... but I was more tired than usual. I was never hospitalised, and I never had hepatitis (maybe coz I had the vaccines years ago for my job).

Although I didn't have it as bad as many, I am still sharing the frustrations of what I read somebody describe as, "being stripped of vitality and being unable to participate in life fully".
When I think about my wedding dress, I am constantly reminded of the fact I can eat, but I can't work out at the gym. When most brides are beginning their health frenzy, I've had to cease mine. I can't work more than 3 days a week (but thank God he offered me a great opportunity for a contract that even pays more than if I did 4 days eleswhere!)

One thing I read which I am REALLY noticing this week... some people have weeks of energy and then no energy. I'd just spent 2 weeks feeling abt 90% was wonderful.... I was even working long hours and coming home feeling ok. Then just this weekend I've been feeling run down again... which makes me even more sad I can't return to the gym... I am in a good habit of walking to reception and signing away another form to freeze/suspend my membership... I actually got slighty excited last time and froze a fortnight instead of a month... but I think I will have to go back and not go past reception for the rest of the month... sigh... I really miss exercise... but all I can do now is low impact, and most of the time I either don't have the energy, or I've done a lot of physical acitivity at work and don't want to overdo it again.

I guess, if nothing else, this has helped me learn to relax more... which sucks in some ways too... because I like to do more with my days. But I know the signs now and when I need to cancel a social activity, it's good my friends understand. That's the hard part... there are so many social events in my life at the moment, I have to choose to attend some but not all... that has been hard. It's also hard when you do attend an event, and feel like you just wanna lie down on the couch...but thankfully that hasn't happened much lately! :)

I bumped into a doctor friend at church on Sunday who told me I am definitely not contageous :)
Hadn't seen her in ages. I just feel like I've been soldiering on and trying not to overdo it...and for a change, I'm succeeding!

I'm just hoping I will have enough energy a few months before the wedding to maybe hire a personal trainer and get my fitness back to normal...or at least lose whatever weight I've put on by not having the energy to work it off! I called my old trainer, but she's out of the industry now... sigh... I just need some advice of low impact ways to help me regain my fitness...

ok, it's late and I better go to bed!
I can tell you that we have most things organised for the wedding:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lessons Learned from a Bride to Be!

Bridesmaids Dresses:
Only take one bridesmaid to try on dresses. That way, nobody can try to push you to BUY anything!
We've gone into many boutiques, and it is obvious that they are all disappointed that only one of them is present. They always say, "You'll have to bring in both of them". We then walk out having done our research, not feeling pressured to buy something we don't want! Hehe ;)

Bridal Gowns:
Off The Rack gowns are much cheaper- they just don't have the "name" and are not custom-made for you. But who will notice anyway??? Sometimes they're even cheaper than 2nd hand "Name" ones! I bought my dress in a 'hidden' butique, in a building I've walked past a zillion times in the city (Swanston St) but was completely oblivious to it. It's on the 9th floor and you wouldn't find it unless you were looking for it! (Chantilly Bridal).

Oh, and I had a man serve me. He was amazing! Good, old fashioned service. No rubbish. Npo pushing to buy. He was so full of information, and actually told me NOT to buy anything until I'd looked at a few other shops. I think he knew I'd be back ;) Haha!

I've been into a few bridal shops looking for bridesmaids dresses...and the rubbish coming out of the sales assistants mouths is dreadful!
A few weeks ago a girl was trying on a dress, and I just felt like grabbing her hand and telling her to RUN!!! She was young and gorgeous, and obviously hadn't seen anything cheaper than what she had on...and was trying to justify spending all that money... I hope she did leave without buying... the assistants were all over her, there was no way anybody would get near her to tell her to run ;)

I hated most dress designs in the magazines...but when I began to visit boutiques I discovered there are more IN the boutiques that I liked, than in the magazines!

We have been quoted between AU$250-$700 for a cake! One day we 'accidentally' asked about a particular display cake...and it was $300 for a wedding, and ONLY $125 As Is! So we can just pay $125 and pick it up ourselves! ...and to have enough for everybody...shhh.... we can order a simple cake to have cut up! shhh...All cheaper than a "Wedding Cake".
Until then , we'd only been looking at "Wedding Cakes". It's criminal!

Ok, that's enough for today ;) It's been a busy time...and all you people who said, "It will come quickly" - it is really feeling that way now! Just a few days ago I thought it was January!!:p
At least we have most of the major things covered:)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Catch up...girly

Helllooooooo gorgeous people!!!!
This year has been so busy, I just haven't found the time to blog lately!

This week, I finally began to feel like my body is returning to normal after being so fatigued for most of Jan and Feb.

Yesterday I went bridesmaid dress shopping (attempt #3) with one of my 2 bridesmaids. Usually after an awesome day with her, I find I need a "nothing day" to recover from being so busy. But today I feel awesome! :)

We had such an awesome day!!! I love this chick! We went to Chadstone ("The fashion capital" of Melbourne) for a day was a real GIRLY DAY! We loved it! We walked, and talked, and walked and talked....had an hour long coffee & chat....walked and lost....kept walking and talkig...tried on dresses...walked & talked.... got lost....kept walking and talking...avoided those "Dead Sea Cosmetics" people who tried to trap us! I'm sure we used up our weekly word quota in one day! Haha!

One thing I've learning from this wedding... all 3 of 2 bridesmaids and I have hourglass basically EVERYTHING we try on looks good... which is actually not a bad thing, because even though lots of things look good, we still know what we want :) So yesterday was really another "eliminating" day.

I also began a 3month contract last week. They offered me 5days, but allowed me to take 3 and even choose the days I wanted to work! They hired another agency casual to take the other 2 days. I only have to travel 1.6kms to work:) Longer hours, but basically no travel time:)

Ok, that's a bit of March for now ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

David and Robyn

Somebody asked what David looks like... This is not the best picture, but I can't find the better ones at the moment! This was taken at our engagement party(family only) - we were really tired by then...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Intercessor Ramblings

Ever wondered why intercessors are so good at perceiving and seeing things for others....they know all the answers and the exact prayers to pray...but then when it is they who need help, they forget to fight the battle....but it is no problem to fight other peoples' battles...

Its like a psychologist who knows the answers to everybody else's problems...but can't see, or refuse to believe the answers can work for them too...


Friday, February 8, 2008

Feb is looking brighter!

I picked up my wedding dress yesterday!!!!

It was the very first one I tried on... I actually went in planning on buying a different one, but it had sold th previous day...which was a wonderful thing! It was ivory. When I tried a similar one on it felt like God thumped me on the head and said, VERY clearly, "NO IVORY!!"

So I bought the nice white one! :)

Every time I even looked at an ivory dress after the conviction, I couldn't stand it! Haha! It's an "Off the rack sample" - meaning I saved $1,000!!! :) :) :) A middle-aged man served me and he was so good. Old fashioned service. He told me NOT to buy anything the first day I went because that was the first shop I went to. After seeing the prices of other shops, I just HAD to get this one! If I didn't I'd end up wishing I could have a $3,000 dress but not being prepared to PAY for it! So I was glad this one was still on the rack a week after I tried it on! It was in my price range:) I love a bargain!!!

Went back to work this week...for the 2nd time! The first time I worked 3 days and ended up back at the body decided to re-react to the wrongly prescribed medication! So another week in pain (swollen legs), and itching like crazy...after a week I FINALLY STOPPED waking at the "Itching hour" between 2-3am... I was addicted to calamine lotion for a week! The night I returned home from the doctor my whole body swelled up! I think I have a small understanding of what Botox would feel like! Haha! My lips felt really yuck! All I could do was relax and just WAIT for the rash/reaction to run it's course (AGAIN!) and disappear on it's own.

The doctor actually said, "Who was the idiot who made you take that and waste your money?!?!" So in effect, I spent more time off work dealing with the REACTIONS to the wrong medication than I did actually being sick! NEVER returning to that clinic!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Glandular Fever

Ok...I went back to the doctor... he said if I'm not better the next morning (Fri), use the new prescription and see him Saturday... which meant I would be taking TWO types of antibiotics.

Next morning I wasn't much better... and mum made me see my usual doctor for a 2nd opinion (clinic wasn't open when I initially needed to see somebody). He said not to fill the 2nd prescription, and ordered a blood test to rule out glandular fever. I didn't have many symptoms, but he wanted to be sure... especially since I didn't have a rash - the medication I was on should've caused a rash if I had glandular fever. Because it is useless for treatment.

The blood test was Friday. I had to wait til Monday for results. I didn't bother returning to the other doctor. No news Monday... they don't call if results are clear. But I found a rash on my torso when I got out of the ANOTHER appointment made...

And guess what... the doctor hadn't received the results yet, and after seeing my rash, called the lab immediately, and confirmed on the spot, I have glandular fever... the rash was a delayed response.

So now I'm OFF Medication, waiting for the rash to disappear, and just resting...and feeling better every day :)

He said, by the way I've been presenting myself, I should be ok to return to work next week. I only had a minor case, and didn't experience many symptoms :)

What a way to beging the year!

P.S. The first 2 doctors were extremely different in their approach... I really have more more respect for my usual doctor after this experience! But the other clinic was like a McDonalds Drive Thru - where they wanted to get thru as many patients as possible. My usual clinic has more time for the patients.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I saw the doctor on Sunday because I was STILL feeling dizzy...and discovered I had a tonsil infection that spread to the middle ear. She prescribed me antibiotics and an "anti dizzy" tablet.

I took them. I felt a little better. After 2 days I stopped taking the 'dizzy pills'. (I only had 1/3 of the maximum dose :) They were "take only as needed")

But yesterday I couldn't swallow anything hard. I was living on yoghurt and jelly and bananas... and my throat decided to be sore.. At around 5.30pm my throat started swelling up like it was being attacked by marshmallows. Mum and I were both concerned, so she took me straight back to the doctor. I was pushed to the front of the line. We thought I was reacting to the antibiotics. Turns out they weren't working!

So... he precribed me a stronger dose. When I asked if they were as big as the previous ones, he didn't answer. He just ripped up the prescription and wrote a new one for liquid form :) I was struggling to swallow those monster size pills, even when broken in HALF! I got one half stuck in my throat yesterday so mum crushed the other half.

So last night I managed to sleep without suffocating ;)
But I am seeing the doctor again tonight to see if the new presciptions are working.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to 2008 - Garden

Happy New Year!

Hope you’re looking forward to what’s beyond the door you’ve just walked through – 2008.

I could say we have a clean slate, or a white canvas on which to create the picture of this year…but I like the concept of a garden.

Your garden… 2008.

This year, in your garden…

Roses will bloom, weeds will be pulled out… daisies will pop up unexpectedly. Some roses may die, but they will make room for new beauty. Daffodils may pop up where you thought daisies should have been... Seeds that lay dormant in 2007, or even longer, will sprout.

Some of these seeds you planted yourself. Some you didn’t even know were there.

Some plants you can easily water yourself. Some will require help from others. There may be dry times and optimum times. But the garden will stand.

Seeds from the past that have lay dormant may suddenly take root – and you may not even know they were in the soil. Reap the rewards :)

Weeds may come and try to destroy your plants… you have the power in your hands to rip out the weeds! Or even spray them with weed killer. It’s YOUR garden. You must protect it with whatever means you can.

As with any garden, your garden will require nurturing, and you must wait for the right season for certain plants to flower or sprout. But rest assured, like the farmer knows, if he has planted his seeds in the right soil at the right time, the harvest WILL come :)

So look forward to what your garden brings in 2008 – the good, the sad, the tough, surprising, and the awwwwwing. Take care of your garden, and look back at the end of 2008 in admiration of the seasons and what they brought :)

And don’t forget… plant some bulbs for the years to come ;) Even plant them in other gardens ;) No good seed will be lost :)

P.S. The picture here is one I took when I was in Ireland - Killarney, when I was tired, but still feeling adventurous...I felt the rose represented how I felt at the time :)

Saw a Doctor

This is for the people who saw me miserable over Christmas...

I finally gave in and saw a doctor... had infected tonsils which spread to the middle ear...which is why I was so dizzy! and after being put on antibiotics, I'm feeling heaps better...and wishing I'd listened to you people who told me to see a doctor when I was too stubborn and dizzy to! :p

P.S. I HATE swallowing antibiotics...even when I snap them in half I struggle to swallow them... I feel like choking.... bleh! At least I'm feeling better ;)