Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Revival of Spiritual Gifts

This morning as I was praying for the church, I had a vision of santa's workshop. The elves were busy, working hard to make sure all the gifts were ready for the appointed time, Christmas day. I had the sense that there are many SPIRITUAL GIFTS that are currently being prepared for people to receive for the appointed time. Not Christmas. For Revival in the church. 

Further to this, I saw many gifts that had already been given in the past, but were neglected, like a toy received at Christmas, but only enjoyed briefly before being forgotten. Some had been put on the shelf and forgotten about. Some had been ignored. Some had been misued or misunderstood. Some had even been abused by others, causing them to shut down. Some had simply not been recognised. The time is coming where life will be breathed back into these gifts. 

There are many dreams yet to come to pass. We are entering a time of Revival of gifts, dreams and visions in the church. A time of Renewal and seeing many heart's desires finally fulfilled. Don't give up on your dreams and promises! Don't believe the lie that you are insignificant, or not good enough. Or even that your past makes you unworthy. The brightest diamonds don't just appear. They go through a refining process - many people can relate to being in the Refiner's fire - don't be afraid to be seen. It is time to wake up and SHINE!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Yes, the lower case "h" is deliberate ;-)

I really have no interest in halloween.
I made the decision to not acknowledge the topic in my work art program.

This week, after some leave days from work, I returned and was sprung with the news my programs the following day were cancelled, due to a special halloween party. For somebody who deliberately avoids this event, it had me feeling a little anxious. The building was decorated...and if I was a 'celebrator', I would say it was well done. But as a 'see-er' it did not sit well with me...

It put me in that uncomfortable position...where you don't want to participate, but you don't feel you have a good reason to refuse... in the sense you don't want to spoil other peoples' fun...

So what did I do? I prayed. And what happened? I was answered :-) I asked for a specific way to be excused from part of the celebrations. Instead of ME asking, THEY suggested! Only God. So, I had a reasonably good day. The people in my care were given the choice, and only one wanted to continue at the party. In the end, everybody was happy :-)

Never underestimate the power of prayer!
Even a simple, quietly whispered prayer can bring forth a miracle :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015... season of pro-actively waiting...

Wow...this year is flying!!! I had high hopes for the year...and it is already past the halfway mark.
It really feels like time has sped up... In my head, I always have so much to write...then I come online and I forget most of it.

This has been an interesting year so far. A year where I am continuing to hold on to God's promises... to grab a little tighter and not give up. To keep myself surrounded by the right people, and again, not give up on His promises!!!

My life has been a testimony of waiting with patience... I know that I know that I know that God will fulfil his promises to me, but I also know it is not fun when you're in the waiting season and it doesn't feel like it will ever end.

When you are waiting, you often see many others who have already been blessed with "your" promise. It is a little difficult to be excited when they have not waited very long, and you are still waiting... it takes more effort, but the excitement is there if you allow it to spring forth.
I love how God places the right people on your path who understand the season you are in. They are also in this season, and it is a blessing to be able to openly share the frustrations and joys without being judged. There are also those who are experiencing the blessing you are awaiting, who you can also speak openly with, and they are just as encouraging.

Then there is the part where you can see clearly how God has set people up to assist you on the journey... HIS people. Not just any people.

So, again, as with many promises in my life...I am waiting in anticipation, following instructions and not giving up. I am looking forward to the day I can say, "Remember when....and now look at how God has blessed us!"

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Friday, April 10, 2015


This is the longest I've ever gone without blogging! LoL!
Life gets busy and priorities change. Actually, to be completely honest, life gets busy...and the last thing you want to do after a very long day at work is write.
Mid last year my work hours changed, some days were extended, and also the amount of time dealing with difficult behaviours increased...which has been bitter-sweet. Challenging, for sure!

Jezebel has been throwing some arrows...but I know "no weapon formed against [me] shall prosper".
In the end, Jezebel causes you to act with conviction, because, even the snake's directions can cause the Lord to smile on you. Jezebel may think she's calling the shots, but I am working with my Father to bring His glory. I'm doing something right :)

After the season in the desert, I am in a good season. The places that went into hibernation in the desert, are slowly being reawakened in the new forest. I love the forest.
I have found my like-minded friends who have similar gifts in ministry. I am slowly moving back into 'doing' in the church. It has been a strange experience going from being heavily involved, to being on the sidelines, then out of the 'game' altogether...then being led to a new team, and slowly being reawakened. This is a good season.