Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mary Kay

Is anybody interested in hosting a Mary Kay Skincare Class?

I am looking for people to help me with my training, and you will receive a Hostess Reward for simply holding a class with 3-5 friends (+you).

Obviously you must live in Melbourne ;)

For more information visit: www.marykay.com.au

The products are beautiful...if you're after a little pampering, this is for you ;)

You don't need to wear make up, there are also skincare and body treatments available.
I begin with the Miracles Happen skincare class.

It's a great way to get the girls together and have some fun trying skincare and a bit of make up.

April Update

I can't believe how busy my life is at the moment! Even with only 3 days of work I am still so busy! Mary Kay has added to that, but I have to admit I am enjoying this new venture....although I haven't actually run my first class yet... that's next week!

I went to the gym with mum last night. Was fun...who ever would have thought I'd go to the gym with her! We're both loving it!! She's the older one, but she has far more energy than me at the moment...she'll keep me motivated! They call her a star - she just gets on with it and has fun! I'm taking it slowly but surely :) It's just so good to know I CAN exercice again and I WILL fit back into my wedding dress ;) I just missed the "fit feeling". Exercise makes you feel so much better...and when you're used to that feeling then are prevented from maintaining it, it's hard...so now I'm slowly regaining that feeling! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!

What else... I have a to-do list to get on with, but I wanted to update you with my life...

Oh! We went to a wedding on Saturday. It was a 9.45am ceremony and the reception was a luncheon and was over by 3pm. It was a nice wedding, but it did feel a little strange having the rest of the afternoon free. David and I were inspired ;) We went back to our wedding folder and started discussing more ideas and things to book/organise. It's good to be able to get some insights from friends' weddings.

Oh and I was involved in fire training at work yesterday... we were outside being instructed on how to use fire hydrants... do you think I was a wonderful fire fighter? Not really...the hydrant I was given didn't seem to have anything left by the time it was my turn....my buddy had to back me up! How sad.... but it was good learning. We were the last 2 to have a go, so I'm guessing the hydrant was nearly empty by the time I got it. And just as we were nearing the end of the demonstarion...it started pouring with rain! I'd completed fire training with my agency, but have never actually had practical training like this. We just watched DVDs about fires in the homes and answered questions in a book. This was heaps better (and not through the agency).

Ok, I've written enough today! Hope you're great!:)

Friday, April 25, 2008

I can go to the gym!!!

Woohoo!!! I only have 2 minutes to tell you I've been to the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 4 months after glandular fever... I joined a NEW gym and the people there WANTED me to join so they could help me...I know it sounds like a good marketing tool, but they really are great people.

So yeah, even though it's a slow process, I'm NOT at the beginner level (yay!!) but I still need to take it easy ;)

I joined Contours...sooooooo much better than Fitness First, which I officially cease my membership in 4wks...grrr.... at least I know it's happening:)

Ciao belli!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Changes here, Changes there, Changes Everywhere!!!

This has definitely been a week of CHANGE and unexpected opportunities...and it was all because I attended a bridal expo!

On Friday I'm having a 2nd free trial at Contours gym in Epping. Mum already joined, and I've been wanting to quit my current gym for quite a while...the only reason I didn't cancel my membership yesterday was because I'd just come from Contours and LOOKED like I'd been to a gym - which wouldn't help me with cancelling! Legally they must let you quit, but that doesn't mean they make it easy... another reason to quit. All they care abt it money, not members...only numbers and figures...

So yes, I had my first work out for the year! FINALLY!!!! I've been really missing exercise but have been good to myself by avoiding over-doing things. I've succeeded :) I felt awesome within the first 5mins of the not quite perfect workout (they were showing me the ropes and explaining everyting). They know my case and want me to join so they can help me regain my fitness gradually...and after yesterday I realised although I have lost some strength, I haven't really lost that much!

So that's one change.
The second change is I gave in and joined Mary Kay! I'm still a bit freaked out by the idea, but would like to try the challenge. I have a training session on Friday. In the end, even if I decide not to to continue, I've lost nothing, and the cost of starting is still a bargain in the sense I will have a kit worth a lot more than what I paid for it...

So....if anybody is interested in Mary Kay...let me know ;)

I have to go out soon so I'll leave it here.
Life is definitely not what I expected for this season!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yay!!! We have ordered our bridesmaid dresses!!! Finally! :) :) :)
Now we can move up the "To Do List" ;) It's so good knowing both girls are happy, and I'm happy too:) Now we can properly choose our jewellery, based on our dresses! Oh, and shoes of course.

What else... we start marriage counselling on Thursday nite.
I went to a Mary Kay training night last night...Monday... it was quite enjoyable.
I was one of 4 guests who were used as examples of a party... the trainer did a mock session for the consultants to learn from. We did a basic facial, then a makeover. It was good seeing the other 3 ladies transform their looks ;) The only bad part was it was night time, so we couldn't get the most of our make overs because we had to take it off to go to bed! Oh well...it was a good experience.

I wasn't used to being in a room full of "girly-girls". Instead of feeling over-dressed, I felt under-dressed! But it was a good night. The lady who invited me is a director, and wants me to join them as a consultant... I initially said no....but having been to a training night and seeing that a once-a-week consultation could equal nearly a whole week's pay... it's quite tempting...and knowing Mary Kay Ash was a Christian who based her business on Christian foundations...

Which got me thinking... I've been wanting to change career...get a job where I can dress up instead of down... and did once consider being a make up consultant for ColesMyer, but realised I'd hate that environment... and although this job wouldn't use my qualifications, it would pay far better anyway... and I would no longer being cleaning so many dirty butts and having people accidentally spit food on my face... and I wouldn't need a shower after work...

So...IF I decided to go ahead, I will keep my current job, and see how I go... work a few days a week for the agency (and maintain all the above cons), and one or two days with MK...

Not sure what I will do yet. But the extra money is very tempting... (I think that's what the director wants me to go for... extra money for the wedding, and commission for her. A win-win deal).

Ok. that's enough for today!
I have a shoe excursion with mum on Friday, then on Saturday the bridesmaids and I are going on a jewellery and shoes excursion! Busy, busy, busy....but it's all fun! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Haha. Just happy I received my Mary Kay stuff!
Gotta run!
Ciao :p

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wedding Update

Ok, I said I'll write more, so now I am!
It has been an interesting time trying to get my sister to look at dresses, and find a dress both maids like... we found THE DRESS, then my sister was finally able to try it....and ended up liking a different one better.... and I have to admit I liked it better after seeing it on her... so my other maid went and tried it on...and we have a NEW THE DRESS!!! We will have to order soon.

We saw our florist and seem to have gotten a good deal.
We are starting marriage counselling next week with a couple from church...
David's mum is coming down from NSW this week because his grandparents are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary! That will be good, because we have only been able to keep her updated via phone. It will be good to SHOW her what we've done/booked etc.

I had a consultation with a Mary Kay rep this morning. We met at a bridal expo. She was really nice and professional. I previously thought Mary Kay wouldn't do bridal make up as well, but now I think more positively abt that... she also said they don't allow consultants to do bridal work unless they have significant experience, which is encouraging.
So I haven't actually decided if we will use her, but she is definitely on my list of possibilties!

What else... We've done more research for photos... looked into makeup... found the rings!! I forgot about that! We went to the Australian Diamond Company where David got my ring, and found the perfect band to match... but didn't buy anything on the day ;) He also found his style which was great ;)

I've been researching jewellery....and anybody who knows me well won't be surprised I keep going back to the more expensive tastes! But it's one day and we want to look and feel gorgeous, and wear the jewellery again....so why not get something glamorous ;) Plus I'm the one paying, so it doesn't matter ;) hehe!

Ok, I think that's enough for now... Until the next chapter ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wedding Plans...

Somebody asked abt the wedding plans...everything is going well:) Will write more later!

Friday, April 4, 2008

News report on yesterday's stabbing


Two charged after man stabbed by bank
Friday Apr 4 07:21 AEDT
Two men have been charged with attempted murder after a man was stabbed following a fight outside a bank in Melbourne's north-west.
The 30-year-old victim suffered two stab wounds to the upper and lower body after being attacked while sitting in his car outside the National Australia Bank branch on Main Road East, St Albans, around 2.40pm (AEDT) on Thursday.
He was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with the life threatening injuries and remains in a stable condition.
Staff and customers were locked inside the bank while police attended the incident.
Two men aged 50 and 24 have been remanded to appear before Melbourne Magistrates' Court later on Friday.
©AAP 2008

I finished work at 3 only down the road...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Ramble

I wanted to fall asleep at work today... at the end of the day the coordinator asked if I wanted her to sign my time sheet...I'd completely forgotten to fill it out!! I was having a blonde day...

I'm taking my sister out to dinner and bridesmaid dress hunting... if she likes this dress I have in mind, then we have our dress! My other bridesmaid and I have gone all over town looking for the right dress...it's been fun! But now it's crunch time ;) Hopefully my sister will love the dress, then we can order them in the colour I want! I have even tried on this dress...David liked it- he encouraged me to try some on one day while we were shopping. I tried on 3 and loved this one. So did my other bridesmaid when she went on her own.

Ok, Previously sleepy blonde signing off!


It's a bit sad when you have to take a detour on the way home from work and have NO IDEA why.... no news on the car radio... nothing on tv when you arrive home...and then your parents walk in the door within an hour of each other and know EXACTLY why...and they were nowhere near it!

Well, about hour after leaving work and being caught in a traffic jam and crazy drivers trying to take unexpected detours (there were no detours in place, so people were turning down any road that wasn't blocked!)... because a police car was sitting in the middle of the road, blocking something, I discovered I was working only blocks away from a stabbing outside a bank!

I guess it's better not to know you're so close to a horrible crime... at least the detour wasn't too long. It's just hard when it is so close to a notably dangerous railway crossing. Cars were only noticing the road block as they were reaching the crossing...so some people were forced to stop in dangerous positions (ie, on the railway track while the traffic lights were green), while cars tried to figure out where to go! Craaaazy!!!! That intersection is horrible at the best of times!

Normally I avoid it, but because it's still school holidays I went that way because it's shorter and there is supposedly less traffic during the holidays... Normally I take the long way because there is no congestion around the railway crossing. Oh well.