Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Are you a Lion or a Mouse?

I know this story is a cute fable, but sometimes I wonder how many people actually see themselves in this fable...

Some days we feel like the lion, some days the mouse... but in the end... both have a purpose! The Lion, in his weakness, needed the 'weak' mouse to rescue him. The lion is supposed to be the King of the control... no fear... and the mouse is seen as a rodent... useless, small, ugly... they are both creatures God created.

Actually, I come across many people in my line of work, who seem like the annoying mouse...but when I see them as God sees them, I feel I'm not allowed to see them that way. That I need to respect them more, even if I don't think they deserve it.

Basically, if you feel like the lion, you may find yourself needing the help of the mouse one day... (or many), and if you feel like the mouse...don't believe you are a useless creature... this mouse was the hero of the story! I miss you?

I don't know why...but I have the urge to be in London right now...

Maybe it's because I have soul ties there and I'm remembering how I felt when I was at the Highbury Centre... remembering the people I met and how their lives have changed since returning home... missing the adventure maybe... There is definitely something special about the Highbury Centre. It's not modern, but it's special. I would really love to return to those cute, homely rooms... and the stories the building holds of the travellers and ministers....the hustle and bustle of many thousands of people who have entered the building since it opened...

I wonder if anything special is going on there right now that my spirit is connecting with... definitely not Princess Diana... still, even though I didn't feel a connection there like I did the other countries, something is drawing my attention back...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Job Interview Update

Well, I was unsuccessful with this job. they say, you have to be in it to win it.
Now I can say I HAVE tried :)

I'm fed up with working below my qualifications... no idea what God has in mind, but obviously this wasn't it. This may sound silly, but my aim is to get a job that forces me to repay my HECS debt (government funded university place). Right now I'm just working, and the tax office can't make me pay because I don't earn enough...yet!

The way I'm going, I could happily be an over-educated stay-at-home mum! :p
(but not really... I do want a better job)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Wheat Bag Blues

Hello again!

I have unfortunately discovered the JOYS of a wheat bag! It was a freeeeeeeeezing night the night before last... Sat nite... then Sunday morning David & I both rocked up to church with sore necks from sleeping wrong... (too cold)

This morning I woke up feeling heaps better...and as I was telling mum my plans for the day...first to go to the gym... I stretched my arms (as you generally do in the mornings!) and CRRRUUNCH.... OWWWW!!!! Well, I didn't make it to the gym! My neck decided to rebel, and I couldn't drive if I wanted to... so now I'm loving the wheat bag :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Koorong 15% off sale!

Just for those who love Koorong and don't know (which is difficult to comprehend, but nevertheless :p...)

Koorong Sale: 15% off "Everything in stock"
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Small World!

Today I worked with a lady who had the surname of my grade prep-grade2 best friend... so I asked if she knew the friend... and discovered she was the friend's aunty!!!

Amazing who you meet! I haven't seen this girl in 20yrs (after I moved to the country in '87) and apparently she lives in Epping again!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Politicians's my quick "thought for the day"...

To look better and gain more votes, one politician will be determined to accuse and attack the other party of abusing the tax payer ...while secretly thinking, "I'd do the same thing in their position"...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baby Rachael

The theme of “baby/child killers” is back in the news… this time the father who bashed his daughter to the point of death (‘accidentally’) has been sentenced to a further few years of jail. I think he was originally sentenced to 8yrs, now he has 11yrs.

People are so adamant to point the finger and accuse this man for being such a horrible human being… they are determined to not only see him behind bars… but put away for a long time. And see “justice”. The main theme of the media and people's reactions is that he is a bad person who has no heart. They seem to deliberately forget he is a Person. He was sentenced to jail...months ago, and has been in custody for already more than a year... but no, that was not enough. Now he has been re-sentenced to "set a new standard" that child killers must be severely punished.

Please don't think I support his actions... it's just harder when you know the person...

But what about the child’s mother????

Does anybody care about her?
It seems the media are too busy pointing the finger to consider the whole picture...

This particular man who has been in the papers was somebody I knew. His wife was the best friend of my brother’s ex girlfriend. She is beautiful and so young…

Does anybody care that she has been hurt too?

Does anybody care that she has just been robbed of the best years of her 20’s?
Do they care that she has to live through the emotions of what her husband has done too?
They don't seem to care that this girl has been robbed of seeing her baby grow up... and now her husband is gone. Not gone for good, but behind bars. She has to deal with all this...

Do they care or do they just want to judge. Nobody knows the full story. Nobody knows both sides of the story like they do. I am not condoning what he did. He is paying for his actions, but he is only one part of the puzzle.

This young, beautiful girl has been wronged, and she has a future ahead of her. I just pray she is able to enjoy the rest of her 20’s despite what has happened, and despite the that she won’t be sharing it freely with her husband. He was a nice guy…I guess nice guys can make deadly mistakes too…

I never saw baby Rachael at close distance, but people told me she was a really beautiful baby. My mum particularly said she was soooo beautiful.

We don’t know why God allowed such a tragedy, but he did. I pray they both come out of this better people…

Monday, June 11, 2007


By the way... I LOVE MY SUIT!!!!! Hahahaha!

It's amazing how you are treated depending on the clothes you wear. I have walked into a shop in my "work" clothes (no fuss, prepared to be dirtied or wrecked and washed repeatedly) and been treated like "just another person", and the next day I've walked into the same shop in my "me" clothes (a lot nicer) and suddenly I'm somebody of value. It's sad really.

One day I can walk into a shop and be ignored because I don't look 'rich' enough, or look like I present myself well enough. The next day I am given star treatment because I can wear anything I like. When I'm working I don't feel 100% me, but if I DID, I would be wearing clothes I would be stressing about ruining! So I just have to present myself the best I can under the circumstances, and expect to be treated differently!

And whenever I wear a suit...well, I understand the term, "Power Suit"! haha!

Busy Friday!

Ok, now I can blurt it out! :p

I had a job interview on Friday! It was a 4hour Group Assessment, and I am now waiting to see if I have made it to the next and final phase!

It was definitely an experience. I was in a group of 3, all the other groups had 4 people, and we rotated between different activities/assessments.

We did Behavioural Interviews (1:1 in separate cubicles), Role Play and Written Case Study exercise, and a computer Aptitude Test. 45minutes staring at a computer screen, thinking under pressure!

Well, now it's over, and all I can do is leave it in God's hands :) If all goes well, I'll be having a Panel Interview then a job offer :) (place in a graduate program)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Beyond the hill?

I have a busy week ahead of me!
I'll tell you about it all after it is over :)

Hopefully this is the beginning of wonderful new things in my life! :)

I can see the top of the hill, but am yet to discover what lies beyond :)

Receptionist's Funeral

Because somebody asked, I'll write about today ;)

I was one of about 6 casuals running the joint, while the permanent staff all went to the funeral. They said it was very nice and well done. One person said it was "Very Tradional Catholic".

I forgot to ask to see somebody's 'program' before I left! Hopefully somebody will leave one on the lunch table so I can see it tomorrow ;)

Nobody expected this man to die, and it was really nice to see basically ALL the staff from the building went to his funeral. My observations were that they didn't talk as much when he came into the lunch room, but they always acknowledged him. He was like part of the furniture. Part of the essence of the building in a sense... so I guess even though it wasn't obvious they respected and valued him, today showed they did. It's sad that we often forget to SHOW people we value them and their work, and then it's too late.

I don't feel 'bad' about his he is in a better place... but it is very sad...