Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cocoon Phases

Recently, I was sharing about life with one of my mentors, and she suggested I'm going through a cocoon phase.. and it got me thinking... how many cocoons does one generally encounter in a lifetime... I know I've pushed out of cocoons was tough...but the end results were well worth the effort! I don't think there is a definite answer because each person is different...but the fact we go through these phases means we're still living and breathing...we haven't given up. We continue to move forward.

I only look back when I want to see how far I have come. I never stay in the past, because that belongs in the past! I'm not that person any more :) I've closed the doors to past I look through the windows when I want to compare and reflect. I don't look long because I'm not that person any more. I can now see where I have been through each phase of breaking out of the cocoon.

I was recently reminded (by somebody who has no idea!) of where I was 10-12 years ago. I found myself at the bottom of a pit. I didn't know how I ended up in a position where I could be pushed, but I was pushed. If I had any idea that I was walking too close to the edge, I would have walked away. But I was not given that chance. Instead, I found myself pushed into a place I did not want to be.

That brought me on a detour in my journey, but looking back, it was kind of a blessing because I grew as a person. Instead of being angry at God, I drew closer to him. I gained more life experience, was able to relate to others better...was able to experience JOY in a new light. What tried to destroy me, only made me stronger.

So, now as I look back to that door, I have no feelings towards it. I have no intention of returning. In fact, I handed over that key to God long ago. The only way for that door to open is if HE wills it open. So I trust in His wisdom. Believe me, there have been many times I've looked through the window near that door, or had 'slips of paper' pushed under the door...and I've wanted to open it just a crack...but I knew that was wrong. God has allowed me to see glimpses through the window, and I am encouraged that there seems to be life on the other side. I hope that window always shows good things. But, I don't need to see through it. There is a different journey on the other side of that door. It is not my journey, so I don't need to be concerned by it.

Now I'm looking towards a new of pushing through this current cocoon...and finding the answers to the many questions I have...I feel as though there is a new door for me, but I am not yet ready to see it. When it does come, I will know :) I'll "keep pressing towards the goal that lies before me.." (whatever that goal is!)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elijah Generation

I'd like to share something I read on Facebook...quoted from John Filler via the Elijah House USA page,

It came from my good friend Kerry Knorr. I just had to agree. For those of you who are in their 30's, especially those we know and love, please hear our hearts and see the big picture without you.TUESDAY'S POST:The Elijah Generation was foretold in the early 70's, were born in the late 70's and are in their 30's now. A whole bunch of them are hiding in Obadiah's cave (1Ki.18) eating scraps from Ahab's table. Guys! Go get a testosterone shot if you need to - but build an alter! Make a place in your life for fire from heaven! The god who answers by fire - he is God.
  I don't believe I've been in Obadiah's cave, but I sure know I am part of this Elijah Generation!
I almost just scraped in, but I have no doubt of my calling. I have been feeling this stirring for some time...and I have been encouraged to do something about it. Even been encouraged to speak to people who recognise my gifts who will build me up when I need it. I've been drawn to, led to people who have encouraged me greatly in the simplest ways.

One amazing thing is that others who are not in close proximity to me have been recognising my gifts and trying to encourage me to use them in greater ways. I am grateful for these people. Sometimes I feel their suggestions are great, but the timing is wrong... but the fact they are seeing areas where I can be used and wanting me to be there with them....that is so encouraging.
In a sense, it's like God is using 'outside' people to tell me that HE is listening. HE sees my life and what is going on around me... and he continues to remind me that yes, I was created for greater things. I still don't know WHAT or HOW or even WHERE....I just know there is SOMETHING. So I am encouraged to just continue on the journey, and listen to him. I have always known I was born with purpose. I'm just waiting for him to show me more... bring on the fire from heaven! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Armour of God


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pink Elephants

Lord, I pray you reveal the pink elephants before they destroy the room...