Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, I offically go back on-call next week... and I might be going full time in the not too distant future :) I'm trying to add an extra day to my work week every fortnight, and hopefully every week soon. I just have to make sure I get enough sleep! Otherwise I feel like a zombie :p

Yes, I am getting better :) :) :) This has been a challenging year, but I'm marching through it! :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Slowly Overcoming Fatigue!

I just wanted to share that I worked my FIRST 4 day week since I was sick! :) AND I SURVIVED!!! Without Berocca...I either lost the last pack I had, or used it up and forgot... haha!

I've been working only 3 day weeks since glandular fever (6-7 months)...until this week! YAY!!!!
I only have one week left of my contract...then back to on-call...yuck... oh well. At least I still have a job :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hi all. Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who sent birthday messages! I have had such a busy weekend I haven't managed to reply to them all... so know I really appreciate all the nice thoughts :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Veil Prices are so over-rated!

I'm going to bed, but before my brain switches off completely....
I'm NOT PAYING AU$300 FOR A VEIL!!!!!!!!!!! ;p
I went to check out the Mariana Hardwick warehouse sale today... and asked if they have veils...
yes....but I'm not paying $300 for something I can pay $60-$65 FULL PRICE elsewhere!
Even their "cheap" dresses were over $2000 each!!!

Just makes me excited about how much I DIDN'T pay for my off-the-rack dress! It doesn't have as much sparkle, but it has enough :) I can't justify paying thousands of dollars for sparkles ;)

It also gave me an excuse to return my bracelet I picked up last week...after I came home I noticed a scratch in one diamonte...I was prepared to live with it because most people wouldn't notice...but I was in the area today and brought it in...and they replaced the diamonte on the spot! Free of charge! They do have a warranty...and it was scratched when I bought it, so I know I didn't scratch it. We had to order our jewellery because each piece is made to order, and apart from this small scratch, I'm extremely happy with it!

Oh, I have been offered many veils to borrow...but each one is either ivory or off-white. I need WHITE. But that's ok. It's nice to receive the offers :)


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Some days, when I look back on life, Anne of Green Gables gets into my head, and I hear her solemnly say, "Why do people have to grow up?"

But that's life... people change... people make choices... people disappear... people return... but in the end, we all have to grow up and get out of the box of the "good old days" - because none of us would fit anymore! But it can be sad when you think about some of the choices people have made... but that's their life. We all make choices. We all "have to grow up" :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's ALREADY July!?!?!?!

Hahaha! I can't believe's already July! Thanks Mike (Finishing Well) for imprinting the thought in my mind when I mentioned our wedding will be in October... "It will be here before you know it!" hahaha! You're right! It's not here yet, but it's COMING!!!!

But that's ok ;) We have most things worked out.
My dress is too big! Yay! I put on weight after being too sick to exercise but not too sick to eat, so when I bought my dress is was a snug-perfect fit, and I told them I would lose weight...and I have! Yay!

We're picking up our jewellery tomorrow. My maids and I had a nice afternoon together choosing sets about 2-3 weeks ago. They chose the same sets, and I have a different set. It's all butterfly themed! :p

We're having a little trouble with the cake...that's something else we need to do tomorrow... get back to the people who were supposed to call when they had the brochure to choose the decorations from... if it continues to be an issue, we might just order the cake and organise our own decorations!

The only thing that's really bothering me right shoes! I've tried $260 pairs and $35 pairs, and am extremely disappointed that the cheap, nasty, synthetic shoes feel much better than the expenesive leather ones... so that will save me money. I just need to keep looking for the right pair! I normally avoid synthetic shoes...but in this case I might just give in... there's still time! David's mum suggested waiting until after the mid-year sales, and I think that is wise advice...

Ok, I must be going.
The wedding is going well, but I'm fed up with being sick! Glandular fever is really not a friend to love... it seems at work, I caught a cold from a client, started to get better, then another client came in sick... so my immune system was struggling to keep up! When was the end of one cold and the beginning of the other, or did it even end, or they just merged.... so I have a week off now!:) Time to give my body a rest! Literally everybody at work was getting sick, so it's not the environment to be in right now...but everybody has a week off, so I decided to take it too. The other option was to go back on-call...but I've been pushing myself just to keep going these last 2 I deserve a break :) I couldn't get out of bed for church last Sunday, and was later miserable company for David, who treats me so well.... some days I don't know how he can stay so nice when I have nothing to give but misery... he's the BEST!

In a sense this year has been a challenge...getting so sick, and planning a I need to ensure I make it to the altar in good health!