Thursday, February 21, 2008

David and Robyn

Somebody asked what David looks like... This is not the best picture, but I can't find the better ones at the moment! This was taken at our engagement party(family only) - we were really tired by then...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Intercessor Ramblings

Ever wondered why intercessors are so good at perceiving and seeing things for others....they know all the answers and the exact prayers to pray...but then when it is they who need help, they forget to fight the battle....but it is no problem to fight other peoples' battles...

Its like a psychologist who knows the answers to everybody else's problems...but can't see, or refuse to believe the answers can work for them too...


Friday, February 8, 2008

Feb is looking brighter!

I picked up my wedding dress yesterday!!!!

It was the very first one I tried on... I actually went in planning on buying a different one, but it had sold th previous day...which was a wonderful thing! It was ivory. When I tried a similar one on it felt like God thumped me on the head and said, VERY clearly, "NO IVORY!!"

So I bought the nice white one! :)

Every time I even looked at an ivory dress after the conviction, I couldn't stand it! Haha! It's an "Off the rack sample" - meaning I saved $1,000!!! :) :) :) A middle-aged man served me and he was so good. Old fashioned service. He told me NOT to buy anything the first day I went because that was the first shop I went to. After seeing the prices of other shops, I just HAD to get this one! If I didn't I'd end up wishing I could have a $3,000 dress but not being prepared to PAY for it! So I was glad this one was still on the rack a week after I tried it on! It was in my price range:) I love a bargain!!!

Went back to work this week...for the 2nd time! The first time I worked 3 days and ended up back at the body decided to re-react to the wrongly prescribed medication! So another week in pain (swollen legs), and itching like crazy...after a week I FINALLY STOPPED waking at the "Itching hour" between 2-3am... I was addicted to calamine lotion for a week! The night I returned home from the doctor my whole body swelled up! I think I have a small understanding of what Botox would feel like! Haha! My lips felt really yuck! All I could do was relax and just WAIT for the rash/reaction to run it's course (AGAIN!) and disappear on it's own.

The doctor actually said, "Who was the idiot who made you take that and waste your money?!?!" So in effect, I spent more time off work dealing with the REACTIONS to the wrong medication than I did actually being sick! NEVER returning to that clinic!!!