Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Reading... Crossing Over

I have begun and bought many books in the last month... and I have finished 2! (& begun more!)
The latest book I've finished: Crossing Over by Paul Scanlon.
This book is more about a church 'crossing over' from being old and stale, to a new and relevant church. He speaks about the different ways people react, how you will definitely find people who refuse to support you, and how you find those who surprisingly support you. It's all about change for a greater purpose.

For me, this book was more about my life, not the church. Yes, our church is going through many changes...we have new ministers who are doing an amazing job of moving the church forward, but naturally, this brings about change. There are many reactions to change...and it has been an interesting journey.

One analogy I liked was that of Onan and Tamar in the bible. Onan refused to obey the 'rules of the day'. He obeyed as far as marrying his widowed sister-in-law, Tamar, but refused to give her a child to keep the family name going. This was a cultural no-no. It could bring ridicule to the family line.
He appeared to be doing the right thing, but when nobody was looking, he 'threw away the seed', making it impossible for Tamar to have a child.

The Tamars, on the other hand, do the right thing, both behind the scenes and in public.
These are the people who 'search for God wherever he is'. They don't need somebody to tell them what is right, they know, and they seek it out for themselves.

If nothing else, the main thing I gained from this book is that I want to be a Tamar. I want to continue to seek God where he leads me... to follow and fulfil my calling... to keep moving forward... to follow the prompts even when my flesh doesn't agree with my spirit... to just keep moving forward :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Contrasts in work days

Just thinking about my lovely Friday...and how completely different other days can be!
I speak about my gorgeous clients...and on another day I find myself on a completely different playing field...

I have already mentioned I work with different groups of clients... would you believe I also work with people who would have no concern if they threw us against walls or punched us because they were angry at something unrelated to us? They sometimes even laugh about it. The joys of variety!

Just this week we had somebody go into "attack mode". I was on my lunch break during the worst of it, but I still had to deal with it. Those are the days you keep your hair tied up - because one person will rip it out of your head if they were in that kind of mood... and will push you against a wall if you're in their way... I could tell you some horror stories! Some people couldn't care less if they constantly screamed in your ear or yelled at you because you weren't waiting on them hand and foot - because you have others who are quiet and patient who need your assistance.

So yes, there is much variety in my week! I only work with this group once a week. Of course, there are lovely people in that group...but the one difficult one makes it hard. When they are in a good mood, we have a wonderful day. This is definitely a "least of these" kind of thing!

It's so true...when you look for the good in something you will find it. Sometimes you just have to filter through the various levels of bad to find the good... but it is there!

Monday, July 22, 2013


I recently had a birthday. It's funny how as you get older, gifts are nice, but you don't really care so much about gifts than friendship.

Each year, I find the meaning of a "special day" more real. In the past I used to get through a birthday, and people didn't really notice - because I enjoyed flying under the radar...  I didn't go out of my way to tell people... and I also didn't want to be expected to eat cake! haha! As somebody said to me, these days, with Facebook, texts, email, etc, birthdays seem more special - because more people take notice and send you a nice greeting. They make you feel like you matter :)

It seems the more birthdays I have at work, the more joy I get out of knowing that people know I care.
I work with a few different groups of people with disabilities. One group is my higher functioning group - the more independent group who have mild intellectual disabilities. Last birthday they made a fuss over me....

This year I was working with a higher needs group on my birthday. The other group see me in passing on that day. They knew it was my birthday...they made sure everybody else knew too!!!
They (with the help and inclusion of some other staff) bought me flowers and signed a card for me.
I remember returning from driving a bus-load of men in wheelchairs to a venue and seeing flowers on the table with a card that had my name on it. I was unsure whether I was supposed to find them, so I left them and went to assist a lady with lunch...

Next thing I know, a few of my higher clients are standing in the looking concerned... so I asked her if she was ok...she was a little distressed because the other staff hadn't returned from another room yet.... that's when I knew it was their doing! I pretended I hadn't seen the flowers and went back to meal assisting.

Then suddenly the WHOLE group was in the doorway, and one man said, "We have a surprise!" and lo and behold...the flowers were handed to me, followed by a loud rendition of "Happy Birthday". They caused such a beautifully loud commotion, all the other people in the room were excited and happy!

So, as much as I know these guys care about me... it is so nice and heart warming when they go out of their way to make sure you know they care about you as much as you care about them.

Sometimes it is "the least of these" that really make your day! It makes you feel that what you do does make a difference to their lives.
I love these guys so much...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hunger for knowledge Pt 2

I finished the book! (and started more....I seriously have a pile of books, all started, none finished that I keep going back to! I counted about 10 the other day!!)

What a week this has been! The book I finished was "Escaping the Cauldron" by Kristine McGuire. What an interesting, down to earth read. Such a genuine, honest writer. I loved her chat-over-coffee style of writing.

Anyway, I won't go too deeply into that today - but if you have an interest, I would definitely recommend it!

This week has been awesome... I have had some time off work...which has gone way too fast, but I've had some catch ups with some amazing ladies who really encourage me. They are the gems in my life. My mentors, my encouragers, my sisters... Yesterday I felt like I made an investment of time.
I hardly spent any time at home, and I went from one shopping centre, to another, to catch up with 2 friends.

Sometimes you just need that. The people who make you feel you've made an investment. They don't drain you. They encourage you. They drop gems into your heart. They fertilise your seeds and water the seedlings...and make sure there are no weeds in the garden... if that makes sense! They encourage you to sow more keep watering the garden and make sure the soil is right.

I don't know if this makes any sense to you, but I am a visual thinker. I love thinking in pictures. Sometimes when I can't think of the words, I can see the picture.

There are many wonderful people in my life. If you are reading this, and I know you personally, consider yourself in this group :) 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hunger for knowledge

I love to read. If I had more time I would read more books... but I am not here to just read books.
Over the last few days I have entered one of my "Hunger Zones" - where I just want to read so many books, that the thought is almost overwhelming... because I am just 'hungry' for more knowledge.

So far I have 3 books I am drawn to. One I began last night and am 1/4 of the way through. Another I began about a week ago and am also 1/4 through... and another I just keep flipping through when I don't feel I have enough time or brain space to keep reading thoroughly.

I am the type of person who can begin reading up to 10 books, with bookmarks...and I go to whichever book I am in the mood to read. I don't necessarily finish the books in order of when I began reading them.
Although I do believe I will finish this one particular book either today or tomorrow....or at worst by the end of the week!

I was given a prophesy that sparked my interest... and the more I read, even just the blurbs and skimming through the books, the hungrier I became.

I am feeling extremely hungry for knowledge...but sometimes it feels like I want to read ALL the books RIGHT NOW! But you can't eat a 3 course meal in one mouthful.

Here's to a wonderful meal of words :)