Saturday, March 7, 2009

March already!?! Earth Tremour

Wow...obviously I have a life and have been too busy to blog...or at least I hope that's what you think! :p Haha! I have been busy I've had to cut back on some commitments...

Well, this is just a "yes, I'm still alive" post.
One piece of news...last night our house shook from an earth tremour!
I've never experienced that before.

David said his computer desk and monitor shook, and I was watching tv and the couch shook... and the outside blinds on the windows rattled crazily like the wind was attacking them... Initially we both thought I'd stuffed up the washing machine, but no :) It was just a tremour. It only lasted about 10-30seconds, but it was unexpected and strange.

The news has reported people being scared... I wasn't scared. I was just a bit confused until I realised what it was. It started in Korrumburra - a few hours away!
So, that's a bit of excitement for March :p