Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 Days??

Yikes! It's a bit scary when the Daisy Counter is onto DAYS! hahaha!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wedding - Things That Have Gone Wrong!!!

What a crazy time...
I had my dress altered and was able to pick it up today.
We discovered the dress maker pulled it in abt ONE INCH too much!! So now they have to fix it AGAIN and I have to to go back into the city on Monday to pick it up AGAIN!

The back did up, but there's no way I could wear it for more than half an hour! It was like in The Pirates of the Caribbean... where Elizabeth has the corset that sucks the life out of her... pretty sad. Espcially since I've had the dress all year and it only required a little alteration. It didn't even need a corset or any special underwear. Oh well. Will be praying it is perfect on Monday!

Also...I went to have my ring cleaned. Again I had to go into the city (I killed 2 birds with one stone). They cleaned it...gave it back. It looked ok, but not brilliant. I walked out...and after taking it off and having a closer look, saw LOTS of scum still under the diamonds! I was NOT impressed. I walked back in and asked them to do it again! It still doesn't look fantastic...but it's better than I could do... but the first time I was sure I could do better! Stupid people. If they offer a service they should provide it properly! I could give them a bad name if I wanted to ;) There was only 1 couple in the store so it wasn't like they were too busy. I've always been there when there have been at least 5 couples!

So... that was the joy of my Friday... haha! Not happy abt the dress, but what can I do.
Not happy about the ring, but I'm not going back just for a clean.
Just silly things to tell the kids later!
Times of testing... I'm sure it will all work out, even if things are disappointing me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

October Update

Oh has been a while since my last post, hasn't it!!!

It's funny when your last post says you need to look for a new wedding cake...and you've already well and truly covered that...and more! haha!

Yes, I've been very busy. Too busy to blog.
The wedding 'crisis' was a blessing in disguise!

We revisited Eiffel Tower for our cake, and got a great deal! Over $100 off the original quote of January! We were even able to choose 3 tiers at a reasonable price, instead of just accepting the 2 tiers to save money :) AND it is cheaper than the cake that fell through, AND includes delivery! :)

Across the road was a hire factory, so we found some hire items for the ceremony :)
The only problem is we will have to pick them up and return them. At least it's not too far away. Abt car...

I had my dress alterations organised today! I can pick up my dress on Friday :) (even though it's been hanging in my house since the end of January!)

We've done so much! I am actually beginning to feel like I have a huge essay due in less than 2 weeks, and even though I've done a lot of work, I still need to do MORE! But as with an essay, the due date will come, and that will be that. You reach the point where there is no more you can do, except enjoy that fact you have submitted the essay. So we can do all we can in the next week, then just enjoy the fruits of our planning, knowing we did our best within the timeframe:)

David suggested I finish work a week earlier than planned because I was getting sick too often at work. It was like clients and staff were playing 'catch' with colds and gastro etc. After taking nearly 2 months to get over a cold (or what felt like one cold that would try to end, and another would begin and not let it end! THEN ANOTHER would enter...etc. Not fun!) it just didn't feel worth continuing work just for the money when my health needed attention. Glandular fever seems to make colds linger in your system longer than you're used to...but colds do eventually leave. Just not in the time you would like!

So for my health's sake, I finished work, and I have to admit, I've felt the best I have in a while :)
I thought I was finally over the glandular fever, but I think I got over-excited and it hit me again! Not the fever, but my immune system wasn't nice to me, and I was feeling fatigued again.

Oh well. Not long now... I am trying hard not to over-do it while running around with last minute wedding things!