Sunday, December 29, 2013

December thoughts

Wow... where did December go? Where did the year go?? I did eventually get into the Christmas spirit... and I must say how amazed I was to see and feel that people generally picked up on the spirit of joy & goodwill, etc. Initially I was disappointed that people were showing much selfishness and anger towards others...on the road, in car parks, in the shops...then I was pleasantly surprised by the change...there was a real joy in the air, everywhere I went! It was awesome :) Christmas was an interesting time. Happy memories and many changes. It was a good time. I never expected to say this, but I am looking forward to the end of this season....and the beginning of a new year. Much has happened this year...many changes. I expect more changes in the new year, but different changes. I am looking forward to closing the door of 2013 behind me, and walking through the door of 2014. I know it holds great things - some things were not available until we lived through 2013. Now it's time to take hold of the new :) A new season is about to begin, and I'm ready!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Sometimes life is just frustrating. You do the best you can and for some it is exactly right, for others it's completely wrong! I'm so fed up with trying to do things to the best of my ability and being attacked by somebody who hasn't been through the issue, for not dealing with it right. What else am I supposed to do?

I am supposed to forgive and forget... show grace when I want to show anger... let it go... get over it.
In the end, I can't say I didn't try my best. If it's not good enough for somebody else, it doesn't mean it's not good enough :) I can only use my own 'bag of tricks'. Maybe their bag has a better method, but it's not in my bag. I do the best with what I have. I am accountable to God. He knows I try! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas spirit...

It's December! Only 2.5 weeks left to work...and I have no interest in putting up the Christmas tree... This is strange... maybe I'm just too busy to care about the non-necessary things... it's a bit sad, because I honestly don't care if I have a tree up or not... it's also summer and I've had enough of the heat...
Maybe I'll catch the Christmas spirit soon ;)