Monday, February 26, 2007

Good Italian movies

Here are 2 Italian movies I did enjoy!
Everybody should have heard of "La Vita e Bella" - or "Life is Beautiful".
This movie has a beautiful's creative and artistic. It's sad and happy, imaginative yet real... it's overall a masterpiece.
"Cinema Paradiso" is about 10years older. I remember watching this on sbs (foreign television channel) with my mum a few times during my childhood. My mum really gave me an appreciation for well-crafted Italian movies. This one, although I don't really remember the whole story, was also beautifully created. I have never forgotten how much I loved it.
Both these movies are better subtitled. Why go for lose the "Italian flavour" and animation of the voices. Even though it's easier to listen than read, I find dubbing an Italian is robbing the viewers of their full Italian experience ;)

Under the Tuscan Sun

While I was in Italy, people kept telling me to see this movie. That I'll love it! And most of all, I will see the places in the movie that I have visited.
Well... I enjoyed about 5% of this movie. It took me 2 sittings to watch because I found it boring and just too obsessed with the wrong things. (Plus I was sick).
HOWEVER...I did love the scenery...Tuscany... Positano... I found this part of Italy my favourite when I was there. I would definitely return to this region if I was given the chance.
And some of the characters were funny. The Italian ones of course!

Overall, I wouldn't watch this movie again. I didn't enjoy the storyline, but the setting and the Italians were great. I have to admit I did laugh at a few scenes :p
The most memorable part... when a young girl started speaking Italian soooooo fast because she was upset, and mum said, "I can't believe I understand everything she's saying!" THAT was funny! So I made her rewind it and translate for me! :p hehe! I understood a little (un poco), but it was too fast for me!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

to wrap up the week...

I realised why I was so agitated and grumpy yesterday... I was getting sick!

Last night I was woken too many times by neighbours who made so much noise I couldn't sleep...every time I was about ready to drop off, they'd make some sudden noise and keep me awake... 1am a kid starts banging banging banging his window, calling the other kid's name... and then the grandma comes and starts screaming at them... they're HORRID! But not when they talk to you. They're pleasant enough, but at night they forget there are other people surrounding their world...people who are fed up with being woken at stupid hours of the morning! They are Turkish... very LOUD family!

So my exciting Saturday, beginning with a gym workout was gatecrashed by a cold! I went to bed with a stuffy head and runny nose... woke up not much better... David bought me some 'drugs' which I normally wouldn't take, but they did seem to help. Normally I'd just put up with being sick and let it run its course... he's turning me towards drugs :p Oh well. It's nice to be looked after when you'd love to be knocked out so you can sleep the weekend away forgetting how bad you feel...haha....

That's what happens when you put your body through shift work and not having time to eat properly!

Gotta go. Bed is looking like a nice place right now...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Night Ramble

I just finished this post, and the computer stuffed up and I lost everything!!!! :(

Oh well...I'm just glad it's Friday and I don't have to work tomorrow :) This is the first morning this week where I didn't have to wake up by 5.15am! :) I could sleep til 7....and then found it very difficult waking up! :p

My work week....

Tue: 6.30-9.30am, then a short notice shift 10.30am-1pm (they said 10am but I didn't make it! They were desperate for staff, so were happy to wait!)

Wed: 6.30-9.30am.

Thurs: 6.30-10.30am, then 11.30am-2.30pm (they wanted me to do a 3rd shift short notice! I said no because I was tired and not prepared to do 14hours with minimal breaks- driving up to half an hour between shifts with no breaks)

Fri: 9.30am-3pm in a Day Centre...with all cheeky staff AND clients! Was a great way to end the week:)

Now I'm home and ready for a relaxing night... I went out for dinner with David last night, which was great...I just didn't realise til this morning that I was so tired I literally crashed into bed and don't even remember pulling up the covers...

Ok, I'm going to find a nice quiet place and hopefully relax, ignoring the stressors in my world... including my horrible neighbours who seem to be getting ready for a party...after a week of adults and kids yelling, screaming and banging at hours of the night all kids should be in bed!

No more complaining! No I don't have a headache from all the noise surrounding me.... ;p Trying not to complain :p Trick myself that I'm in a peaceful place....

Punching Bag??

Mum just asked me if I want a punching bag... hmmmm... but no. Not quite that angry yet...

People just expect me to suddenly give them my undivided attention after I've told them I'm not ready to process...and I react negatively when they offload a lump of "words" I'm not mentally prepared to put together... Then they get angry with me because they don't understand me! All they need to do is leave me alone for 2 minutes so I can prepare myself to be bombarded!

I have the tv, people talking, people arguing, the air conditioner... etc all bursting my bubble of peace... I hate the chaos! It makes me edgy...

ok, where's that punching bag...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Perks of my job! :p

I was just going through my photo files and came across some absolutely beautiful pictures of my hands in the middle of a serious contact dermatitis flare up! :p

This is what happens when I use gloves too long at work ;) I've managed to stop it getting this bad since then :)

You're not jealous are you! :P Lol!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jacqui-E sale! :)

How awesome is this! The only shop I really liked at DFO yesterday was Jacqui E... and I decided that since what I liked was new and NOT on sale, I'd wait til I was closer to home... and today I received an email... 15% off FULL PRICED stock for VIP members!!! How cool! :) :) :)

Monday, February 19, 2007


I took a train into the city today.... mum drove me in MY car to the station then went off to work..

I checked out the new DFO in Spencer St... I felt like the staff had all been through a
"personality test" - where those with any personality were refused a position... and the same people kept getting in my way in nearly every shop I walked in to. What happened to the world!!! Even just shopping seems like a battle these days. But of course there were some personalities that somehow did slip into a position ;) Generally though, it wasn't a very nice place to be. I spent 2hours in there (couldn't believe it!) and bought absolutely NOTHING! I tried a few things on, but I couldn't find anything I liked enough to buy...actually I couldn't find anything I LIKED. Except the full-priced new season's stuff, so I decided I could find them closer to home so didn't bother ;)

People in the city are just so brutal! Walking on the footpath felt illegal because I was taking up too much space... a few peoples bags banged into me, but that wasn't their was just too hard to cross at the lights... you had to take any walking space available, and hope the person in front didn't stop suddenly...

Oh well. I heard this DFO wasn't very good, but I wanted to find out for myself ;) Moorabbin would be a better choice. Or even Essendon... but Moorabbin is the original and I ALWAYS find things to buy there, even though it takes a long time to drive there ;)

Now I'm home :) Icing my foot... but glad to be home :)

Oh! I caught a bus from the station and it was full of school kids... the funny thing is normally you'd expect them to be the annoying and rude people. They were really nice! One girl even moved so I could sit down. So the world isn't all bad :p

Friday, February 16, 2007

Trusting my Car...

As I write, my parents have just taken my BABY for a drive! The car I don't let just anybody drive... because mum's car's alternator went today, and she's taking mine for a drive, with dad (coincidental driving instructor! :p) to buy dinner... so she can test it out before driving it to work tomorrow morning... I love my baby... but she needs it more than me :) And I'd rather not get up early to get her to work by 7am on a Saturday morning :p

And Monday... I have the day off but she needs my car more than me... until 9.30pm! A good excuse to get back into cleaning my room! :p It's a never-ending task... the more you do, the less you feel you've done... :p

Vday dinner

Ok, Sam asked... we decided to try TGI Friday's... so we rocked up, saw a couple leaving annoyed by the waiting time... David went straight up to the staff and asked how long the wait would be... and they said 20-25mins... which these days is nothing! So we sat at the bar, and before we even had time to decide if we wanted a drink, our table was ready!

The 20-25min wait was only about 5mins! :)

So yes, we had a nice night... then went for a drive and did some train-spotting :p (don't ask!:p)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm going out to dinner :) No idea where yet... don't worry, we know everything is probably booked out, but surely there must be something to make an adventure out of not booking! Haha!


I had a doozie of a tailgater today!

Driving home from work, in the right lane, I was one of the fast cars (no idea why, I was under the limit) and in my rear view mirror I see some guy in a fancy Falcon coming closer, closer, closer... so I knew he would end up on my tail...and that he did! I don't think he could've gotten any closer...

so he sits on my tail... the car in front of me indicates to turn right... but his car won't quite fit in the turn lane, so I have to brake... hahahaha!!!!! The moron behind me honks his horn like it's my fault he's too close! I hade PLENTY of time to predict what was going to happen! :) It was either drive through the car turning, brake hard and get hit from behind or slow down calmly and get honked at coz he left his brain at home! hahahaha!!

Then...he dangerously speeds off, nearly losing control merging into the left lane and far into the distance!

I think he saw a girl in a cute hatch and decided I'd be fun to intimidate... didn't work! :p

Monday, February 12, 2007

"Silent Fool"

Just thinking about my behaviour with certain people recently... including the horrid lady who I decided wasn't worth speaking to... because any word I spoke just gave her more fuel to the fire, so I stood there, quietly looking like a fool because it would be a waste of breath to speak... and I had these quotes go through my mind :)

"It is better to remain silent and appear a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt" (not sure where this is from!)

Proverbs 29:11: A fool utters all his mind: but a wise man keeps it in till afterwards.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is look like a fool because your words are not worth their time or their blocked ears. In the end they are the fool for not listening ;)

Holiday update...

Ok...I'm procrastinating here... have a lot of things I should be doing, so will be quick...

But yes, I haven't started writing about my holiday yet... well not here anyway.

I should apologise to anybody who has looked here wondering if I've done it yet!

I look at my 900 photos and that's enough to freak me out about writing! Haha!
But yes, I have started, so I'll keep at it a little at a time, then eventually post it all here.

I've been very slow in terms of my holiday... took me long enough to print the photos... and now I have to settle enough to WRITE about it properly! I have bits and pieces but I want the WHOLE STORY....

Have an awesome day while I try to stop myself from procrastinating!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Elijah and Elisha

Isn't it amazing how somebody will mention something, and you end up reading where it came from...when you never even gave the topic 2 seconds of thought previously!

Well... I have been reading about Elijah and Jezebel... the most evil woman in the bible... and how she and her husband, king Aram (think correct spelling) were so evil in their ways they paid for it with their lives... but Aram eventually humbled himself and repented so God spared his life. Jezebel was eaten by dogs... yuck! But she got what she deserved... she had many (I think hundreds or thousands!) innocent men murdered to further her selfish cause.

But after all this... I kept reading and along comes Elisha! Elijah was the "in your face" prophet...who chose Elisha to take on the baton when he died... and Elisha was the compassionate one. Completely opposite in temperament! I thought that was interesting. One man is a confrontation-focused dude, who chooses a caring, 1:1 kind of dude to continue his work. And the BEST part... it worked! :)

I loved the part when Elijah approached Elisha, and Elisha just accepted the call with NO HESITATION! Except to say goodbye to his family. That is just not normal ;) But he KNEW his calling. I'm still reading, but I think this story, even though it's in the old testament, is an awesome one!

THANKS "LOUISE"!!!!! :) :) :)
P.S. I have always loved my butterfly shoes... they remind me of following God... the smaller butterfly is following the larger butterfly... a bit like Elijah and Elisha! Different in appearance, but following the same purpose. I had the shoes for a few months before I even took any notice of this. AND I went to the other side of town to get them! I called 6 different shoe shops who had run out... and eventually I found them at the distributor! :) Thanks Phil for making me make that ONE MORE phone call!!! I LOVE these shoes! :)


hehe... I'm stealing these from David :p Thanks :)

"If you hurry through life without giving God time, this world will seem like a hospital, a place to get sick and die. If you go through life with God, this world will seem like an inn, a place to stay while you're passing through".

"Worrying occurs when God is left out of the process..."

From the book, God in the Small Stuff.


Hellloooo chickens!!!!

What a funny day... for starters, I used my barrier cream!!! :)

Just thinking, it's been a week since "Horrid Friday" and since then I have been told so many times that the clients like me at other places.

Today I mealn assisted the same guy as yesterday... and yes he coughed on me again... AND another client was making him laugh, so he ended up laughing more than eating! It was actually funny... but frustrating at the same time.

THEN... after my lunch break I finished meal assisting a different person... AND she too couldn't stop laughing!!! So I ended up with TWO people's food decorating my clothes! But it was funny :p They are hilarious people, even though they can't really speak. They have great personalities.

One regular staff said a few times today, "Every time I see [person] with you they are laughing!" and "They all like you!"
So that was encouraging :)

It's Friday! I'm staying home tonight! :) I need more sleep and am not in the mood to party! :)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

When cetaphil doesn't work :p

Today at work I used vinyl gloves... even though I washed the powder off my hands between gloves, I could feel the allergy wanting to flare... but it didn't :) People suggest non-powdered gloves, but it makes no difference. I forgot to use my barrier cream!

Then at the gym... the air conditioner is never high enough these days... and my face burned up... same thing... what can you do apart from spray your face with water... bleh... a few hours later and it's still hot...

Yesterday my watch triggered my skin...

It's the weather... the heat and humidity are not my friends. I love winter :p

I also had food coughed in my face...but that's normal :p I was "meal assisting" a guy who has a "cough reflex" - so it's not his fault - I just became very quick at reacting to stop him getting me! :)

Also... when you meal assist...don't make them laugh as they take their first mouthful!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!! I never learn.... :p but it's nice that they are happy when you assist them :)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Warrior Princess!


Silly me... I FINALLY worked out how to print my photos... and sorted through them to find the ones to post to friends... organised the letters and envelopes... got to the post office...and realised... OOPS! I forgot to write down the address of the most important one! Oh well. At least I now have the envelope to post, and I posted the other 2 small envelopes with only a few photos.

Pauline and Warren...if you read this, your photos are on the way! I just have to bring your address with me next time! :s

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Cetaphil Plug

Hehe... I had to say something abt this awesome product! :p

Plus I wanted to nick a pic ;)
This is the most AWESOME skincare range on a budget. I used to like the more expensive stuff, but since being diagnosed with rosacea... I've discovered this is the BEST!!! The ingredients are very simple... and it's not too expensive. I love their moisturiser and even their soap - after washing washing washing my hands dry at work, this stuff is nice and gentle on my hands at home :) It just doesn't irritate in ANY way! :) :) :) WooHoo! :p

Ok, enough plug. I just LOVE this stuff! Who needs the expensive stuff when this makes you feel pampered ;)

Monday, February 5, 2007


Do you ever feel like people want you to say something, but you know the less you say the better... so I keep my mouth shut and remain silent, if for nothing else, to keep me from encouraging what is not good... people know the answers, but they don't seem to be able to grasp them... which is why I'd rather not fuel the fire... which also makes me look like a snob but it's better to let the fire burn out than to fan it...

Ministry Issues Overcome

I had a meeting with another leader this morning! All the issues of the past post have either been fixed up without the person realising they did anything, or we've chatted about them.

Things are looking good :)

In one area of my life I feel like a soldier under attack, and in another area I feel like I'm the soldier attacking... and when I'm under attack I know God sees me as the soldier worth fighting for... I don't fall down, but I do get hit pretty hard.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Yay!! I managed to upload a gorgoeus butterfly! :)
I love this one because it flies :)
Sometimes life seems like a butterfly... you either feel secure in the cocoon, are fighting your way out, or flying free... You finally feel like the struggle out is over, then you find yourself back in the cocoon for a new season... but it's always worth it in the end. You can't move forward until you've lived through the struggles, then you can fly free. Without the struggles, you wouldn't know what freedom was ;)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Horrid Feedback

Work just called offering me more shifts (good ones!) and I told them about my shift... they told me I shouldn't have to deal with that abuse and I could've called them and told them I'm going home instead of staying.

Oh well. The person who called was happy to hear the feedback and will pass it on to the person who booked me. Hopefully that will prevent other young girls copping this type of abuse... she constantly said she wanted an older person...although I can understand that, it shouldn't be re-stated like it was ;)

Horrid Friday

I had a shift this morning with a lady in her home... she was HORRID!!!!!!!!! HORRID!!!!!!!!! HORRID!!!!!!!! HORRID!!!!!!!!! HORRID!!!!!!!! HORRID!!!!!!!!! HORRID!!!!!!!!!

Ok, she wasn't very nice... She was yelling at somebody on the phone when I arrived... and it seemed in the 4hrs I was with her, all she could do was complain about how bad everybody was... she was horrid...and then she was nice...horrid...nice...horrid....nice...horrid...horrid...horrid...kind of nice...Bleh.

And I asked her to tell me what she wanted me to do because it's her house and I don't know what the usual staff do... it went fine...for a while... then half an hour before my shift ended, she just let loose on me... telling me what I didn't do and how bad I am because I didn't certain things... and every comment (I held back) I made was shot at with abuse... I couldn't wait to get home!!!

What was worse is I re-stated a few times to tell me what she wanted done... but she stopped asking...and just wanted chat chat chat.... and then BANG! You didn't do this! You didn't do that! you didn't say that! blah blah blah.... When I DID do things like start to wash the dishes...more abuse... when I didn't do the dishes... nobody can do anything right in her world...

Then she kind of aplogises for being so mean... I didn't care by then. She expected somebody qualified. Her idea of qualified is to be able to read her mind and do everything right. I don't read minds.

I'm never going to see her again!!!! :) :) :) :) (By choice)

I wish I stayed in bed this morning... my body didn't want to get up but I forced it... I went to bed at 11.30 last nite and feel robbed of sleep by people like her.

This is just the nice highlights of my day... It was worse than that ;) Now I can relax and just be :)