Sunday, December 23, 2007

Epping Plaza

P.S. It didn't take long for me to start disliking the new Epping Plaza... it's sad that the 'tarnished-ness' has spread from the old side to the new side... I'm going back to Greensy!! REAL people!

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi everyone!

It seems ages since I last posted... blame facebook :p I'm deliberately cutting down my viewing of that site!

Hope you're all enjoying the final countdown to Christmas! It feels like Jesus is giving Melbourne/Victoria a birthday present of RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! WOOHOOO!!!!! We're supposedly in a draught. Sooo... that means we are most likely not going to get our traditional Aussie summer Christmas. I don't mind... except for one thing...

I'm sitting here in my American-style woollen bomber jacket and have just gotten over a fever:( I pushed myself to work up to Thursday (aimed for Friday but just couldn't get out of bed...

The crazy thing is I got the jacket when I was in an Eltham High school band in 1997... they toured to wintery Chicago, but I was a new student, so wasn't allowed to go. I can STILL fit TWO of me in it! So I'm feeling a bit like Santa! Except I've traded the red for navy. I'd never wear it out in public, but it sure works wonders when you're freezing!!! Especially on a cold night on ourt bush block in the run down caravan.

Hmmm...I could probably even steal a few babies and get away with putting them under this coat! hahaha! :p

I better go to bed...

So hope your Christmas countdown is a lot better than mine :)
Luv Rob

Friday, December 7, 2007

Where is Baby Jesus???

There’s a shopping centre near me, Epping Plaza, which has just undergone redevelopment… hence I actually go there now, because there are better shops.

In the middle of their walkway is a glass cabinet. It’s about a one metre circle in width, and about 2m high. Inside are: 3 Wise Men, Mary and Joseph. They are all looking amazed and towards something…but there is NOTHING there!

Baby Jesus didn’t fit in the cabinet, so he has been removed from the nativity scene!

If you walk a bit further there is a gigantic sand sculpture of Santa’s sleigh… about 5-10metres long.

Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas, but he was excluded from his own party…