Monday, April 22, 2013

Battling with the darkness

If you are the praying type...lately I've been feeling a bit 'battle weary' from life... I put on my armour in the morning, and by home time, some days I've felt like I've spent most of the day fighting unseen enemies... there have been many 'stupid', unnecessary battles... I will not bow down because No weapon formed against me shall prosper! 

Memories of my nanna...

One of my friends lost his nan this week... which is sad...but she was 93 and was not sick. It reminded me of my own nanna... and how much I miss her...even after 10 years I miss her so much.

There are so many great memories she left us with...they are the treasures. Not the gifts and the material things, but the memories. Nobody can replace your nanna. Nobody. My nanna was a very special lady who had so much love for all her children, their partners and her grandchildren.

She left this earth before any of her grandchildren were married...that was one thing I prayed about as I was getting older, and still single...that my nanna would live long enough to be at my wedding. Unfortunately, she couldn't wait that long ;) I know she would be proud of all of us, and our partners...and her great grandchildren would have brought her so much joy...but it was not meant to be.

Her legacy was one of love and faith. We did not always agree on areas of our faith, but we shared a faith in the same God. And boy, was she a great example of living the life she believed God would want. Her faith was strong. Her love was strong. There was nobody like her in my life... and I will say the same for my other nonna. Two very different women with great faith and great love. Neither can be replaced.

So, remembering the passing of my own nanna is sad, but also brings me so much joy - reliving the wonderful memories she deposited into our lives.

What kind of legacy will you leave in this world?