Thursday, January 1, 2009

Anniversary of the rollercoaster of Glandular fever

This week is my one year anniversary of the nightmare of glandular fever! This time last year I was being misdiagnosed and wrongly medicated... feeling afraid of suffocating while I slept... living on yoghurt & jelly... lying around feeling awful... treating an awful sore throat... returning to an imcompetent doctor... taking awful liquid form because I nearly choked on the tablets...and finally being treated like a person from my usual doctor who initailly was unavailable.

THEN my body reacted to wrong medication from the first doctor... but I felt better knowing I was being treated by competent doctors who don't rush you out the door, but spend time carrying out precautionary tests... and then it took nearly a year to get over it...

2008 was a rollercoaster year, testing my limits, restricting my social life due to fatigue...but full of good things and learning experiences. One thing I learned was to slow down...that was a hard lesson ;)
2009 is already a better year!!! :) :) :)