Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't live in the past!

One thing I want to say today.... Don't live in the past.
You need to move on. Let go. Forgive and forget.
If you stay stuck in the past, YOU are the only person who gets hurt. You will end up a sad, lonely, person who has pushed everybody away with your bitterness. 

In particular I want one person to remember that you have a wife! She needs you!
Stop wasting your time trying to manipulate others and send abusive messages when you have a wife who needs your unconditional love and attention! 

Every moment you spend in bitterness and resentment is another moment wasted which could be better spent in joy with your wife. 

Put her first - love and respect her the way she needs and the way God desires!

Be the Godly man of the house. That is your mission. Take your role seriously and be the man God called you to be! Take that gorgeous girl and enjoy the moments! Live in the present! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Set up by God!

Something unusual happened to me after work... I drove to the shops, parked in one of my usual spots...then decided to park on the other side because I didn't really need to go to the shops in the middle of the centre...just Safeway (supermarket).

So...after doing my shopping, then sneaking a peek at some windows (sales!), I headed back to my car... as I began to walk through the exit, this older lady stopped me and asked if I knew where she could catch a taxi... She seemed desperate for help and a bit distressed. So, I tried to figure out what to do to help...we started walking, and we decided that she would wait for me to walk all the way to the concierge desk to ask for the taxi rank. What I discovered was the taxi rank was a long walk from where she met me at the exit/entrance, and the taxis don't just come and wait. They need to be called. So the lovely staff at the concierge desk told me they could call her a taxi if she came to them... so I had a good workout walking back to her, then walking with her all the way back to the concierge....and as we arrived, the staff smiled and immediately helped the lady with the taxi, as if she'd been waiting for her. It was so nice to see them interacting. She was Greek and the staff was Italian. They sounded like friends, even though they'd just met!

It was also nice to see the lady lose her distress and regain her joy. The sad part was that she told us she had asked many others for help, but nobody helped except me. They said they didn't understand... It took a bit of my time, but I didn't have anywhere better to be. 

As I was walking back to my car...I suddenly realised that if I had parked in my usual place, I never would have used that exit...I never use that exit. I also usually go to the other supermarket at the opposite end of the centre...I felt like God had set me up! He set it all up so this lady could get home with a smile on her face...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy Melbourne weather

"I'm melting! I'm meeeeltiing!!" 
Ok, I'm not.but it's SO HOT in Melbourne right now it's crazy!
I just made a short black coffee and added some ice cream just to make it a bit more 'hot day' style... but it just melted! I thought an affogato was a little less insane than a long black in a 30degree (celsius) house!! I guess any hot coffee is insane in this weather....haha! I did put the coolers on in the lounge when I got home, so at least that room will be nice:)

I like spring....but I'm not happy about 30+ degree days most of the week! I wonder if I could live like an eskimo... but I'd hate snow... 

Oh well...I'll get over it :) At least I can relax at home tonight:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

November...Already??? October I don't want to think about it's suddenly November!!!

Where did the time go??? I've already taken 2 lots of clients Christmas shopping...and I have no intention of buying any gifts YET...I'm been too busy keeping on top of my bills... I've been a debt-hater with a larger than usual credit card about tough... I HATE debt!

Thankfully a tax cheque (which was supposed to cover the debt but didn't arrive for ages!) came through last week so I have one free credit card! Just the way I like it:) Now I have a small, manageable bit left on the other one, then I'll be much happier:)

New houses can cost a bit to start out....we needed a fridge/freezer (the old one was about 40yrs old and was dying. We were so glad it survived til we moved!), driveway and blinds... just a few necessities that added up.

Things are looking good now:)

I guess it's time to allow myself to get into the Christmas mood... we'll be celebrating Christmas in our brand new church building! It is almost complete:) This has been a good year of new beginnings!

New house... new friends...all good :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'Evil' Reporters

This might sound a bit ...well, not sure actually...

I just want to write about Aussie media and how evil reporters are....and they get away with ridiculing Christian groups and individuals....and act as if they're saving the world from evil... and if you didn't know any better, your emotional response to them would put you on their bandwagon to 'rid the world of evil'.... when in reality, they're picking out individual groups and people and Stamping "Evil" to their foreheads with Absolutely NO idea what they Really stand for!

I was watching a show on tv on Sunday night...they 'exposed' a 'cult'. My first emotional response was, "That's such and such?!? Ok, what are they going to accuse them of?"
Of course, they were accused of being an evil cult, manipulating and dictating their women...

Well, MY experience of this couple is completely different to that shown on tv.
I've been on women's retreats and have known about her ministry since I was a child.

All I can say, is no matter what the media tells you....You can't fake Gods' presence!

I don't care what the media says about this lady, I refuse to believe she is what they perceive her to be. I have experienced her love and motherly wisdom, and I never once felt dictated or oppressed for being a woman!

I refuse to accept anything this particular reporter says about any 'religious' group without knowing the facts. I believe he is a tool of the devil. Most likely unwittingly, but a tool nonetheless. He has a huge influence in the way society thinks. It's sad...