Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I want to be paid what I'm worth...

I want a job where "infection control" is a topic where people say, "Does that mean I can't bring my cat to work?" or "What IS that?"

Where the only way you can hurt your back is by falling off your office chair...or doing something else silly....

Where "Administering Medication" means self administering panadol for your own headache...

Where being on-call simply means being open to the supervisor asking you to help with something... and then going back to your own desk...

Where "Meal assisting" means heating up a colleague's lunch after you take yours out of the microwave...

Where getting sore feet is because you were stupid enough to wear ridiculous heels to work...not because you were run off your feet in comfy shoes...

Where coming home feeling dirty simply means you accidentally spilled something on your clothes, or got squirted with the printer ink... not that you have been dealing with all kinds of bodily fluids and regurgitated food.... and everything else...

Where "Changing nappies[diapers]" means going home to your own kids...

Ok, despite all these points...I have no idea where I want to be! I want to write... edit... use my brain more than my arms and feet... I enjoy my job while I'm in it, but there is something MORE out there for me... I just haven't yet found it!

Zia Carla

Buongiorno la mia bella zia Carla!!!!!

Oggi felice? Ummm..... Italiano mi parla non bene... non lo so per I making a fool of myself? hehe! I think I understand more when I'm hearing it!

Oh well! Ti amo bella zia! :)

(P.S. See ya Sundy! :p)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Funeral

Wow! I had a great day! All because somebody died... that may sound bad, but it shouldn't.
This woman was an amazing woman! Her funeral was a celebration of her life. There was sadness, but it was a beautiful service. No superficiality. Just a beautiful reflection on a special woman's life...

...and afterwards during the afternoon tea...everybody was happy! We were all happily chatting away. People continually commented on how happy everybody was, and how it felt like a party...except the guest of honour wasn't there in person. But she was definitely there in spirit!

I've never been to such a joyful funeral before!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pre-Spring Cleaning

Haha... they say we're having an "early spring"... and somehow I managed to throw out 5+ bags of rubbish from my room! Woohoo!!!!! Early Spring Cleaning! I still have a long way to go, but I can see the FLOOR again! hehe! :p

Been a very busy day...washing clothes, cleaning out parts of my room, dishes.... a good, productive day!

I am looking forward to seeing MORE free carpet in my room! :p I'm getting there slowly! :) :)

This seems to be a "season of spring cleaning". Tumbleweeds, excess 'stuff', rubbish...servicing car... ;)


I'm going to a funeral tomorrow... somebody I've never met, but the mother-in-law of one of my spiritual mums... so it will be an interesting day. I'm going with another of my mums.
They knew she was nearing her last breaths...they were told "any time, even up to a few days", so it wasn't a shock. But it's still sad. At least we know where she was heading ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Being

I haven't written for a while...but I have definitely been writing! Remembering the old friend, Writer's Cramp... but I love it.

The last 2 days I have "just been". Yesterday I had my car in for a major service, and walked the 45mins home (after looking in the shopping centre!) It was a great walk...but I wouldn't want to do it every day! The difference with walking home and the gym: one you can stop, the other you must continue to the end! haha! And at the end is the reward of happy endorphines! :p

So, I've been enjoying the simpleness of being. No work. No stress. No unwanted noises. And being open to God showing me many visions of the past that have finally come to pass :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moses and Desert Wandering

Some days I feel like I'm in the desert... God has encouraged me that the promised land EXISTS, but I am yet to see it.

In this desert I have learned a lot...I have reaped many promises, but there is still ONE that I am yet to see... and I often wonder if I'm walking around in circles, taking the long journey to something that is so near... but God wants me to take the long journey to teach me patience & trust... and grow me... the desert is all about growing...

At least I know that if there is a desert...there MUST be a promised land :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Free Articles from Enhance Mag

Enhance Magazine has made their "members only" access to back-issues FREE FOR ALL!!!!!!

How cool is that! Here is the link for any chick interested in an Awesome Aussie Chrisitan Womens Mag!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Travel Blog Updated! :)

Finally got around to posting again... still London - day 5, part 1 - The Eye and South Bank.
Part 2 will be on the Tower of London. 2nd last day in London... will be on to Italy soon! :)

More Manchester Lane

Manchester Lane

On Saturday 28th July we celebrated my birthday at Manchester Lane
( in the city. It’s a music club
(Restaurant/Café/Bar) and we had a booking for dinner before the show. I
deliberately chose a Jazz/Swing theme and it was a great night!

It was only family – my parents, brother Steve, sister Amanda, Jasmine my sister-in
law, her mum Mary, and of course David!

Mum, David and I started off with a “Kinky Fruit” mocktail which was really nice. A
blend of fruit, with a lychee overtone.
We had an interesting dinner…a gourmet menu that had us discussing the terms! (eg,
Ragout sauce). I had lamb risotto which was ok. The lamb chunks were sooooo
tender, but the rice had a strange flavour. It was nice though.

Mum was very naughty and cheeky an secretly ordered a Banana Mudcake a week earlier! I requested this for my actual birthday, but didn’t think they were available so didn’t think much of it…then she surprised me with one! So we brought the cake to dinner. Instead of offering us the dessert menu like the other diners, they brought out the cake, with candles and a sparkler (we didn’t provide these!) and waited for me to cut it! Was a nice surprise J

I was naughty too… they said I better not touch the bottom with the knife… oops… :p David was sitting next to me! Hehehe! :p It was fun being naughty!
The cake was taken away, and returned cut up and served with cream and berry jus... a nice touch J

Not long after that the band came on stage. They are called “Swing It” and are a jazz/swing band. They were awesome! As soon as they began playing, an older couple, aged about 60-70 got up and started dancing…. Wow! They had the whole place cheering. They were so full of energy and so flexible! It was a great start to the music part of the enening! They danced about one song then had a break, then came back for another song, then break….most of the night. They were awesome! It sounded like they are regulars with the band. The band introduced them as the “Swingchesters”. It was an old-fashioned swing-style dance. Very entertaining!

The music was great. We stayed for 2 sets, then left around 11pm-ish.
Our table was at the front, in the middle. There were 3 rows of tables, facing long-ways so everybody could see the stage. We had the best seats in the house! And were surrounded by other “birthday tables”! At least 4 tables!

It was a great night! A few years ago we paid the entrance fee and sat around the bar area because all the tables were booked out. The music was great, but it was disappointing being surrounded by heaps of people, unable to see the band. Having a table (pre-booked as early as possible!) was so much better. We could look upstairs and see all the people who didn’t have a table…and glad we booked early.

The service was great. The staff were fantstic. And the music was awesome!!!!!!!