Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thoughts...Aussie vocabulary

When did the term "telly" disappear from our Aussie vocabulary...?
When I was a teen everybody watched the telly! Now we're all 'Americanised' and just watch the the good old days we watched less telly, now we watch more tv...

Why are people afraid to say "bum" when there are far worse accepted alternatives...?

Just some silly thoughts that have crossed my mind today...
You begin to realise you're not so young when these topics cross your mind!:p

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Thoughts...

My mind is so full of information that I can't always make sense anything... but I'm just having to learn to prioritise for ME and nobody else at the moment! I have so many expectations, but in the end, I need to remember my ministry (yes, that involves others but more in a VIP way) and my wedding. Everything else will need to take a back seat...and I need to be courageous enough to not give in to others nudging me in other directions...

Anyhow... I have had some silly experiences lately...

Yesterday I went to Cinderella Bella to buy some bridal thongs... glorified shoes to wear when I can't wear my heels any more (which I must admit I CAN walk in...and even run in! haha! A year ago I may have broken my ankles! hehe!)

They gave me a pink bag with the cute "Cinderella Bella" ad on the side (one of those new, non-plastic bags all the fashion shops have taken on). I was walking down Sydney Road with mum, CB bag on my shoulder...and started thinking how people must see the bag and think I've just spent a few hundred dollars on some fancy shoes... but I actually had the CHEAPEST pair of shoes in the whole shop in my bag! haha!

I also had a very angry day yesterday...mum laughed at me when I got road rage... I am soooooo fed up with people treating me like I'm a girl driving a girl's car! I hate those green P plates! Lately they've been trying to run me off the road... as have buses... I've reached the point where I drive like a truck driver more than a girl! :p I don't take their rubbish and I won't be pushed around!

My "Girly car" is a 1.8L MANUAL and I can even accessorise it with a truck licence...but they don't know that! :p hehe! I know my truck laws and I know when they're breaking them... and I've had enough!

Ok, enough silly, let-it-out talk. I do have a truck licence by the way ;)

Well, when I think about the wedding coming closer...I can say that every small thing I do makes it all feel a lot better...until I keep adding things to my To-Do List...but that's just me!:p
Today I have to pick up our cake bags which were ordered a few weeks ago :)

I have spoken to a hire company for the ceremony...called a beautician I met at a bridal expo...lots of things... we are also required to fill out a few forms now... still feels like so much to do, but at the same time, it's only the smaller stuff now.

Everything is coming along :)

I just feel like an air-head half the time...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Wedding Resources

I just thought I'd list some great wedding services in Melbourne/Australia ;)

Chevy Red Hire

Flash Photography

Groovy Glass (gifts/novelties)

Bliss Deign (jewellery)

Chantilly Bridal
Suite 916, 37 Swanston st, Melbourne

August Update

Wow...this has been one busy month!!!
Apart from finally being able to work 4 days a week again, I've been so busy!

We had our Tasting Night on Tuesday. That was great. Our reception venue held this for all the people getting married in the next few months. We were able to see examples of table centrepieces and decorations, and taste a sample of the menu....canapes, entree, main and dessert. That was quite good. We had a table of 6: David and I, my parents and David's "proxy parentes", Graham and Kaye. It was great having them there :) We also saw how the room could be set up and what would work. The funny part was when the coordinator asked us which centrepiece we liked...and said, "Trust you to pick the most expensive one in the room!" It was AU$55 per table!!! So we ended up deciding on one included in the price. They had examples of 3 standard and optional extra centrepieces. It was good to see how some make it difficult for guests to see each other across from the table. We swapped centrepieces about 4 times during the night!

What else... we had our make up trial on Sunday. That was interesting. I will need to remember to make sure my maids have right make up remover on the day! I take my Mary Kay one for granted! It is oil-free and removes EVERYTHING! ;)

I found shoes!!! In the ONE place I have been avoiding...because I avoid 'cheap shoe shops.... but I found some and David talked me into buying them. They are $230 cheaper than the other ones I like, but didn't feel good in. I won't tell you the price because I've already told enough people :p hehe!

Basically, we're well on the way... we just need to finalise the details...

Right now I'm looking forward to an early night and to catch up on sleep :)

I keep getting excited that I have most of my energy back, that I forget I still need to be careful!! Even the gym is beginning to seem too easy... I complete 2 circuits, and feel I could easily do another circuit! Previously 2 was a challenge :) 6 months is a long time to regain energy... but I'm doing well :) :) :)
(P.S. I googled the above image. It's not a real example of our nite;))

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Car Tales

I am exhausted... last night I went to leave David's house, and my car wouldn't start. After trying unsuccessfully to get it started, but successfully disconnecting the alarm which was constantly chirping (would've driven the neighbours MAD if we didn't!) we pushed it from the drive onto the grass...and left it.

Mum drove me to work this morning, then I discovered it only takes about 12-15mins to walk home from work... then Steve my brother drove me back to David's (after work) and I called RACV... and David arrived home shortly after I made the call..

Eventually the guy came and said I had a "Dinosaur" battery and I needed a new one. The battery dude was hollered, then nearly an hour later he arrived and changed the battery... talk about a looooooong day... I didn't even know if my alarm was connected because the remote refused to work... but thankfully, it was simply a flat battery (which happened to die alongside the car battery...Murphy's Law...??) So I still have my alarm and immobiliser! YAY! I feel vulnerable if my immobiliser is disconnected...

So tonight my car is back home where it belongs :)
I'm so glad it was only the battery... it's just annoying we had such a late night because David had to drive me home last night. He didn't get as much sleep as he had planned... neither did I.

Well, considering we're taking my car on our honeymoon...this is not bad timing :) Annoying, but at least it wasn't too costly, and it happened before we got too stressed ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedding update

We ordered our wedding cake today!!!!

The bridesmaids have their dresses! AND have organised their own alterations... I LOVE the colour of their dresses!!! If I wasn't the bride, I'd want one of their dresses too!:p Hehe!

We've booked our make up trial...

We have started looking into the Hens night...

I'm getting my money's worth at the gym for a change (slowly working up to it! Actually, the staff were surprised I could lift particular weights...I could easily change the level up. It's nothing compared to what I was lifting before I got sick! But I'm not pushing myself too much)

We've booked our honeymoon transport (to and from our destination. Now to fill in the gaps)

That's about all for now... my brain is overloaded lately, so I'm glad to be able to tick things off the "To Do List"! :)