Monday, February 27, 2012

Intercessors who leave the arena...

My heart is saddened... people who knew the 'fullness of joy' have traded it for a 'worldly life'. People who were fighting hard in the arena of intercession...listening to God's voice... obedient to His will....with such a childlike faith, they believed anything was possible... and suddenly, one person or one circumstance changed everything.

Their world was shaken. They stumbled in the arena, and instead of continuing to fight, they gave up. sounds like such a simple thing to do. To just give up. But it's sooooooo much more than that!!!

Once you have been in the arena, you are changed. Even if you turn your back and walk away, the arena stays in the deep places of your soul...whether or not you choose to is there.
It will continually call you that still, small voice.... like a long lost friend you never intended to abandon... it will keep calling until you acknowledge it's voice.

The battle continues without you, but it would be so much better if you were back in the arena...
You know who you are... you can't forget what it was like to be in the arena... to be broken and stripped raw....and to feel all the gaps and hurts filled with the tender love of your creator. He brought life into the dark places...

He is calling you....tenderly and gently...he won't force you back, but he will never give up on His princess...
I just want you to know I love you and will not give up on you either! We may not speak much any more....but you will never leave my heart, beautiful girl.  I pray you do not make decisions you will later regret....

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I am sooooo not of this world... but neither are the most important people in my life :)
I love you all - the strangest, funniest, most caring, wisest, chosen people who just can't fit the boxes the world wants us in...and wouldn't want to fit in them anyway! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

God's heart surgery...

Lately God has been showing me how far I have come from who I became 10 years I changed because of my heart was broken and I felt God had abandoned me in my biggest time of need...

...but he never left me for one second. No, I wasn't able to feel his presence, and I felt my cries for help were echoing against the wall...but he simply allowed me to experience something he knew I could handle....and he knew I would later see he did not abandon me. He was there all the time...but he allowed me to experience the consequences of an innocently made bad choice... and just when I felt I could take no more, he suddenly showed up and ended it.

It's funny when you remember a time of being on one side of a fence....and you yearn so badly to be on the other side... and then one day you realise you are on the other side! It took a long time to get there, a lot of 'heat surgery' and just crawling into God's lap and letting it go... but it came. It was hard work. It was tough. It took a lot of courage to get through.... but I did it :)

Now, I see a friend going through the same kind of 'heart surgery' I had to go through... different reasons, but the same God who wants to strip away all our hurts and pain....because he knows it will make us stronger, and we will feel so much better for it.

My friend is so beautiful, with so much to offer this world. She is a real treasure, and I really want to see her get to the other side of the fence like I did. It's not a fun time to be in God's presence, having parts of you stripped away, but when you look back, it is one of the most precious memories in your life....a time when you were so close to God... a time when you could let go and be totally raw....and know he would help you get out all the black stuff in your a child cradled in his arms, protected 'under his wing'...  believe it or not, your journey has been encouraging me by bringing back memories of places I have been, but have now left behind.

So, if you're reading this, beautiful friend - I do know what it's like to be stripped raw... I feel so blessed to be able to pray for you and just be there for you. I know how hard it can be - but you can do it :) You have already come so far :) You are strong! Don't let the enemy tell you you're weak because you are a Child of God! He has already gone before you and knows what is to come - he will not let you walk a path, or go through a door unprepared :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Be Joyful :)

My last post was a while ago. Much has happened since then; little has happened since then.
We live in an amazing world....and it's sad that so many souls have not yet experienced 'pure joy'. So many souls are yearning for what they do not know... others are yearning for what they have known, but somewhere in their path was lost. There is so much to be joyful about....and so many people who simply don't know how to be joyful.

Some people lost their joy because of something others did to them...
Some grew up afraid to experience joy in case they were punished...
Some people have so little, yet have so much joy.
Some know how to make millions and live a lavish life....but these people also don't know how to be happy...

EVERYBODY has the ability to feel joy. It is we who prevent ourselves from feeling.

I pray every person who reads this blog will experience a real sense of pure joy. A joy you have never known. A knowing that deep down, you have sooooooo much value. You are special. There are things in this life that you are good at - please don't be afraid to do what you enjoy - to open your heart and feel.

Be the person God created you to be!
Don't let past hurts or fears...or anything else steal your joy!
Your life is for living. Live it! Go out and think of all the things you have to be grateful about.....and enjoy this beautiful world God created for us. People are doing a good job at destroying our world and it's people, but that is no reason to not enjoy what He has blessed us with!

If you look for the bad in something, you will find it.
If you look for the good in something, you will find it! 

Thank you Jesus for the wonderful gifts you give us - the simple things we often take for granted.