Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Look at the time!" :p

4 weeks???? 4 WEEKS????
Ok, it's 4 weeks... that means I have some 'admin' to do! 4 weeks to change my passport... or forfeit the current one... with about 6 years left of use... Time has gone so fast!

This time last year I was finalising our wedding.... taking time off work to make sure I had the energy for a wedding... getting my dress altered, picking up decorations....stressing over the invitations... wearing in my shoes... it was a LOT of work....but the memories are warm :)
Let's do it all again! hahahaha!!!!!

I wish we had the money to be able to use my passport again...but even if we did, it's probably invalid anyway...the name is wrong... I will just go overseas in my dreams and memories.... come to think of it, I WAS overseas this time 3 years ago...THREE years??? Did I already say, time has flown???! hahaha!

Ok, I will stop rambling now... as usual, so much is happening in the life of Robyn... September is a good month:)