Monday, December 31, 2012

Green Smoothies

Finally I have an awesome blender! Birthday and Christmas money paid for it :)
I've been wanting to try the Green Smoothie craze...see if it would be worthwhile, but my stick master just didn't cut I did my research for a blender and waited for a sale! Which came!!!

So for the last few days I've been experimenting, and it has been good.
Basically a green smoothie is based on a cup of leafy greens blended with liquid (water, almond milk, juice etc) and fruit. The ratio is (initially) 1:3 leafy greens and fruit. As you get into it, you should try to have more greens and less fruit...

I've used low fat milk, almond milk which was nice and not milky-tasting....and water. Surprisingly the water base tasted the best! I've also tried 1tb chia seeds both in gel form, and straight from the packet.

Fruits have been variations of banana, peach, apple, kiwi fruit, blueberries.
Instead of having one smoothie at once, I've been snacking on it... keeping it in the fridge and having about a cupful at a time. I tried my very first one for breakfast, but it didn't fill me for as long as I thought it would. It WAS my first one ;) It's a good way to stop snacking on the bad foods.

The best part is my blender has a self clean function - it's so easy!
Sunbeam Cafe series. You add a little soapy water and press the Self Clean button.... then just rinse it out and dry. Awesome!!!

Let's see how long this phase lasts....and how much healthier I feel ;)
The green may look strange, but if you tasted the smoothie with a blindfold, you would have no idea!:)