Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unusual Vision of Peace

This is my current picture of Peace . 
I am here... but I am not alone... and I am meant to be here for this moment... 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spiritual Roots

A common theme I've noticed this week has been about spirituality and how 'out there' people are in the 'not-so-out-there' denominations.

Funny thing for me is that I am in a not-so-out-there denomination, but my roots are in the pentecostal arena...(out-there). I am no longer in that arena.... which is funny because I never, ever, ever thought I'd ever end up in the Salvation Army! God had a different plan! My previous experiences with this denomination were good, but I never felt I belonged in that kind of environment. I was used to the AOG style.

However, my current church is more of an out-there version of the Salvos... more like a teenager who wants to go further than their parents.... accepts the foundations, but goes beyond. During my AOG days I would have thought a Salvo environment would not encourage my particular gifts... but I have since discovered differently!

So, I have come to the conclusion.... you can take the girl out of the pentecostal environment, but you can never take the pentecostal out of the girl! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beautiful Ladies

Yesterday, mum and I joined a group of ladies from a different church for a "Ladies Day". One of my church friends and her sisters were also involved, and it was wonderful.

The topic was Beautiful Inside and Out, presented by Peta Soorkia.
She was great! Down to earth, unique, interesting, inspiring, encouraging... it was a day well worth living!

What I really loved about the day was that I hardly knew the people in the room, but I felt so blessed in their presence. They were a box of jewels...all different colours, but absolutely gorgeous....many of their faces shone, reflecting their spirits. It was just a lovely day. We all belonged in the jewellery box least for the day. We met some great ladies, who had great wisdom and words of encouragement.

Sometimes when you give up a day for a meeting or conference like this, you come home feeling tired... like it has been a big, draining, but wonderful day. Yesterday was different. Yes, it was big and wonderful, but it was not draining at all. It was another investment of time.

I'm finding this year that when I have chosen to invest my time with women of faith, I come out feeling blessed. There are many people I need to catch up with this year...I pray each investment of time brings another time of blessing for all of us.