Monday, June 2, 2014

Still Blooming Where I Have Been Planted

Further to my original post about Blooming Where You Are Planted...

...yesterday I had some new thoughts.
Yes, I have learned to bloom where I have been planted...but maybe, just maybe the planting had much bigger ramifications.
I said it took much of 10 years to finally feel settled where I was planted. Now I have been settled for a few years...and there is always still that tiny voice in the back of my mind, saying, "How long will I be in this garden?" and "I wonder what is coming in the next year or so", "What is around the next bend?". However, I am still feeling settled in this garden.

I have dreams and plans, but they are still to come. They won't necessarily take me out of this garden, but they will change the 'soil'.

So, yes, this new season in the garden. I had the thought that the settling time I went through, was not just for the time I was in it... it was for the future... for people I had yet to meet...situations I hadn't yet experienced. None of these situations would have benefited anybody without that settling time.
In a way, it was like my settling time was the seed being planted, sprouting and growing. Learning to bloom...for the future.

I have come a long way since the pre-blooming days. I am grateful for the journey - the good, bad and ugly. I am more grateful for the memories of places I have been, to which I would never return...the lessons learned in those memories... that is what makes you a better person. The people you desperately try to love - because you know they are God's creation...even though they do not appear or act like they are God's - but they are. Some people have not 'deserved' the love I have attempted to offer, but I know in God's eyes, they did deserve His child attempting to treat them they way God willed, despite valid emotions and dangers. In the end, it's NOT about me.

So, now, looking back to when I first posted about blooming where I was planted...I can see that life changes, but what is important...essential... is the foundation.

Without the foundation, nothing will succeed. Being planted in this garden was building the foundation. Blooming in the garden was accepting being planted and moving with the breeze directing my stalk and petals in the right direction. This flower not only blooms under the right Sun, it releases the fragrance of the creator in His breeze.
Some may love it, others will hate it. In the end, it is the right scent and the right moment. This flower has much more to offer. There are many more lives that need to be touched by the creator's fragrance...whether they are conscious of it or not... so I continue to bloom in this garden. The garden does not stay the same, it only gets better... even when the storms come and the rain falls, the flower stands. So until this garden no longer needs this flower, I will continue to bloom where I have been planted...looking forward to looking back at the amazing things this garden is yet to bring :)