Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Glandular Fever

Ok...I went back to the doctor... he said if I'm not better the next morning (Fri), use the new prescription and see him Saturday... which meant I would be taking TWO types of antibiotics.

Next morning I wasn't much better... and mum made me see my usual doctor for a 2nd opinion (clinic wasn't open when I initially needed to see somebody). He said not to fill the 2nd prescription, and ordered a blood test to rule out glandular fever. I didn't have many symptoms, but he wanted to be sure... especially since I didn't have a rash - the medication I was on should've caused a rash if I had glandular fever. Because it is useless for treatment.

The blood test was Friday. I had to wait til Monday for results. I didn't bother returning to the other doctor. No news Monday... they don't call if results are clear. But I found a rash on my torso when I got out of the ANOTHER appointment made...

And guess what... the doctor hadn't received the results yet, and after seeing my rash, called the lab immediately, and confirmed on the spot, I have glandular fever... the rash was a delayed response.

So now I'm OFF Medication, waiting for the rash to disappear, and just resting...and feeling better every day :)

He said, by the way I've been presenting myself, I should be ok to return to work next week. I only had a minor case, and didn't experience many symptoms :)

What a way to beging the year!

P.S. The first 2 doctors were extremely different in their approach... I really have more more respect for my usual doctor after this experience! But the other clinic was like a McDonalds Drive Thru - where they wanted to get thru as many patients as possible. My usual clinic has more time for the patients.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I saw the doctor on Sunday because I was STILL feeling dizzy...and discovered I had a tonsil infection that spread to the middle ear. She prescribed me antibiotics and an "anti dizzy" tablet.

I took them. I felt a little better. After 2 days I stopped taking the 'dizzy pills'. (I only had 1/3 of the maximum dose :) They were "take only as needed")

But yesterday I couldn't swallow anything hard. I was living on yoghurt and jelly and bananas... and my throat decided to be sore.. At around 5.30pm my throat started swelling up like it was being attacked by marshmallows. Mum and I were both concerned, so she took me straight back to the doctor. I was pushed to the front of the line. We thought I was reacting to the antibiotics. Turns out they weren't working!

So... he precribed me a stronger dose. When I asked if they were as big as the previous ones, he didn't answer. He just ripped up the prescription and wrote a new one for liquid form :) I was struggling to swallow those monster size pills, even when broken in HALF! I got one half stuck in my throat yesterday so mum crushed the other half.

So last night I managed to sleep without suffocating ;)
But I am seeing the doctor again tonight to see if the new presciptions are working.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to 2008 - Garden

Happy New Year!

Hope you’re looking forward to what’s beyond the door you’ve just walked through – 2008.

I could say we have a clean slate, or a white canvas on which to create the picture of this year…but I like the concept of a garden.

Your garden… 2008.

This year, in your garden…

Roses will bloom, weeds will be pulled out… daisies will pop up unexpectedly. Some roses may die, but they will make room for new beauty. Daffodils may pop up where you thought daisies should have been... Seeds that lay dormant in 2007, or even longer, will sprout.

Some of these seeds you planted yourself. Some you didn’t even know were there.

Some plants you can easily water yourself. Some will require help from others. There may be dry times and optimum times. But the garden will stand.

Seeds from the past that have lay dormant may suddenly take root – and you may not even know they were in the soil. Reap the rewards :)

Weeds may come and try to destroy your plants… you have the power in your hands to rip out the weeds! Or even spray them with weed killer. It’s YOUR garden. You must protect it with whatever means you can.

As with any garden, your garden will require nurturing, and you must wait for the right season for certain plants to flower or sprout. But rest assured, like the farmer knows, if he has planted his seeds in the right soil at the right time, the harvest WILL come :)

So look forward to what your garden brings in 2008 – the good, the sad, the tough, surprising, and the awwwwwing. Take care of your garden, and look back at the end of 2008 in admiration of the seasons and what they brought :)

And don’t forget… plant some bulbs for the years to come ;) Even plant them in other gardens ;) No good seed will be lost :)

P.S. The picture here is one I took when I was in Ireland - Killarney, when I was tired, but still feeling adventurous...I felt the rose represented how I felt at the time :)

Saw a Doctor

This is for the people who saw me miserable over Christmas...

I finally gave in and saw a doctor... had infected tonsils which spread to the middle ear...which is why I was so dizzy! and after being put on antibiotics, I'm feeling heaps better...and wishing I'd listened to you people who told me to see a doctor when I was too stubborn and dizzy to! :p

P.S. I HATE swallowing antibiotics...even when I snap them in half I struggle to swallow them... I feel like choking.... bleh! At least I'm feeling better ;)