Thursday, April 26, 2007


That is how I am feeling... like a racing car that WANTS to stop, but CAN'T, and even when I'm ALLOWED to stop, I CAN'T!


One shift down, one to go... I was supposed to have a one hour break between shifts (by the time I travelled home), but I have half an hour to have breakfast and lunch and relax...and then drive to the next shift...with my old clients who I happily left behind when I quit my previous job...

My explanation.... intercession is on tonite! Thursdays are usually crazy for me when I have intercession... I just didn't like having to stay back overtime at work and be treated like I have all the time in the world...

Just finished my craved toast...with cheddar cheese spread and a nice black coffee... now I have to force myself to eat an early lunch or I won't get a break until 3.30pm! I can't go that long without food! The perks of the job :p

Ok, the GOOD things that happened during my first shift (I'll skip the things that made me fuming angry ;))

I gave a client a drink...the staff came and said "don't worry if she refuses, she usually does" and I was "huh?" She was drinking normally for me! :)

I started feeding/ "meal assisting" another client breakfast, and usually she refuses to eat from me... today she ate like she was really hungry!

I went to help get a guy up and ready for his shower...the staff said he was "very relaxed" with me :)

Later she said, "All the staff have problems meal assisting/drinks with these clients, and they wer all good for you!"

Ok, now I have to force myself to eat...then rush off again... can't wait til 4pm! I should be home by then!!!! :):):) And intercession at 7.30.

Monday, April 23, 2007

New Bible

Well, while I'm here I may as well show off my new bible! :p It's abt a month old but I love it!

I lost my old travel one... I packed it in my suitcase to go overseas but then left it home...and can't remember where I put it! But it was NKJV and I prefer my new NIV! (With butterfly of course!)

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Travel Blog

You may have noticed I have "Robyn's Travels" listed under "Interesting Reading".

As many of you know, the reason I started this blog was to post about my great adventure last year... but I just haven't gotten on top of it.

So... I've started a new blog! Solely for my holiday adventures. I'll add to it as I manage to motivate myself to write more.

This is my main blog ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Armour of God...

I've been thinking about "putting on the armour of God" this week... I think I've been failing... things have been attacking me, and I haven't been reacting very well... I haven't been "on guard" and have fallen a few times...but I have always pulled myself back up.

I always seem to be attacked when I've worked crazy shifts...when my body clock is confused by the changing wake up times... and I'm just tired... then I don't react, or I react wrongly to things.

If I'm "on guard" I will be aware of my attitudes... and will be able to stop them.
Usually at these times, I find myself ok while I'm at work...but once work is over, I can remove the 'mask' and go home and let out my tiredness... but it's also these times where my fuse is short with people at home...because I've spent the day working against my tiredness...

...and having said all of this... I just failed again... sigh... certain people love to burst my bubble... I tried hard not to blow... I really did ;) Think I should have an early nite :)

But it's a learning thing when you look at your life honestly in relation to a bible verse or theme... you just have to keep looking forward! and aiming for the top ;)

Work and Love

Hahaha.... I worked at my favourite workplace today, only 1.5km from my house! (that's not the only reason I love it!)

Every time I arrive for a shift there, the manager asks how my relationship is going! It's funny because I was telling them about my upcoming overseas trip, and then I returned from my trip and they wanted to know all about it... and then I told them about David... because it took my going to the other side of the world to realise I loved him ;) so now when they see me, they always ask how we're going!

Actually... the other place I've been working this week are the same! If I do a morning shift I've been working with only casuals, so in effect I have been the leader because I know the routine... but when I do a night shift (no later than 10pm!) there are usually one or 2 permanent staff who ask me about David too! Except these ladies keep asking if I have a ring yet! hahaha!

Actually... I do... We were in the fish and chip shop the other night and he bought me a ring from the machine! hehe! It was a cute one :p But he said he will have to improve on that A LOT! ;)

So yeah... I can't escape story telling... even today at the day centre, I was with a staff who started telling another staff my story... and then she wanted me to continue! It was funny. She really loves my story ;)

Well....all I can say is God is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's nice when you're an on-call casual to be able to take shifts at places where you have a 'place' in the 'family', even if you don't return for a month or 2... you always fit in and they always want to know about your life. Most places are just "work". You fit in as long as you're booked, then you go home and forget about the people... but not these 2 places :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Something not negative!

Just remembering a poster on the toilet wall at one of my work places...

It says something like, why would you want to end your life in a nice, well kept body... when you can slide into heaven, body worn out, champagne in one hand and strawberries in the other... knowing you USED your body and lived life to the full!

My words haven't really done it justice, but I liked the concept of using your body instead of treating it like an antique... hope this makes sense! The more I type the bigger the hole I feel I've been digging... but you should get the point! (I'm NOT going to go in there with pen and paper next time I work there! hehe!)

Tired grump :p

By the way, I'm tired and just want a decent sleep ;) Started work at 7am last 2 days, and today I finished at 10am, then was offered a 2nd shift ASAP, so was told I could get there at 11am, and finish at 3pm. I was half asleep...but so were most of the staff and clients! :)
So I stopped on the way and bought some food to keep me going til 3 if I didn't get a break... I hadn't eaten since abt 6am and was reaaalllly hungry!

Christian attitudes...

This is a vent... I'm angry... at a Christian organisation... who freely advertise "free subscription"... and then in the mail, after having been receivng their devotional for I can't remember how many years... they send ONE devo. Mum and I usually receive one each. It's too hard to share...

I emailed asking for a 2nd copy... they replied saying, "sorry, our records show you haven't given us a donation since 2004, and we've cut back this quarter..."
Bleh... they tell us it's FREE; I DID donate at one point, then forgot to keep up, but they said it was a DONATION so I wasn't so fussed... they are always advertising for a free copy...subscription...

I am discriminated against because I live at the same house as my mum. They would send me a copy if I lived next door!

Bleh... had enough of Christians and wanting money... at least they were honest in their reply... would've been nice to know BEFORE they cut back!

Days like today I really understand how non-Christians feel about churches wanting money all the time...

Monday, April 16, 2007

New Clothes!

Yay! I bought some new clothes today! I didn't just walk into 10 shops and walk out empty-handed... and I didn't come home having only bought a drink! :) Actually, I WOULD HAVE bought a drink, but I had a free voucher! Used up my "20th purchase" which gave me a free drink AND a discount card :) hehe.

So yeah... I bought some fancy black jeans/pants, a red jumper, some butterfly pjs (to go with my new butterfly slippers :p) and a nice girly black skirt and 2 girly purple shirts! All on sale... no... half the stuff was on sale! I've spent enough money this week :) Now have to pay my car insurance by the end of the week and I'll be saving again! :)

Mum said I need new clothes when I told her my plans for today... I'm your typical girl with a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, but I don't really like them anymore... plus I've avoided buying girly things like this because of my job... now I don't want to care so much... just demote my current "normal" clothes to "work" clothes, and prance around like a girl when I'm not working! hehe! That's the rule of my wardrobe ;) Wear. Work. Throw.

Now I need new shoes... with heels :p That will have to wait ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Robyn is Tired... that's all I have to say today... :p

Just submitted a job application and have more things to do...but now I will STOP! Something I have been having trouble doing this week... been stressed and tired... now to relax!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

6 months 11/4

Can you believe it's already been 6months????
Happy Anniversary!! ;)

Kangaroo & RSPCA

Driving home from work last Thursday (before Good Friday) I merged onto the Hume Freeway, and suddenly the cars in front of me slowed down to a near stop... thanks to a kangaroo there could've been a 5 car pile up! I was far enough away not to be too bothered ;) The stupid thing was it was NOT ON the road!

... the kangaroo was lying on the side of the road, obviously in pain, jerking its arm repeatedly... so I thought since I was within 10mins of home, if I remembered the kangaroo when I arrived, I would call somebody...

Of course I remembered... so I took out the phone book, saw that the RSPCA was the appropriate number to call, and called.

I was put on hold.... the music was dreadful... I figured it was a tactic to make you hang up so they didn't have to deal with you... so I refused to let that get to me... in the end, after nearly 7minutes on hold I hung up. If it was going to be such a torturous experience to talk to somebody, I hoped somebody else dealt with the kangaroo and hung up!

Next time I don't think I'll bother wasting my time!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

David's House SOLD!!!

David just rocked up and told me HIS HOUSE SOLD TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is EXCITING!!! He was going to have it auctioned in abt 4 weeks, but wanted to sell before auction... and tonight he was told 4 people were interested...but he thought their offers were a bit low... and later the agent called again and said one person matched his reserve price :) :) :) (after 2 people had a price bid)

God has looked after him so much in this! It has all just fallen into place...amazing! :)

Last week I spent an afternoon cleaning the house while he was at work (he'd done HEAPS before that)... then we readied it for inspection on Saturday... and watched a few people walk in...then BAM! It's SOLD!!!!!

He already moved out a few weeks ago :) Another God-thing ;)

Ok, I'm going to bed now! It's just so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Easter and Butterflies

I've been mucking around with chocolate moulds... and my favourites are the butterflies... and here I am with 2 Easter egg moulds, and an awesome butterfly ice/chocolate mould that my boyfriend David decided I "needed" when he saw it... and I prefer the butterflies! (It's one of those silicone ones that are like rubber)

Which made me think...what do butterflies have to do with Easter??? And then it hit me! They have more to do with Easter than rabbits! :p New life... as a hen lays an egg, so a caterpillar builds it's coccoon... new life :)

So now I have no problems making Easter butterflies! :)