Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ok, I'm going to be blunt:  Why are all you "Followers" following me?
If you genuinely care about me, Welcome. If you're just trying to spam me, then go away and do something better with your time!!

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Easter....and Life in general

I haven't posted for what seems like years!

It's probably a good sign my life is pretty full and not much time to be the same time, the "time to be bored" also includes the time to reflect.... you don't realise how important that is until you realise you have stopped...

We've just ended a 5day long weekend thanks to Easter:) It was a busy weekend for me...and we were both looking forward to some quality time together on Mon& Tue... thanks to a stupid mouse, we were too tired to do much! Makes me that what bad things in our lives put out the bait and traps, but they manage to get into a place YOU can't the bait and traps are a point.

We just have to find a new method of reaching that stupid, cheeky mouse! Of ALL the places in our house, it chose the roof above our bed. We have a long house, so I don't think it's a safe idea to try and crawl half the length for a mouse....

Easter was awesome.....we started with a 6.30am prayer meeting, literally äround the cross", then shared a hot cross bun breakfast....before a moving Good Friday service. I thinkour minister did an awesome job with Easter. Easter Sunday was good....our prayer group were asked to fast from 12noon to midnight.... after being rostered a day each during the week. I must be honest....I really struggled with my day, but on Sunday I had worked out a way to make it work. I believe our prayers have been answered, and we will see HUGE things in the near future!:):):) I know I am planted in the right church:) God led us there, and we know it was in His perfect timing.

My thougths are everywhere today! I'm excited to be on a working internet connection....but this keyboard is something to get used to! I've moved out of my parent's home....but a lot of my stuff is still here... I'm lucky they don't complain! But today I have come to use their internet AND clear out more of my stuff... 10+years of stuff....You probably wouldn't believe I've already gone through about still looks like heaps!

Oh well. At least I know that if I clear out their house, I won't want to keep it all at my house. I've lived without it for almost I can do it....

Ok, now I better just get started on my To-Do list....then get stuck into the stuff`!