Friday, March 28, 2008

Lunch, flowers....moving house...

I had lunch with my gorgeous sister in law today! It was so nice :)
We talked abt weddings and family.... it was just a nice time to catch up 1:1. She's just gorgeous! The best sister in law a girl could get :)

On Wednesday night we had an appointment with our florist - an old school friend who offered to do our flowers from home, thus at a cheaper price. It was also great! It's amazing what you can learn about something as simple as flowers :) We decided on colours, flowers, styles, ribbons, etc... and it's all going to cost a reasonable price:)

David also moved house on Tuesday. It was a bit sad moving his stuff from the gorgeous townhouse into what felt like an uncared for, older house...that's the fun of renting... and there are more people looking for houses than there are available houses. The only reason he moved was because the landlord wanted to move in. It's ok - it'll feel like home soon:) It was a real intercessor experience walking in the door and feeling the need to pray NOW. Which was great....the next time we walked into the house, it felt much better :) We spent Tuesday loading both our cars (mine is a hatch so we could pack heaps into it!) and driving back and forth, transferring stuff to the new house. It feels heaps better now that he has the lounge set up :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

More on Glandular Fever and the Wedding

I've just noticed people have been googling "glandular fever" and coming across my I had a look at some other relevant sites... and now I'm thinking.... thinking... agreeing... disagreeing...and thinking more and more about my wedding that's fast approaching!!!

Well, as I read the horror stories of glandular fever, I realise just how blessed I have been! I was never so exhausted I couldn't get out of bed... but I was more tired than usual. I was never hospitalised, and I never had hepatitis (maybe coz I had the vaccines years ago for my job).

Although I didn't have it as bad as many, I am still sharing the frustrations of what I read somebody describe as, "being stripped of vitality and being unable to participate in life fully".
When I think about my wedding dress, I am constantly reminded of the fact I can eat, but I can't work out at the gym. When most brides are beginning their health frenzy, I've had to cease mine. I can't work more than 3 days a week (but thank God he offered me a great opportunity for a contract that even pays more than if I did 4 days eleswhere!)

One thing I read which I am REALLY noticing this week... some people have weeks of energy and then no energy. I'd just spent 2 weeks feeling abt 90% was wonderful.... I was even working long hours and coming home feeling ok. Then just this weekend I've been feeling run down again... which makes me even more sad I can't return to the gym... I am in a good habit of walking to reception and signing away another form to freeze/suspend my membership... I actually got slighty excited last time and froze a fortnight instead of a month... but I think I will have to go back and not go past reception for the rest of the month... sigh... I really miss exercise... but all I can do now is low impact, and most of the time I either don't have the energy, or I've done a lot of physical acitivity at work and don't want to overdo it again.

I guess, if nothing else, this has helped me learn to relax more... which sucks in some ways too... because I like to do more with my days. But I know the signs now and when I need to cancel a social activity, it's good my friends understand. That's the hard part... there are so many social events in my life at the moment, I have to choose to attend some but not all... that has been hard. It's also hard when you do attend an event, and feel like you just wanna lie down on the couch...but thankfully that hasn't happened much lately! :)

I bumped into a doctor friend at church on Sunday who told me I am definitely not contageous :)
Hadn't seen her in ages. I just feel like I've been soldiering on and trying not to overdo it...and for a change, I'm succeeding!

I'm just hoping I will have enough energy a few months before the wedding to maybe hire a personal trainer and get my fitness back to normal...or at least lose whatever weight I've put on by not having the energy to work it off! I called my old trainer, but she's out of the industry now... sigh... I just need some advice of low impact ways to help me regain my fitness...

ok, it's late and I better go to bed!
I can tell you that we have most things organised for the wedding:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lessons Learned from a Bride to Be!

Bridesmaids Dresses:
Only take one bridesmaid to try on dresses. That way, nobody can try to push you to BUY anything!
We've gone into many boutiques, and it is obvious that they are all disappointed that only one of them is present. They always say, "You'll have to bring in both of them". We then walk out having done our research, not feeling pressured to buy something we don't want! Hehe ;)

Bridal Gowns:
Off The Rack gowns are much cheaper- they just don't have the "name" and are not custom-made for you. But who will notice anyway??? Sometimes they're even cheaper than 2nd hand "Name" ones! I bought my dress in a 'hidden' butique, in a building I've walked past a zillion times in the city (Swanston St) but was completely oblivious to it. It's on the 9th floor and you wouldn't find it unless you were looking for it! (Chantilly Bridal).

Oh, and I had a man serve me. He was amazing! Good, old fashioned service. No rubbish. Npo pushing to buy. He was so full of information, and actually told me NOT to buy anything until I'd looked at a few other shops. I think he knew I'd be back ;) Haha!

I've been into a few bridal shops looking for bridesmaids dresses...and the rubbish coming out of the sales assistants mouths is dreadful!
A few weeks ago a girl was trying on a dress, and I just felt like grabbing her hand and telling her to RUN!!! She was young and gorgeous, and obviously hadn't seen anything cheaper than what she had on...and was trying to justify spending all that money... I hope she did leave without buying... the assistants were all over her, there was no way anybody would get near her to tell her to run ;)

I hated most dress designs in the magazines...but when I began to visit boutiques I discovered there are more IN the boutiques that I liked, than in the magazines!

We have been quoted between AU$250-$700 for a cake! One day we 'accidentally' asked about a particular display cake...and it was $300 for a wedding, and ONLY $125 As Is! So we can just pay $125 and pick it up ourselves! ...and to have enough for everybody...shhh.... we can order a simple cake to have cut up! shhh...All cheaper than a "Wedding Cake".
Until then , we'd only been looking at "Wedding Cakes". It's criminal!

Ok, that's enough for today ;) It's been a busy time...and all you people who said, "It will come quickly" - it is really feeling that way now! Just a few days ago I thought it was January!!:p
At least we have most of the major things covered:)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Catch up...girly

Helllooooooo gorgeous people!!!!
This year has been so busy, I just haven't found the time to blog lately!

This week, I finally began to feel like my body is returning to normal after being so fatigued for most of Jan and Feb.

Yesterday I went bridesmaid dress shopping (attempt #3) with one of my 2 bridesmaids. Usually after an awesome day with her, I find I need a "nothing day" to recover from being so busy. But today I feel awesome! :)

We had such an awesome day!!! I love this chick! We went to Chadstone ("The fashion capital" of Melbourne) for a day was a real GIRLY DAY! We loved it! We walked, and talked, and walked and talked....had an hour long coffee & chat....walked and lost....kept walking and talkig...tried on dresses...walked & talked.... got lost....kept walking and talking...avoided those "Dead Sea Cosmetics" people who tried to trap us! I'm sure we used up our weekly word quota in one day! Haha!

One thing I've learning from this wedding... all 3 of 2 bridesmaids and I have hourglass basically EVERYTHING we try on looks good... which is actually not a bad thing, because even though lots of things look good, we still know what we want :) So yesterday was really another "eliminating" day.

I also began a 3month contract last week. They offered me 5days, but allowed me to take 3 and even choose the days I wanted to work! They hired another agency casual to take the other 2 days. I only have to travel 1.6kms to work:) Longer hours, but basically no travel time:)

Ok, that's a bit of March for now ;)