Saturday, February 8, 2014

Huge Change

This has been an interesting season of growth and change. We have trusted God that we were where we were meant to be, and now, He has given us permission to move on... During this season, I have had less visions, and more prophetic dreams. In the past I hardly ever had prophetic dreams...always visions. We have been through a refining, preparation time. I have had one particular dream repeatedly...and now that dream has come to pass... So now, we have moved on from our was a huge decision, but no doubt the right one. The sun is beginning to rise from a new direction... I will miss my friends, but we are not that far away. We leave hoping to see good things in the future of that church. Our part in the play is over, but the play is nowhere near over! :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vegemite and spoons don't mix!

I have recently been shown some You tube videos of people who have never tried Vegemite - trying it for the first time. Most of these people are American, and they ALL use a spoon and taste if from the spoon. And no surprise to us....they ALL HATE it! We Aussies who have been eating the stuff since we could eat solids can't even stand eating it from a spoon! (Admittedly, there are a few who take pride in saying they do like it this way.) If you're going to try Vegemite, make sure you spread a smudge on a piece of bread, or dry biscuit. ONLY a smudge. Better still, spread it over some butter. No wonder you guys don't like it! 😂