Saturday, July 24, 2010

The pot of gold is within reach!!

After a horrid bit of drama from the bank....we are FINALLY moving into our new house!!!

It's been almost a year since they began building, and we've been paying off the mortgage for some time, but when the house was finally completed...the bank turned around and said they would not do what they previously said they would do....which left us paying off a house we could not 'have'.

So of course, this is God's house, so He made a way for us to receive our property:)
We kept it quiet until we had given notice to our landlady. David did that yesterday. We didn't know when we would move, we just knew it would be soon.

It's a bit has felt like our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has been out of reach for so long, then suddenly it is almost in reach! The enemy tried to steal from us, but he never wins!
Our pot of gold will be handed over on Tuesday:)

We went to IKEA today... for inspiration....and came out without any...
Actually, any time I go there, I get a sick feeling inside when we walk around certain areas. But it's not the whole shop...I always forget until the next time I go, when I get the same feeling... (I've only been about 3 times in a few years!)
Interesting stuff... it's not easy walking around people whose negative spirits you pick up on...we need to always be on guard...and remember to love...especially when it's not your first instinct!
There are a lot of sad people in this world...but they don't need to be...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The sweetness of innocence

After a negative post about work, I have a positive one!
Today I was with my nice group of 4 clients with mild intellectual disabilities...they are just gorgeous... 3 ladies and 1 man. He took one lady aside (his girlfriend) and asked us to wait while they went back into a shop, and said "It's a secret" and left the rest of us waiting while they completed their 'secret mission'.

At lunch time, they called me into the room they were in and presented me with an early birthday card and a box of Roses chocolates. I opened the envelope to see the word "Grandpa" on the cover- then a verse they obviously wouldn't have read... it was so sweet! They chose a card together and wrote in it for me. The grandpa bit just made it all the more sweeter! They chose the card and gift with no assistance. It was so kind of them :)

The man is the one who has taken the death of our other client hard, but he is coping much better now. I'm pleased to say that he is returning to his old self...a little at a time :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Work Rubbish

I got really angry today... and a few weeks ago... and a few weeks before that... all about one particular client... I'm so fed up with being disrespected for doing my job to the best of my ability... like being told in a client's diary that (they didn't know it was me) the staff obviously doesn't care about the client because they didn't bother cleaning her up after having diarrhoea.... talk about a load of rubbish!!! I was alone with 2 clients in the bus... one had diarrhoea...I had to find a public toilet block where I could clean her up and not leave the other client for too long... and I spent a good 20 or more minutes cleaning her up! AND to make it worse, she didn't have any spare clothes in her bag...just one piece of clothing which had to make do...then they have the nerve to say I don't care! If I didn't care, I wouldn't have bothered stopping at a toilet block...which didn't even have rubbish bins!!!

But having said that...all I can say is that I know I did the best under the circumstances, and I explained it all to the staff when I dropped her home (late), and they obviously didn't communicate the explanation very well to the other staff... who wrote the offensive note.

At least my conscience is clear.
I'm wondering if this is some kind of spiritual attack... the people seem to be targeting me without knowing it's me... it's always something I've done that gets a note in the diary... and it's never as bad as they make out... sometimes I wonder if some people only know how to stir up trouble... so I refuse to add fuel to the fire. If they want a fight, they will not get one under these circumstances.

Ok, that's out. Time to enjoy the rest of the night :)