Monday, May 19, 2014

Why Prayer Warriors are Struggling... Mark Sandford

I just read this article from Elijah House Ministries... I hope it encourages somebody.
We are in a season where we must not give up or give in! We are the front-line soldiers. We have purpose. We must keep going! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A new church... a Year of Newness

Wow...after a bit of time in the desert, still growing and staying alive... we have found a place to rest... a place where the dryness is being soaked in living water... and WOW!! This morning we were able to worship with Aaron & Becky Lucas, and hear Aaron speak. For the first time in a long time, I didn't want to go home...I wanted to stay at church, and I could have stayed all day in that worshipful environment... the spirit was free and was releasing freedom... it was a beautiful agendas, no tall poppies... just God.

So, now we have visited this new church 4 times, and we are feeling so at home...even though we hardly know anybody. Isn't it funny how that happens... you can feel lonely surrounded by people you know, or included among people you don't know. So, this season of rest is taking a turn. We're coming out of the slow lane, and preparing to merge into the lane calling our name.

This is such a new season... 2014 for me is "NEW". The year of New. I have even changed things about myself... I changed my hair and even tried some red foils...which I must admit I love ;) I've never had any colour touch my hair, so it was an exciting and nervous feat! I ordered some new glasses last week... even our time is experiencing newness... more time to spend on our marriage... things seem to be going forward and upward. I am soooo ready for this change! There are more 'new' things to come...some promises to come to pass...and things we don't even know of yet... I am "Big Kev" excited!

After this growing season in the desert, I say Bring on the New!!!! :D