Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm engaged!

Haha...for those of you who don't know...the following posts are self explanatory...but...I forgot to STATE that we're engaged! hahaha!

More Proposal pics

After the night's events, I looked at my desk calendar (on the kitchen table) and laughed! (See rhino above to see why!!) How appropriate! :p

David's Proposal

Ok, I finally have time to tell you the story! :p

Where do I start… how about the date!
Friday 14th September. A day where I worked at a disability day centre and felt run down with a head cold…but knew I was going out to dinner with David, so managed to stay on top of things.
I arrived home, had a shower, and dressed up like I normally do after work when I’m going out…

David arrived with some beautiful roses… because I wasn’t feeling well :) and after we chatted a while with my parents, we were in the car and off to dinner…although we had no idea of where to go… so he suggested driving in a certain direction.

We were on Plenty Rd, and nearing Bundoora Park… where the Mount Cooper Housing Estate is…and he said, “I wonder how far back the housing blocks go?” and I said, “About as far as Mount Cooper, behind the park…” so we decided to have a look, but realised it was close to 6pm, so checked the park closing time… 6pm. We had 10mins to take a quick drive to the lookout to “see the houses”…

So we arrived at the top – the Highest Point in Metropolitan Melbourne (sorry I can’t remember the elevation statistics!). He turned off the engine and we looked out over the view…and I was silently thinking it was silly to turn off the engine if we weren’t staying long…haha.
Out of the blue, he said he had a present for me… and I was thinking, I don’t need any presents… So he took a package out of the glove box and I opened it.

Inside were a magnetic toy tiger, a magnet with the saying, “A wonderful future is just ahead”, and one of those LED light up fans. I said, “Why did you buy me another one? I already have one…but this looks heaps better” and he said, “Turn it on”. So I did. I was also a little curious by the words on the magnet, but wasn’t expecting what happened next!

I sat there looking at it… thinking… “Does that say what I think it says” and realised he was watching me…and he repeated the words on the fan…and I said…..
“I have to blow my nose!”

How silly… I was in shock :p and seriously did need to blow my nose…

But of course I said yes!

Then we drove off…and decided to go to Dom’s for dinner…and because I wasn’t feeling well, I hardly ate, and asked for a “take away box” and brought my dinner home.

We went back to his place and called his parents…and the rest is history :p

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do you hold a treasure in your hand?

A few months ago I was in a girls group discussing the book, “For Women Only” by Shaunti Feldahn. One of the facilitators (a beautiful intercessor friend) asked us to close our eyes and hold out our hands.
She came around and placed something into our hands. We were asked to guess what it was, and a few guessed it was chocolate…which was correct. She placed a chocolate heart into each of our hands.

The lesson behind this was that God has entrusted somebody’s heart to us. In our hands, is somebody’s heart – and God has trusted us with this heart…and ours has been trusted to somebody else’s hands. It is a special responsibility to care for this heart. It is also a reward.

A gift. A treasure. And God trusts us enough to give us the responsibility to care for it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"May contain traces of nuts"

How crazy is this world becoming!
I opened a can of crunchy coated peanuts today, and noticed, at the bottom of the ingredients, the statement, "May contain traces of nuts".

Hmmm... well if I wanted to eat nuts, I'd expect nuts. Crazy how the companies have to be so "stupid" in terms of legally covering themselves...

Monday, September 10, 2007

One year already...

Can you believe this time last year I was fleeing men in Rome!

Time flies... it's funny how a small 'piece' of time is so memorable, but life goes on... like a cycle. We can take a few stops here and there, but in the end they are like minor detours in our path... great for the soul, but our life is set on one path. The detours are included in the package, but they are not what we base our life on... I would love to travel again...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Binding, binding, binding...

Binding... theme of my life... binding up everything... because I have the power... but often I forget, and am reminded of why I need to ;)

With knowledge comes responsibility... but I looooooove gaining new knowledge.