Friday, November 30, 2007

High School Reunions

It’s interesting how changing schools can affect the way you value people.

Recently I was invited to my Year 12 1o Year Reunion... but after being told partners were NOT welcome, and I was expected to travel a fair distance alone, I decided not go. I changed schools at the beginning of year 12 to study music.
After a year at that school, I never really felt I lost the “new girl” tag, and I only met about a third of the year 12 students. The only ones I’m really interested in I already maintain contact with (even if only once a year).

So after skipping that reunion, I hear my previous school is having their reunion… and I’m looking forward to going! I spent Years 9-11 with this group and I felt part of that group, even though I didn’t finish school with them. And they are more welcoming of partners…and even kids!

It’s interesting how I seem to value these people a lot more…even though I haven’t kept in touch with many. It’s like they are more ‘real’, and I lost the “new girl” tag well before leaving that school.

For those who don’t know…I attended 6 different schools, where the average person only attends 2 – Primary and Secondary (High). I went to 3 of each, both in the country and city. I had an interesting childhood :)

But with this group, even though I wasn’t invited to parties because I didn’t fit the mould – people knew I wouldn’t want to go and get drunk etc, so told me about it on Monday instead of inviting me… I am interested in these people. It’s funny how years after school, you can see old classmates who you weren’t really friends with, and have a good chat in shopping centre carparks etc… these people are more real :)

The previous reunion was organised by the “Clicky Group” I never got along with…and they created RULES – even 10yrs later… nothing has changed…I find that sad… It’s a bit like the movie “Clueless”, with all the ‘groups’. I would be the girl in the library who the popular girls would have avoided! Haha! I had no time or interest to try and fit in with the wrong groups. I found my own group, and we had good fun.

Actually, the ones who organised the reunion were the first people I met… you know how when a new kid comes to class, the teacher always selects a “buddy” to show them around and include in their group…I always ended up leaving the buddies.
It was like a pattern for every teacher to choose somebody who I didn’t really connect with. They did their job, and I was included to some extent, but we mutually separated and I found where I belonged.

Now years later, I realise that in this particular instance, it was a spiritual clash. Our spirits just couldn’t connect…now it is so clear to me.

So I’m looking forward to my 2nd opportunity :) I always felt I belonged with this group, and was actually hoping to be included in their reunion :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I wonder what is behind the door about to be opened by the new Chamelion Prime Minister...
I'm sad I will have to see his face for the next 4yrs, but that's life. Maybe he will be better than I expect...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Asics Testimony

I often hear other people talking about how God told them to walk into a particular shop or do something different…and when they followed the prompt, they were rewarded with a surprise.

Well, I recently had my turn. About a month ago mum and I took a train into the city for a day of shopping. We checked out DFO Spencer (Factory Outlets), which wasn’t that good…in fact we had some bad lunch service which caused a bit of trouble, but that’s not the point of this story!

I found a sports shop that boasts “cheap Asics” runners. Since snapping my achilles tendon (it hung on by a middle thread!) about 3yrs ago I’ve been very fussy about my footwear, and was encouraged to try Asics…meaning now I refuse to wear any other sports shoe (unless Brooks tempts me. They are the Top 2 Best sports shoes).

So this shop had the latest style, and I tried them on. They were $20 off (which is a lot for this brand). It was an offer too good to be true… but something prompted me not to purchase them. In the end, I was umming and ahhing over the colour. They were green. I like green, but prefer more ‘feminine’ colours in my runners. I’d looked at enough shop windows to know that green was the ONLY available colour in the style I like.

So I carried the box around with me for about 20mins… eventually deciding to buy them…I could live with the colour because they felt soooooooooo good!
But again I felt prompted NOT to buy them! So I put them back on the shelf and walked out.

Later on I decided I still wanted them, so mum decided to meet me somewhere after I went back to buy them… I’d only walked about 2metres when I felt the prompt again.
So I walked back to mum.
I couldn’t understand why I felt I was not allowed to buy them. I REALLY wanted them…and couldn’t stop thinking about them since that time, wondering if I’d find them that cheap again…and not understanding why I couldn’t buy them then.

Well… just last Friday, out of the blue, mum called me and told me Rebel Sport was having a 20% off sale for RACV Card holders, and she saw the shoes I wanted. So I went in…and there was ONE pair left in my size…and this time I felt it was ok to buy them…because….they were $40 off!!!!! YAY! I was so glad I waited :) I got double the discount and I felt free to buy them this time :)

NOW I UNDERSTAND why God told me not to buy them. It just shows how much God loves us – that he will go to the lengths to look after the “small” things in our lives to prove he cares…

I still prefer my previous pink Asics, but they’ve earned their retirement ;)
In the end, you have to go by comfort and fit, not colour ;)

(P.S. The pink ones still look 'new' but they're over a year old! I'm good at keeping my shoes clean)

Van Morrison

It’s funny how you can go years loving certain songs, but one day you suddenly realise
they are by the same artist…a name you always KNEW, but never associated with
the songs you like.

That’s how fell in love with Van Morrison! :p haha!
For years I’ve loved the songs, “Moondance” and “Brown Eyed Girl”… and just this
week I realised they are Morrison songs… and David spoiled me and bought me a
2disk CD pack…and after listening to one disk, I realised I knew a lot more of his

So I’m now a Van Morrison fan…although I always was, I just never knew it! Hehe!
AND…He’s IRISH!!!! Even better!!!!! :p

Monday, November 5, 2007


Is it the beginning of the busy, tiring part of the year....
am I just tired...

That's all today :p