Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Revival of Spiritual Gifts

This morning as I was praying for the church, I had a vision of santa's workshop. The elves were busy, working hard to make sure all the gifts were ready for the appointed time, Christmas day. I had the sense that there are many SPIRITUAL GIFTS that are currently being prepared for people to receive for the appointed time. Not Christmas. For Revival in the church. 

Further to this, I saw many gifts that had already been given in the past, but were neglected, like a toy received at Christmas, but only enjoyed briefly before being forgotten. Some had been put on the shelf and forgotten about. Some had been ignored. Some had been misued or misunderstood. Some had even been abused by others, causing them to shut down. Some had simply not been recognised. The time is coming where life will be breathed back into these gifts. 

There are many dreams yet to come to pass. We are entering a time of Revival of gifts, dreams and visions in the church. A time of Renewal and seeing many heart's desires finally fulfilled. Don't give up on your dreams and promises! Don't believe the lie that you are insignificant, or not good enough. Or even that your past makes you unworthy. The brightest diamonds don't just appear. They go through a refining process - many people can relate to being in the Refiner's fire - don't be afraid to be seen. It is time to wake up and SHINE!!

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