Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia Day & ONE man's DREAM

On this Australia Day, almost one year after my nonno's passing, I am reminded how ONE MAN'S DREAM can impact generations. 

A young man in Treviso, Italy dreamed of migrating to Australia...and he DID. He worked hard for a year to bring his love here, married her a day later and raised a family here. So because of his dream, I am not only here, I am Australian. I miss my nonno, and I am blessed by HIS dream 💙

But the story goes deeper still... Nonno was mum's father. On dad's side, his great, great grandfather was also a young man in South-East Ireland- who had the same dream! So both these men had a God-given dream...generations apart... but clearly all part of God's plan for future generations.

It makes me wonder, if either of these men didn't follow their dreams...would I even be here? 
Wow. Just Wow... 

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